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Advice - Trying to get pregnant for the first time at 36

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Aliwannabemum Sun 16-Mar-08 13:32:10

We're going to start trying shortly (well, in the last couple of week's we've not exactly been careful but our "start trying date is after Easter")and I was after some advice really. I'm 36, I've been taking my pregnacare since January, I'm overweight (and currently working with a personal trainer, supplemented by gym sessions)but don't want to be a fat mum (blush), I want to be able to run around!!! I don't want to give up excercising (I do boxing and powerwalking) and I wondered if there are any real watch outs for exercising whilst I'm trying to conceive?

I'm quite excited but very nervous about the whole getting pregnant thing. I never realised how much I'd want it and now I'm wishing I hadn't given up on my fitness last year, I'd be months ahead but "we are where we are" and so having read the article in the Times magazine yesterday I thought I'd join Mumsnet and seek some advice.

poppy34 Sun 16-Mar-08 13:58:52

hi ali - welcome. Think there is no particular no nos on exercise when you're trying to get pregnant but could be wrong.

can I suggest that you look into one of the zita west books - they are really good on general all round exercise/diet etc when trying to conceive and I think quite a good blend of new age/medical. I found them really good when I was trying to conceive.

TheWiltedRose Sun 16-Mar-08 14:04:21

Bloody hell if i exercized that much id be a size 10 by now You must be knackered! grin

No advice im afraid but sure lots will be along soon to offer some, Good luck!

Smurfs Sun 16-Mar-08 14:06:27

Welcome to Mumsnet grin

There will be loads of people along with very good advice soon I am sure but generally I think a healthy balanced diet, moderate excercise - not sure what that is I did 4 spinning classes a week whilst trying to conceive, moderate levels of alcohol, early nights at or around ovulation time, no smoking blah blah blah....

Hard I know but forget about trying to make a baby and get on with having an interesting sex life, believe me once you have a couple of DC running riot around the house it will be a distant memory grin

ilovebeinglazy Sun 16-Mar-08 14:18:21

Hi ali

I think you should avoid getting v overheated when newly pregnant but if you are already quite fit that shouldn't be a problem.

good luck

Aliwannabemum Sun 16-Mar-08 14:35:01

Smurfs, thanks for that, I'm all for forgetting about the outcome and enjoying the moment!!! I'm looking forward to a productive and enjoyable few months. It's what follows that scares me. Anyway, the advice around exercising is very much appreciated, thanks,

Anchovy Sun 16-Mar-08 14:47:01

If its any help, I had my first child at 37 and my second at 39.

I exercised with both of them - running, yoga and seeing my personal trainer (who was the only person other than DH who knew when I was in the early stages of pregnancy). My doctor's advice was not to do more than I had been doing previously - for example I was trying to train for a 10k and the doctor told me to ease off on that as I wasn't really very good. Only exercise that was forbidden was waterski-ing (water up your fanjo not being a good idea). Irrelevant in my case!

I suspect one should be a bit careful with pilates - although it is fantastic for getting in shape afterwards.


FenLondon Sun 16-Mar-08 14:47:36

Number 1 : don't believe the hype about over 35 taking longer! I'm 35 and we "started trying" last September, and blue-lined in November.
We had Zita's book, I confess to not following all the nutritional advice (couldn't quite cut back on the G&Ts during the trying phase...), but she's big on watching your underwear and timing the sex accordingly. Seemed to work pretty well for us.
Re the exercise - it would be a good idea to tell your trainer. I didn't tell mine I was trying, but he was among the first to know I was pregnant once I found out. He immediately scaled back the effort level - cardio work just brisk walking, and much lighter weights. All to avoid overheating really. We're picking up again now I'm further along.

MrsMacaroon Sun 16-Mar-08 14:50:13

I know that the first time i got preggers i had started running again (after about 20 years of inactivity and sloth like behaviour), stopped smoking and cut down on caffeine etc. We'd spent ages trying before that 'casually' but after making a concerted effort it only took a few months. Must admit i stopped the running shortly after (lazy cow). This pregnancy I've kept so fit with looking after DC #1 that I've not really needed additional exercise. You could maybe try yoga and swimming as they're things that are great and easy during pregnancy. Happy shagging...remember to 'tilt' x

MrsMacaroon Sun 16-Mar-08 14:54:56

I should add that I got pregnant first time at 34 this took YEARS when I was younger, so there you go.

Aliwannabemum Sun 16-Mar-08 14:56:11

Oh I'm giggling so much at the "tilt" comment, getting rather funny looks from hubby "are you on Baybo" again he keeps saying!!! I've shared with my trainer Si, so he knows we're going to be trying with a vengence shortly (ah bless him, it's a lot to share, but he took it all in his stride!). Guys I really appreciate all this, makes me feel not quite so alone in my thoughts.

Excitable Sun 16-Mar-08 18:15:25

The best advice I can give you is relax. Loads of babies are born in September because more people have a holiday then than at any other time of year. Book somewhere really romantic so the world can stop for at least two weeks. Then s**g. Like rabbits. Then do it again.

Miggsie Sun 16-Mar-08 18:17:30

I did loads of exercise before and after and had a hole in one straight away!
I was 36 as well.
Take the folic acid and don't drink.

MrsMacaroon Sun 16-Mar-08 18:23:37

wish i had a trainer called 'Si'...

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 16-Mar-08 18:27:47

Welcome Ali. This is a great place for advice, a chat and a laugh.

Good luck with the trying to conceive. I can recommend a bood called Taking Charge of Your Fertility, it enables you to recognise the fertile stages of your cycle. Thus making your shagging more productive (hopefully!)

rachieM Tue 08-Feb-11 15:18:10

Hi, im 34 and have been trying to conceive since sept last year. As yet nothing seems to have happened but im dieting, doing lots of swimming and trying to relax. I did go through a spell of getting a bit obsessed, i was buying fertility monitors, timing the "baby dancing" and getting really down when i got my monthly. Some people just conceive at the drop of a hat but others can take up to and over a year, so just stay relaxed!

rachieM Tue 08-Feb-11 15:19:20

I only just saw the date of the original you all got kids by now xx blush

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