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Quick ? about morning sickness

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threeangels Wed 27-Nov-02 16:30:53

Im just wondering if anyone during their pregnancy had morning sickness some days and not others.

AimeesMum Wed 27-Nov-02 16:39:11

Hi. Yeah, when I was pregnant with my daughter I was sick some days and then not others, and also with my current pregnancy, currently 8wks 4days. I started with morning sickness at 6 weeks, and have had it quite a lot, although not everyday (thankfully!). Hope this helps.
Sam x

threeangels Wed 27-Nov-02 16:58:40

Thanks AimeesMum - Im not as far as you yet but I just panic over the smallest things. I think my body is still trying to figure things out. Im sure Ill be getting a good dose of morning sickness soon. Hopefully not too bad though. Good luck with your pregnancy.

threeangels Wed 27-Nov-02 17:01:52

I forgot to ask does your stomach ever feel as if its all in knots. I dont really have any cramping (yet) I just have a messed up stomach feeling. I have 3 other kids and my mind feels blank when I try and think of those pregnancies. I'll probally be bugging for answers on here a lot. Thank God for this sight and all the instant answers you get.

jessi Wed 27-Nov-02 17:17:02

Hi threeangels, congratulations on your news. I agree about the sickness. I have it and it comes and go's and isn't necessarily in the morning either!
My stomach was totally in knots and still is. I think some people feel it more than others. I had cramps/bloating/constipation last time and this time too. I had a scan last week as my GP was worried about the cramps, but all is well in there and little one is doing great! Try not to worry, easier said than done I know!

clucks Wed 27-Nov-02 17:56:02

soon to be fourangels, congrats.

I have had morning sickness a bit erratically too but worse in evenings.

The cramping I had was of 2 different qualities. a sort of period one which has now stopped (more common earlier on) and another farty one (apologies) which I get a lot more now and bugs me quite a bit. Without getting too gross, must admit am much more constipated this time around and live on vegetable soup to relieve it.

All the best.

threeangels Wed 27-Nov-02 19:30:43

Thanks Jessi and Clucks.

Jessi - I too feel so bloated in the stomach and it just feels like pressure off and on even down there. I know its not the baby because of how small. I guess its just the muscles and other stuff in there trying to adjust. Im so glad your baby is well. Its always good news to here.

Clucks - I too have been pretty gassy lately. I cant beleive how much aches and pressure I can have so early on. Nothing painful just this real full stuffy feeling. I cant think of any other way to describe it. Good luck on your pregnancy as well.

Marina Thu 28-Nov-02 10:40:05

Great news, soon-to-be-four-angels. Congratulations!

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