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Discovery Health needs pregnant women!

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EmmaTV Tue 21-Dec-04 16:09:28

Hi. I am a researcher for a television company making a programme about Doulas for the Discovery Health Channel. Doulas are women helping other women through childbirth so we are looking for pregnant women who may be interested in having a free helping hand and wanting to share this experience with us. If you or anyone you know are giving birth between January and April 2005 and live in the South East or East of England we want to hear from you! You can contact me on 01603 727631 or email me and the closing date for this is January 2005. Hoping to hear from you soon, Emma Martins.

MoHoHo2 Tue 21-Dec-04 16:44:20

I hope you're going to include our 'resident' doula Pupuce in your programme!!

pupuce Sun 26-Dec-04 17:17:16

Thanks Mohoho... I think they ahve all the douals they need (not me ) and are very much looking for couples in the East of England.

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 17:20:51

very temtping.

am in herts.

forevermore Sun 26-Dec-04 21:45:45

i love watching baby programs on discovery health; unfortunatlly still early days for me, since not due till august. but if this happens again I would ove to find out more

pupuce Mon 27-Dec-04 15:34:44

Misdee -you get a free doula.... I know them and they are very good

merglemergle Mon 27-Dec-04 18:05:50

I want a free doula.

But am in Wales.

In fact, I'd like any doula. I don't think we have such things in this part of the world.

[I do like Wales, just not having any doulas. Or Topshop. Or snow]

Donbean Mon 27-Dec-04 18:20:09

When you say "pregnant" ladies, can it be "pregnant looking" ladies? Because ive got a gut on me .......but no baby in it?? Just a thought!

misdee Mon 27-Dec-04 18:21:25

pupuce, do u think i'd need one? what with dh being ill and all, they might get a really good birth story.

PinkArjuna Fri 31-Dec-04 22:40:46

I could have done with a free doula I guess if they were looking for couples I didn't fit that option anyway. Also I live in the wrong region...

EmmaTV Wed 05-Jan-05 10:05:09

Hi Misdee, Emma here from Discovery Health! Sounds like we might be able to help you. If you'd like to find out more, give us a call on 01603 727628 for a chat. Hope to hear from you soon, Emma

misdee Wed 05-Jan-05 17:13:27

i deleted your email by mistake. wil ltry and call tomorrow between appointments (am at guys hospital tomorrow)

Hanlou007 Thu 06-Jan-05 13:58:06

Shame i live in Huddersfield and due end of April

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