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Bumps - flaunt it or hide it?

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popsycal Fri 17-Dec-04 12:30:01

What do you do?
I am more of the dark clothing hide it brigade and certainly have never bared all in public.....

So what do you do?

(please don't let this get all controversial - lol)

DissLocated Fri 17-Dec-04 12:31:30

My belly was in no state to be on public view, even before pg, let alone once twice as big and covered in stretch marks!

Very, very, well hidden!

saintlysecur Fri 17-Dec-04 12:31:32

make the most of it (stretcy black looks good)-but not bare IMO (although that may be more to do with my stretch marks than anything!!) Thought Jennifer Aniston Looked great ()

popsycal Fri 17-Dec-04 12:34:23

dont mind tigher fitting tops....but i couldnt bare all (even though i have no stretch marks....runs off to avoid a well deserved kicking}

DingWongMerrilyOnHigh Fri 17-Dec-04 12:36:38

you don't mean bare as is in show flesh do you?
No no no, she says, not for ladies like myself of a certain age.
Do agree with showing it off under clingy clothes though

serenity Fri 17-Dec-04 12:37:34

Happy to wear tighter tops than I would when its just flab sticking out, but even in the middle of summer i never 'got it out' - too many stretchmarks!

Joolstide Fri 17-Dec-04 12:38:55

I really don't like the current trend of 'baring your bump' but I guess I'm old fashioned

SnowmAngeliz Fri 17-Dec-04 12:39:03

I think 'some' tighter tops look nice but i seem to have developed a spare tyre that sits at the back on my hips so always dread to think what i look like from behind.
I've taken to layers, nice tight long top and then a baggier top usually with the one nice pair of maternity jeans i own.

Definately wouldn't bare all though!!

saintlysecur Fri 17-Dec-04 12:42:24

that's it SA! my bump always seems to affect my bum too (storing fat ready for my BM ) so I always had long tops over to hide that!

NomDePlumPudding Fri 17-Dec-04 13:35:05

saintlysecur - Jennifer Anniston ? She's never had kids, the bump in Friends was a strap on affair. It's easy to look fab with a flawless fake strapped onto a skinny, gym honed non-preg body....

I was lucky in that my bump was neat (big, but neat), I didn't look preg from the back. I could get away with tighter fitting tops, more roomy ones just made me look huge all over, TBH. I didn't knowingly bare flesh in public and certainly wouldn't have done so after about 6-7 months as that's when my stretchies started.

aloha Fri 17-Dec-04 16:02:35

Flaunted but covered iyswim. I prefer tightish stuff so I don't just look like an ambulatory tent. Currently wearing black stretch bootleg trousers and really nice top from seraphine, low neck, long sleeves with cuffs and some cleavage. But no bare tummy outside the house. Too cold for one thing, would feel self-conscious for another.

xoz Fri 17-Dec-04 16:06:31

Definately no showing skin for me, but then I wouldn't when not pregnant either!

lockets Fri 17-Dec-04 16:10:39

Message withdrawn

logICICLE Fri 17-Dec-04 16:19:29

Tight tops yes, bare stretchmarks, no. I'm at the stage where baggy clothes just make me look like I've eaten all the Christmas pies. Although come to think of it...

berolina Fri 17-Dec-04 16:58:08

I'm on my first pg (well the first one that got this far ) and thrilled about my bump - at 16.3 weeks I reckon I look a bit more pg than I am, but I am small and usually quite slight so that might be why. Am still in normal clothes, though I can only wear the 'bottoms' that have give in the waist and will have to make the leap to maternity very soon. My usual style is close-fitting things so no hiding for me and I love looking pg! Would never 'bare' it though - my belly is currently too hairy (!) for that!!!

bonymerryxmas Fri 17-Dec-04 18:37:05

Ooh it's much too cold to bare it!! (Although if it were mid-summer I might consider it!

bonymerryxmas Fri 17-Dec-04 18:38:52

But only on the beach...

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 17-Dec-04 18:41:26

There was no hiding mine by the time I was due!!

brusselbeansprouts Fri 17-Dec-04 18:52:26

I looked like I had swallowed the proverbial space hopper by the end. I wish I could have hidden it by then to be honest. Did like it up until about 7 months when it was all compact and cute. Didn't show any flesh though... no one needs to see that!

wickedwinterwitch Fri 17-Dec-04 18:54:34

I flaunted in the sense that I wore tight stuff that I wouldn't normally as it was obvious the large bump was baby. It's normally flab. But I couldn't have actually bared my tum in public, no matter how hot, mainly because I'd have felt it made me even more public property.

NoMoomAtTheInn Fri 17-Dec-04 18:59:24

I showed the bump off with tight tops as I thought it actually looked better and neater than swathing it in a tent. I rather liked looking voluptuous and curvy (made a nice change ) so was happy to show off - also was horrendously hot last summer so didn't have much choice with vest-tops etc.

But would never have gone the bare flesh route - even without stretchmarks.

aloha Fri 17-Dec-04 19:01:01

i did wear a bikini at about six months last time on holiday in Greece. I fear my bikini days are over now...

hana Mon 20-Dec-04 12:00:44

also wore a bikini at about 6 weeks. Had a lot of stares......but there were lots of older men who were rivalling me in a 6 month bump size as well!!

anniemac Mon 20-Dec-04 14:10:35

Message withdrawn

motherinfestivemood Mon 20-Dec-04 14:25:30

Well, I'm going to admit that during my second pregnancy - in the hottest summer on record - I did flaunt. In fact it's the only tum-flaunting I've ever done, as I'm not usually a belly-flashing type. By the time I had a spacehopper in front, my drawstring trousers wedged underneath and my sleeveless vest over, there was definitely quite a pumpkin on display. Having said which, I don't really think my seedy corner of SouthEast London is going to keel over in fashionista shock.

It wasn't pride, particularly - in fact I hated being so enormous - but comfort.

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