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nausea at night

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mckenzie Thu 23-Dec-04 02:11:56

I'm 7 months pregnant with No 2 and ws lucky enough to have a lovely pregnancy with No 1 but this one doesn't seem to be going quite so well.

For the last 2/3 weeks, I've been up half the night (it's 2.10am as I'm typing this) and I seem to be suffering mainly from evening nausea (rather than morning sickness). I'm not actually sick but that might be because i have a general fear of being sick anyway but I feel so very very sick if that makes sense.

Can anyone recommmend anyhting to try and abate the horrible nausea feeling please?

PocketTinsel Thu 23-Dec-04 02:15:39

Hiya... Are you still around, i thought i was alone. Other than the usual remedies, i can't help much i don't think. What have you tried?

PocketTinsel Thu 23-Dec-04 02:26:45

hi, well i'm guessing you thought you were alone too and have gone. I can think of a few things, the usual, ginger, peppermint. I can't stand ginger and it makes me feel worse but it's great for some. Peppermint works wonders for me. I chew Extra Chewing gum whenever i feel sick and it really helps. I wouldn't have gotten through early pregnancy without it. It's worth making sure that the sickness isn't a symptom of anything else. I'd mention it to your midwife, if i were you, that's asuming you haven't. Not scare mongering just think it's worth telling then just in case.
Other than that ave you changed your bedtime pattern at all? when you eat? that could be causing it. Or indigestion, that could be making you feel sick, in which case i'd recomend gaviscon. But then you probably know that. I'm due in three weeks myself with my second and have felt sick in th night too. Mostly i've just had to grin and bear it (not much help i know) but trying not to eat too late tends to help. Sometimes i wake up in the night feeling sick cos i'm hungry too tho. could it be that?

mckenzie Thu 23-Dec-04 03:17:40

I'm still here. I have been racking my brains to see if I can find a pattern or if it;s something that I've started doing rcently that i wasn't doing before but I really cant come up with anything. I think it must be hormones. My legs are twitchy too and my hands are quite swollen at the moment (although they weren't during the day. I'm seing the midwife again on 10th Jan so i will mention it to her, particualrly if i haven't managed to quash it by then. I've checked some other threads on here and got some great tips for ways to try and alleviate it.
Trouble is that means sacrificing my possible snooze tomorrow afternoon (my mum has offered to have DS) while I go to Holland and Barratt and Boots!

hoxtonturkey Thu 23-Dec-04 03:18:59

maybe your mum could take ds on a fun trip to boots...? hope you feel better soon. i too am up at this ridiculous hour for pregnancy related reasons - grrr.

kinderbobsleigh Thu 23-Dec-04 06:42:52

Have you tried those travel sickness bands. I found them really useful at night.

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 07:50:30

mckenzie - i too think you should ask your mum to go to boots with DS!

shopping list for her -

peppermint tea
ginger and lemon tea
packets of polos
ginger snap/nut biscuits

if you take the tea (i preferred the peppermint) last thing at night, and the biscuits and polos just nibble on them throughout the day, that might help. these are the things i did. i found i was most nauseus when i had an empty stomach

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 07:57:39

twitchy legs i think is to do with salt intake isnt it? cant remember if its too much or too little. maybe im wrong.

i had badly swollen hands too - i got some moisturiser and asked dh to massage my hands - lay them on a cushion pointing towards him and get him to rub between the fingers. you can do it yourself, if you ever get the chance! it really helps the pain. and at night in bed try and keep your hands raised above the level of your heart, like on another pillow or something, to try and drain some of the fluid away.

i used to get great relief also plunging my hands into a sink of ice-cold water. that felt so great ill never forget it!

Leogaela Thu 23-Dec-04 09:13:49

Hi mckenzie, I have had nausea at night on an off. It seems to be either because I wake up really hungry (that was earlier in the pregnancy), eating a yoghurt and going back to bed seemed to do the trick. And now it seems to be if I eat too close to going to bed. I also try to eat smaller amounts before I go to bed so that so much doesn't sit in my stomach. I am around 29 weeks btw.

orangina Thu 23-Dec-04 14:46:38

Poor you, doesn't sound like much fun.... You could also think of finding the right homeopathic remedy, though I have no idea what it might be, so I'm not very much help! Perhaps if you post a thread asking for homeopathic help, someone might be able to come up with advice? Good luck and happy christmas....

mckenzie Thu 23-Dec-04 16:39:15

thanks for all your messages of support ans sympathy. LAts night (or rather at 3.30am this morning) I had a dry riveta and managed to eventually doze off and get a few hours. Mum took DS for me today and I've had 2 hours of blissful sleep this afternoon with no sign of any nausea.
The GP recommended Coffea for the insomnia but it's not a common remedy and I've been unable to get hold of it at a local shop but I've ordered some by mail order and will just have to wait for it to arrive.
The nausea has started to kick in now though so the rivetas will be coming out as soon as i've finished typing this message.
thanks again everyone.

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Thu 23-Dec-04 16:48:01

Is it nausea of reflux you are experiencing? Reflux would make sense at this later stage of pregnancy. I had it with all my pregnancies and it got worse as I got bigger. Have you tried Gaviscon?

mckenzie Thu 23-Dec-04 17:34:09

what's reflux? I just feel sick, I haven't actually been sick.

Tipex Thu 23-Dec-04 18:30:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mckenzie Thu 23-Dec-04 20:02:01

thanks Tipex. I shall get some Remegel tomorrow. Should I be able to get it in a High Street chemist?

dinny Thu 23-Dec-04 20:10:33

Hi, McKenzie, poor you. Had bad sickness both pregs but my most recent was so much worse in the evening. Awful at the end of a long day! Not read much of this thread so sorry if am repeating what others have said... The only things that helped me were: travel-sickness acupressure bands (Boots). Helped a bit. Citrus-flavour ice lollies (pref lemon or orange ones from M&S) They helped most. Cherryade, lemonade. Anything sweet and fizzy. Helped quite a bit. I felt really sick and was sick 7-8 times a day for nearly 5 months, then it stopped and came back at about 7.5 months. Think it is hormone surges coupled with squashed tummy. Oh, forgot something that really helped - swimming. Was literally the only time I didn't feel sick when was at my worst. Obviously can't do that in middle of the night though, sorry!

I had resteless legs too towards end - think mw said it is lack of magnesium....? Sure someone more knowledgeable will post. Good luck. Not long to go now.

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Thu 23-Dec-04 20:29:28

Reflux can make you feel sick (depending on what you take feeling sick to feel like). Acid from your stomach comes up into your throat and it feels like a burning sensation. Any indigestion tablet or liquid will help and yes you can get it from the chemist, though if you mention it to your doctor when you next see him/her, they can give you a prescription for it and you can therefore get it for free.

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