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consipation in first trimester- anyone?

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oopsanta Mon 20-Dec-04 20:51:58

As it says in the title- I'm constipated. I'm about 7 weeks pg and have all the other signs. But my tummy and bum hurt and I need to know what you think is best. TIA everyone

popsycal Mon 20-Dec-04 20:53:21

yes 0 and it is hideous isnt it!
Lots and lots of water apparently should help

singsong Tue 21-Dec-04 16:19:02

Drink plenty water and eat lots of fruit. Dried apricots are good.

highlander Tue 21-Dec-04 19:02:23

Ooh, I remember that one

At least 2L of water a day and lots of fruit if you can keep it down.

Mine disappeared by about 12 weeks.

Tipex Wed 22-Dec-04 15:37:40

Oopsanta, you have my utmost sympathy. I was so bunged up for the first 14 weeks it was a constant battle! I looked more pregnant in the first 10 weeks than I did the next 10!
However, miraculously it vanished as quick as it started eventually. I did find this coincided with stopping my prenatal vitamins and still wonder if the iron in them contributed so if you take them may be worth going on to just a folic acid tablet alone to see if it helps?
I also found lots of fruit and fluid did make a difference along with fibre, ie brown breakfast cereals was easiest for me, start the day with shreddies, all bran etc.
I had to take lactulose (sweet viscous fluid from the chemist or free with prescription) 20mls twice a day and must admit I also took sennakot up to 2 at night when it got desperate. I was aware people said not to take these but I did research it and there seemed to be no evidence of anomalies, just a risk of the spasms it can produce (it is a motility agent rather than a softener like lactulose) causing onset of labout in the second/third trimesters.
I also found glycerine suppositories helped at times.
So there you go, I have given you all my shameful secrets but really hope you get some relief! xx

NotQuiteCockney Wed 22-Dec-04 15:40:15

I had a bit of this in my last pregnancy, bad enough that it gave me bad breath and headaches! Horrible.

I found running a bit and walking lots helped, along with lots of water and fruit (not bananas). Keeping mobile generally helps keep your guts moving.

PinkArjuna Fri 31-Dec-04 22:34:42

I've had bad constipation since the beginning. It started up before I even realised I was truly pregnant. I kind of knew I was, but the persistant constipation was one of my early pregnancy symptoms

I get lactulose from the Dr's drink absolutely loads, eat fruit and veg but I am still constipated. I guess some people suffer more - I am 17 weeks now and it isn't subsiding. Hope yours improves

colditzcolditzcold Fri 31-Dec-04 22:39:30

Grapes and water, grapes and water, ad infinitum

bottle Fri 31-Dec-04 22:51:21

you poor thing i had the same and the pain was far worse than labour, bought so much stuff from boots one day that the girl behind the counter sniggered - i did not care just wanted some relief - what sorted it out for me was diet ground flax seeds and yoghurt every day and was fine after that - prune juice was ok too not as good and glycerine suposotories pre sorting the diet out - it was really wretched hope you find something that works for you

PinkArjuna Fri 31-Dec-04 23:04:52

Yeah honestly I swear that it is preparing me for labour or something
I am literally scared to go to the loo! My muscles have given up the ghost totally I'll go 3-4 days without going and then I get abdominal pains and I am in agony. It is as though nothing really goes through and then I get a really bad back log not to be too graphic Nothing really moves. Then when I get abdominal pains I know that the labour is about to commence

KateandtheElves Sat 01-Jan-05 03:55:29

I had really bad constipation with my 2nd in the 1st trimester. My memory is of being at work and spending like 2 hours in the bathroom one morning literally being unable to leave the bathroom and wondering if anyone was looking for me! Thankfully it did get better after a couple of weeks.

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