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things i will and won't miss about being pregnant

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bakedpotatohoho Tue 14-Dec-04 16:30:23

*I will miss* the effortlessness of getting dressed in the morning. who cares if it's clean or not? so this is what is meant by 'having a capsule wardrobe'. mine constitutes one pair of giant cords, 5 tops and an extraordinarily old (and rather extraordinary) cardigan. putting away laundry takes 2 secs instead of 5 mins.

*i won't miss* the sensation that my stomach is a washing machine crammed with coat hangers. a few weeks ago, it felt like wire coat hangers in there, but now they're definitely the posh bulky wooden sort.

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Tue 14-Dec-04 16:32:18

I don't miss the terrible indigestion I had with every pregnancy.

I do miss feeling the baby kicj in response to me giving it a nudge. It was our own private communication - great! No wonder men take longer to bond with their babies if they miss out on that.

msann Tue 14-Dec-04 16:32:35

* i do miss * everything about itttttttttt! just call me Mrs Broody!

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Tue 14-Dec-04 16:32:40

obviously meant to write kick.

skiingawhitexmas Tue 14-Dec-04 16:35:52

Won't miss the indigestion, needing the loo every 30 mins and the 'waddle'.

Will miss feeling the baby wriggling.

MarsselectionboxLady Tue 14-Dec-04 16:39:22

Will miss the babies kicking inside of me (well the early stages of that) and will miss the sense that it's just me and them.

Will not miss heartburn (got that for the first time with the DTs), being sick and the disgusting spitting. Will not miss being unable to sleep (not that I sleep much now).

babster Tue 14-Dec-04 16:42:12

Won't miss my pet varicose vein

emMerryChristmastmg Tue 14-Dec-04 17:01:18

I don't miss the uncomfortable nights with clicky hips when heavily PG. With Ds3 I physically couldn't roll over and had to get out of bed and get back in facing the other way. Not nice.

But I do miss every thing else.

In fact if it meant another baby for us(feeling broody again) I'd suffer every night umcomfortably to have one.

serenequeen Tue 14-Dec-04 17:19:29

i don't miss a damn thing.

hana Tue 14-Dec-04 17:27:20

hate the heartburn

codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 17:34:40

we have done this before and It even emded up int he mn book Ihtink

bakedpotatohoho Tue 14-Dec-04 17:58:06

coddy, that's classic thread topics for you... i guess not all of us have been here since the dawn of time

sorry for boring you

SnowmAngeliz Tue 14-Dec-04 18:05:27

WILL miss:

feeling the baby move

WON'T miss;

CONSTANT heartburn
Lack of alcohol
Thinking i'm gonna burst every time i sneeze!!!!
Aching back and pelvis
People saying "mind mammy's tummy" to dd
Not eating after 6 or 7 for heartburn!!
Miserable moods (O.K i have them anyway)

bakedpotatohoho Tue 14-Dec-04 18:13:08

(Angeliz, did you try ranitidine? or are you very off pills?)

SnowmAngeliz Tue 14-Dec-04 18:32:47

i asked the midwife and couldn't remember any names but she said all she'd recommend was Gaviscon! I don't really want to see a G.P as kine left and haven't found another one i like yet!
I've been eating less and earlier and drinking lots of milk, (don't actually like milk but think my body must need it as i keep wanting it!!

aloha Tue 14-Dec-04 18:33:27

I won't miss the sobriety
Might miss the lack of hangovers/below par-ness that a few glasses of wine leads to.
Will miss being alone with ds (I think)
Will miss my stomach being firm not flabby
Won't miss the incredible expansion of every part of my body - yikes!
Won't miss the weeing every two mins
Will miss the fact that I can go to bed with a book, read it, turn over and go to sleep and not be woken every five minutes by a howling babe who wants feeding. Am really loving the sleep (broken as it may be). I remember ds's baby days all too well....

popsycal Tue 14-Dec-04 19:32:19

leg cramps in the night
blood pressure and constant monitoring
ditto giving blood (nad being impossible to get blood out of)

prufRockingAroundtheXmasTree Tue 14-Dec-04 20:55:20

Absolutely nothing

Not the itching, not the sickness, not the dread that the baby had died every time it didn't move for more than 5 minutes. Not the twice weekly bloods (or the waiting for the results), 8 pills 3 times a day, or weekly scans which took an age because they'd never stay still. Not the SHO's who refused to admit they knew less about my consition than me, or the constant offers of Piriton (IT DOESN'T BLOODY WORK).
Not the being unable to turn around in the shower, or incapable of shaving my legs, not the having to sit down after going up the stairs. Not the inability to get out of a low chair by myself.

God I hated being pregnant. The only good thing about it was giving birth to my two wonderful babies and knowing it was all over.

misdee Tue 14-Dec-04 21:00:38

will miss

the baby moving.

wont miss,

the blood tests, the injections, the being monitored, the heartburn, the morning sickness.

mediagirl Tue 14-Dec-04 21:23:55

Won't miss the piles, heartburn, rib pain and not being able to lie on my front!

Will miss radiant skin and hair, the wriggling movements, not having to hold my tummy in and eating for England!

Nome Tue 14-Dec-04 21:34:24

Am pg again and if I could make an appointment to have the stork drop the new baby off I would. It's all coming back to me and I am remembering in hideous clarity how much I hated being pg last time. I'd blanked the grimness of the first trimester out as I lived through the awfulness of the third trimester. Still, I console myself with the thought that we really, really want this baby, or I wouldn't be doing it all again. And ds is the light of my life, whereas the pg was only 40 weeks of misery.

fairycakes Tue 14-Dec-04 21:43:45

i don't miss;
-acid heartburn 24 hours a day
-waking up in the night choking due to acid reflux
-not being able to pick things up
-not being able to sleep on my side
-not being able to sleep!
-going to the toilet 3 times every half hour
-getting back to my car and having to wait for the person who has parked too close to my car to return to their car as i am too fat to fit inbetween the 2 cars and get into my own! (4 times!!)
-not ebing able to walk from the kitchen to the lounge without needing a sit down
-morning sickness
-having a sudden disliking to even the faintest smell of pizza and other nice foods
-not being able to eat prawns/rare steak/etc
-being the "sober taxi driver"
_resembling an elephant
-wearing hideous maternity clothes
-not being able to fit into any of my shoes and having to wear flipflops in the horrible rainy summer we had this year
-getting on the bus/train and not one person EVER giving their seat up for me, EVER (i found this really shocking!)
....................i could go on, but i fell that is enough!!

things i DO miss are;
-my dp putting up with me being hormonal, now i just get told to shut up, wheras before i couldnt do anything wrong
-being run around after by everyone
-feeling my baby kick
-feeling really special to be pregnant

fairycakes Tue 14-Dec-04 21:45:41

oh, and one more thing - not neing able to take anything for the migraines i suffered with very badly while pregnant

but hey, its worht it all in the end isnt it when you get your gorgeous little baby in your arnms!!

Phoebe25 Wed 15-Dec-04 14:11:15

Good thread!

I wont miss my obsession with toilets! By the end of my pregnancy, i knew every single WC in town. How to get to it, how long it would take & which route to take when shopping to include all above WC's! Needing to wee the second you'd just had a wee was no fun at all!

Neither will i miss random strangers touching my tummy & asking, "Have you thought of a name" 20 times a day.

I will miss that 'special' feeling that only a pregnant woman can have x

ZCMUM Wed 15-Dec-04 14:14:28

I won't miss...looking like the tin man from the wizard of oz when I walk(according to my DP!!!)

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