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anyone had the runs during pgnancy??

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SANA Tue 21-Dec-04 15:35:01

I know most women get constipated but I really have a bad case of the runs ( normally about 30mins after I have eaten) popped into boots at lunchtime and they told me there is nothing i can take and if it continues to go to the docters.

Not sure this is normal and I have had it since Sunday, its just making me feel weak and dehydrated, so drinking water by the gallons now!! I am just over 30wks!!

artyjoe Tue 21-Dec-04 15:46:05

I got this a lot, still have it on and off at 36 weeks, and I just put it down to the baby squishing everything around...if you are worried though I'd got and see the MW.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 21-Dec-04 15:54:37

I had this. I found going on a pro-constipation diet helped a bit: not much fiber, basically. White carbs, cheese, that sort of thing. It felt really weird to eat that way, but it did slow things down a bit.

It sounds like you have it a bit more severely, in which case I'd try Dioralyte. It's just sugar and salt mixed with water, so is absolutely safe for pregnancy. It fixes the runs if they're caused by a lack of the right sort of salts.

sassy Wed 22-Dec-04 09:38:47

I've had this mostly throughout pg. Think its tied up with hyperemesis which i've also had (though medication has stopped me actually puking since about 14 weeks). Not much I can offer to help I'm afraid; just eat little and often and keep the fluids up. Might be worth seeing GP as pharmacist said.
It does go immediately after the birth IME.

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