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Tall maternity clothes!

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Beanpolebumps Wed 05-Mar-08 10:57:01

I had terrible trouble finding maternity trousers that were long enough when I was pregnant and ended up having to make do with my usual trousers for as long as possible, then switch to very stretchy ones that still fit under my bump. And also it was over summer so I could get away with normal size maternity crop trousers.

I got really fed up with suppliers offering 'tall sizes' only to find they only meant 33". I needed 34"/35" which I couldn't find anywhere. Long Tall Sally only offered two styles and the stock doesn't come in very often and is limited in number - and now they only do maternity jeans so you can't get work trousers!

So I'm in the process of looking into setting up a UK internet shop with fashionable grin maternity trousers in the lengths 34", 35" and 36". I wanted to see if any of you tall mums out there think this would be useful (did you have the same trouble) and what sort of styles you'd like to see?

MehgaLegs Wed 05-Mar-08 10:58:57

Great idea but too late for me. grin

mum2becks Wed 05-Mar-08 11:42:08

Sounds a great idea! First time round I had to hunt for maternity trousers with a decent hem that I could take down to make them long enough!!

I am now expecting my 2nd (only very early stage at moment) and luckily like yourself I will be pregnant through the summer so can get away with cut off trousers!!!!

Weegle Wed 05-Mar-08 11:51:05

I'm tall and contemplating a second pregnancy - maternity clothes in my first were same problem as you. Made me feel pretty down to be honest. Trousers had to be under the bump to have any chance of them being a suitable length. But what I really had problems with was tops - they were never long enough to go over my bump and not reveal a mid-drift. I ended up buying a few v long vests (non maternity) and layering them under maternity tops. It was a nightmare over the cold winter months as I was freezing! So I would definitely be a potential customer!

mybabysinthegarden Wed 05-Mar-08 12:04:19

Oh snap, Weegle, weren't all the short tops a killer! As for tall trouser styles, I'd love overbump (found underbump trousers agony towards the end) not-too-flappy bootcuts in some kind of stretchy material. I had one pair of formes trousers borrowed from a tall friend which were long enough, and I lived in them towards the end, very comfy wide stretch waistband, but they were very loose and flowy, more eveningy looking.

BP, I am pg again (about 30 seconds along) so will be looking out for your shop with interest!

mum2becks Wed 05-Mar-08 12:17:29

oh i forgot about tops, yes they were a problem too! I had to buy extra long normal tops and stretch them over my bump!!!

EsmeWeatherwax Wed 05-Mar-08 12:22:13

Oh, this would be great! I had huge problems getting trousers that fit me lengthwise, and don't even go there with the tops. I had one outfit on a wash and wear basis for the last two months! Am hoping to be pg again by the end of the year, so will keep and eye out for this!

WendyWeber Wed 05-Mar-08 12:25:15

Your best place for really long trousers is the US - there are a lot of very tall women there. I'm 6' with a 34-ish leg; DD1 was born in America and the trousers I got then did me for the next 3 too! (I had a pair of these jeans from JC Penney which were wonderful - those look exactly like mine, after 25 years shock)

Trouble is that even if you can order direct you may well have to pay import duty & VAT; and even if all that goes OK, they may not fit as well as you'd like, and returning would be a problem. (Could be cheaper and easier and more fun to have a quick trip over there! The Gap & Old Navy are mentioned as good places for long trousers but from their websites they're only 34.) Also their style can be a bit different from ours.

Anyway rgmaternity was recommended on a forum I looked at - their pants are 36-37. jake and me do larger sizes as well and offer up to 38. momsmaternity go up to 37.

tallgirlshop are 37 and has a helpful fit guide (US sizes are nothing like ours as you know)

There's also an Australian one called barefoot maternity - they will hem to the length you want smile

Beanpolebumps (great name!) might you be able to source from the US or Oz?

Beanpolebumps Wed 05-Mar-08 12:35:05

I've been looking into all the above you've mentioned doing lots of research!

The RG maternity trousers are great, I've already ordered in some of their bootcut jeans so will be offering those - and as the import duty etc will have been paid by the time I offer them on it should hopefully be a lot more straightforward for people to get them and should help keep the costs down.

I know I was put off from ordering individual pairs from the states just in case they didn't fit and I wanted to send them back because of the costs involved. I did find some of the other US long maternity trousers to be different styles to the ones I'd like to see over here (trying to be polite about what I say here!!)

I did look at Barefoot Maternity - again it's a case of importing and they have to be specially ordered in a particular length - isn't a shame that tall mums-to-be have to feel as though they're an afterthought?! Just how I felt! Can you tell I'm on a mission to have this sorted out for my next one! wink

wahwah Wed 05-Mar-08 12:43:46

Am 30 weeks with 2nd and living in Topshop tall trousers and imported Gap, however, they're just long enough. Would have loved a shop selling clothes just for my height. I'd also love to be able to wear a dress and/or skirt that was sized for me too as dresses are always too short in the body (just 2cm longer is all I need!) and skirts too short.

Wholeheartedly agree with overbump comment-it's just more comfortable towards the end when skin is so stretched and Topshop don't seem to do them.

NK77f2f6b1X11885e3a2b4 Thu 06-Mar-08 21:01:59

Do it, do it now!!!! I'm getting so stressed out trying to find something to wear - all I'm asking for is just a basic black trouser - in a tall length - 36 inch leg - not "tall" as in 33 inch which most people seem to think is tall...(well, for starters anyway!!) So please, please, please - go for it, and help us out!!!

Beanpolebumps Fri 07-Mar-08 10:44:04

Wow, I'll try! I'm on the case and the black trouser is my first priority - both bootleg and straight leg. I couldn't get hold of a decent pair at all when I was pregnant - what are tall girls supposed to do for work??

My website should be up and running in a fortnight but may not feature on Google for a bit. In which case if you need to find it just remember my name and where I'm based and you should be able to get there!! wink

Do most people prefer the overbump? I had a pair of 'normal' maternity crop trousers and they weren't full bump and kept slipping down so I had to keep hoiking them up which drove me mad...

SAEJ Fri 07-Mar-08 10:49:04

I have found getting long trousers a nightmare - I usually need a 34 - 35 inside leg and can't find them anywhere. I have had to resort to getting my mum to adapt loads of Topshop tall range to maternity trousers!

I am interested in anywhere that sells proper long maternity trousers!

iloverosycheeks Fri 07-Mar-08 10:49:57

I had this problem too - could not believe that companys that have tall ranges did not extend it to their maternity range, do we shrink when pregnant - no!!! I had to wear a skirt FGS!!! Eventually local H&M got maternity range in and they fitted me. But would defo be interested in this for future if ever have another!!

tallbirduk Fri 07-Mar-08 11:49:32

Yup, it's true - you can't be tall and pregnant and wear trousers - is v. v. frustrating, and defo a gap in the market in the UK.

Go for it!

chops79 Fri 07-Mar-08 12:15:25

I had this and spent many days trying to locate something long enough. im 5ft7in was pre preg 8st and need a 35-36in leg length- near on impossible. the best i could find was topshop for a 34in leg (still slight ankle swingers but best of what i could find). i am now 34 weeks preg so not long left to endure the short trousers now. i too thought about trying to set up a maternity trousers for long legged people shop but over the past few weeks the idea has faded slightly, but i think it is a great idea... good luck if you go for it think it would do well if you price reasonably... these shops that offer 36in legs are really cashing in nice jeans particularlly but not for £160+.xx

blondieminx Sun 09-Mar-08 00:37:22

beanpolebumps what a great idea!

I'm TTC #1 and as tallbirduk says, apparently us tall ladies aren't allowed to be pg and wear decent trousers! I've been looking at Topshop and Next to see what they've got...and er... its not a lot!

I'm almost exactly the same dimensions as chops so please bear us in mind!

Good luck with your shop!

carol3 Sun 09-Mar-08 01:15:56

yep me too,
had a nightmare finding trousers and long tops am 35 leg, I preferred over the bump.
Great idea

Lampi Sun 09-Mar-08 10:41:53

Sounds like a fantastic plan - I'd definitely be a customer at just until 6 foot tall and 26 weeks pregnant. I agree that a good range of black trousers of different styles would be a hit, as well as long, flattering tops.

I've just bought a long pair of flared, black trousers with an over the bump section from Jojo Mamn Bebe which are really soft and stretchy - great for around the house and just about long enough.

I love wearing jeans and can get away with black ones for work but I found that just about all maternity jeans are either blue or white so I would suggest looking into this. I have found a pair of black skinny jeans from H&M which are just about the right length with an over bump section and comfortable. I can just get away with them and flat shoes or long boots. I couldn't find any decent black bootleg black jeans of the correct lengh though.

I also got a pair of blue skinny jeans from Zara which have an over bump section which were good until the elastic top bit went loose. My favourite skinny jeans are from Crave on Kings Road, London which are made better and just long enoughare under the bump so I have to be careful with matching them up with long enough tops. Crave also has some lovely long and flattering tops (a bit pricey). H&M have some cheap, long T-shirts in their normal range which also work.

Good luck with it!

PuppyDogTails Sun 09-Mar-08 10:50:44

Right - I've got a 35" leg and I managed to find a pair of smart work trousers from Formes. The wide waist section means you can wear them quite slouchy so that they reach the floor. I ironed a pleat up the front to make them smart enough for work. That was the only pair I found and, believe me, I looked! Jeans I managed to get from Top Shop. Other than that I'm afraid I just wore skirts.

Hope that helps.

PuppyDogTails Sun 09-Mar-08 10:52:36

Sorry, completely misread the OP - thought you were looking for trousers!

vicsta Sun 09-Mar-08 14:28:57

Do it soon! Though I'm Very short in comparison to you super leggy ladies, I have short logs but a long body - tops are a bloody nightmare at the best of times, have spent my entire pregnancy in tops that could double as dresses in order to keep myself decent! Big gap in the market here, don't forget us lengthy torso types! Good luck

missosh Wed 12-Mar-08 12:15:26

Hi, I'm 6 foot 2 with a 38 inner leg and a long body to match. Whilst this has been fantastic for carrying a baby, what with the extra room, I am now 38 weeks and am still wearing the clothes I started out with before I was pregnant. My trousers and jeans have been completely undone since ten weeks and I haven't been able to find tops long enough since 25 weeks. I am wearing bump bands under my tops to hold my trousers up and keep my bump covered! I am planning on having at least one more, and would probably clear your shelves of long clothes that help me to keep a sense of style instead of muddling through for months! Go for it, I can assure you the market is there. Loads of luck.

Beanpolebumps Wed 12-Mar-08 15:56:55

Thank you for all your feedback, I really sympathise with those who are having a frustrating time finding maternity clothes at the moment, I've been there!

I've been inspired to get on with it even more quickly so thanks for the comments and we should be up and running soon!

Upwind Sun 01-Jun-08 15:26:53

Is your website up and running yet? I went shopping for maternity trousers at the weekend (already so bloated none of mine fit). Was amazed how little was available and found myself whinging to DH - "do they think tall women don't have babies?"

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