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acupuncture for fertility

(25 Posts)
mags98 Wed 27-Feb-08 00:31:46

Had a miscarriage last summer, no no sign of anything happening after 6 months now. I know this is not long, but I am getting myself rather anixious about it so I am going to be referred for investigation.

So I'm looking at acupuncture to help with fertility in the meantime, may also help reduce my stress levels a bit too.

Does anyone know much about it?

BoysOnToast Wed 27-Feb-08 00:53:20

nope, but i had accupuncture for depression/anxiety years ago. was v relaxing and lovely!
i actually went for recurring cystitis, but they ask lots of questions, its very holistic, and she asked to treat me for that too. why not, thought i.
it certainly worked for the physical stuff. and no doubt eased the mental stuff too. i think just the act of doing something all about me and my own peace/health was a Good Thing tbh.

good luck and i wish you well. spending some time and energy on your own peace and wellbeing is a good thing to do, and i hope it pays dividends by chilling you out, and of course, helping you conceive smile

maxbear Wed 27-Feb-08 11:11:46

I had a very irregular cycle before dd was born, every 8 - 12 weeks. I had reflexology and suddenly my cycle was much more regular 5 - 6 weeks. Conceived fairly easily then and am convinced the reflexology helped although dh not keen on me telling everyone that reflexologist helped me to get pg grin

tinierclanger Wed 27-Feb-08 13:03:37

Hi mags, I also went for acupuncture following a miscarriage several months earlier. I was aiming for it to deal with my anxiety and also hopefully to boost my fertility. It definitely made me feel much calmer and helped me get over that last stage of recovering from the m/c, and I got pregnant sometime in between the 2nd and 3rd treatment.

I cannot swear that it was a result of the acupuncture but I certainly think if nothing else the calming effect it had on me was a direct contributor to getting pregnant, and I would definitely recommend it. In the end it was 5 months between the m/c and the new pregnancy (it took me 7 months to get pregnant the first time).

meep Wed 27-Feb-08 13:05:47

I will second reflexology - I had around 4/5 session and then got pregnant after a year of nothing! She also made me detox which probably helped - though I never gave up wine (grapes are fruit wink!

Aubergenie Wed 27-Feb-08 18:22:41

I had acupuncture after a miscarriage, hoping that it would sort my hormones out and help me relax as I was having awful trouble sleeping. I found that it really helped to calm me down and fell pregnant the following month. I would say that if you can, try and find someone who specialises in fertility, although that may not be possible depending where you live.

Good luck.

Pinchypants Thu 28-Feb-08 13:42:06

Hi Mags,
I had acupuncture for six months after 18 months of TTC (no MCs, though). My cycle was shortened by two days, and my mid-cycle pain from endometriosis almost disappeared during that time. I eventually had a laparoscopy to sort out the endo - they only found a tiny speck - and I got PG two weeks later. DD is now 19 months. A good example of acupuncture complementing conventional medicine, I think - no doubt at all that it helped enormously, plus helping me relax and sleep a lot better. Agree that finding someone who specialising in working with women/fertility - I went to fabulous woman who is proper doctor who happens to specialise in acunpuncture, has fantastic success rate in working with women trying to conceive and sort out fertility and issues of baby sticking. She's called Dr Lan and she practises at the Castle St Clinic in Guildford as well as somewhere in Harley St I think - let me know if you want her details. And good luck.
Pinchy xx

wendyredhead Thu 28-Feb-08 16:58:47

Hi Mags - I was trying for 5 mths (age 43) and read about chinese acupuncture and medicine but only opted for one session of acupuncture when I saw the price of the medicine -ouch!

The area around my ovaries went really warm and I felt really positive. The next month I fell pregnant!

Good luck

muddyboots Fri 29-Feb-08 19:44:17

After 7 months of ttc after a miscarriage, I felt really weepy and unbalanced. I tried acupuncture and the next month I ovulated a couple of days earlier than previous months and became pregnant!

The acupuncture made me feel more balanced and I felt that it was another positive step that I could make towards conceiving. I'd definately recommend it. It's a nice relaxing way to treat yourself too (and you can tell yourself this if you start to doubt the sanity of paying somebody to stick needles in you!)

nuttysquirrel Fri 29-Feb-08 23:50:33

I ttc for about two and a half years, thought I would give acupuncture a bash and became pregnant after just one session. My friend had had a few miscarriages in a row, heard of my success, went to the same practitioner and is now due next week. She has recommended four other women with various problems who are now also pregnant.

A coincidence?, a placebo effect? Who cares!!! its worked for six of us, so I guess I am saying give it a go!!!

avenanap Fri 29-Feb-08 23:52:59

My sister mad 3 MC, she went for acupuncture, got pregnant 3 months later and had a little boy. He was prem but he's healthy and thriving.

FuriousGeorge Sat 01-Mar-08 08:13:27

It worked for me.After 3.5 years of TTC,clomid,lap & dye tests,I was told that I'd never concieve naturally.I had about 5 sessions of acupuncture & found out that I was pregnant.Sadly it was ectopic & 2 consultants told me that my already miniscule chances of ever concieving again were even slimmer now.

I am not one to be detered & carried on with the acupuncture & was pregnant with dd1 7 weeks later.

When dd1 was one,we decided to ttc no2,just in case it took years again.I got pregnant the first time,with no treatment at all.Whatever the acupuncture did,it had a permanent effect.

Good luck.

mags98 Fri 25-Apr-08 23:15:12

Well not sure - it did work, sort of - got pregnant!smile but then had a very early miscarriage after just a few days. Something odd definitely happened, had not had a period for 9 weeks (very unusually), had bloods that showed I had not ovulated 4 weeks before and negative test x 1 million etc so had given up entirely this cycle, but then started the acupuncture and obviosuly did ovulate after all!

Sad to gave had another miscarriage (had a silent miscarriage last summer) but actually reassuring in a way that things are at least getting to the first stage!

Continuing now, lets see what happens. She has suggested I don't try for the next 3 months to allow her to sort the cycle out, but I don't think I can bear that...

Aubergenie Sat 26-Apr-08 10:35:07

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage mags. But as you say, it's good to know that things are happening.

I understand what you mean about not wanting to wait. I was desperate to be pregnant again after my miscarriage and felt quite panicky about it all. I think I needed a project to focus on.

She clearly wants to give you the best possible chance of a healthy pregnancy and wants to get your cycles back on track - it does sounds as if some strange things have been going on. Perhaps you could agree to meet her in the middle and meanwhile really concentrate on getting yourself in the best possible state of health, physically and mentally - eat really good food, get lots of excercise, take time to relax etc. so that you at least feel that you're doing something positive towards it all.

Good luck!

duvetheaven Sat 26-Apr-08 11:52:28

Hi Mags
Sorry to hear of your miscarriage. I had two miscarriages within 8 months. The second one sent me on a downward spiral so I took stock of my lifestyle and made a few changes; reduced work hours, took up yoga and acupuncture.
Felt immediately relaxed after the sessions . I did wait about 6 months to try again mainly though to build up my emotional strengh.
I am now 21 weeks pregnant and have a monthly session still.
I also have two friends who were trying to conceive for years, tried IVF - not successful , both made use of acupuncture and now have babies!!
Wishing you well.

poppy34 Sat 26-Apr-08 14:28:05

accupuncture very good for general wellbeing/health - starting going after had lost a baby at 21 weeks due to abnormalities last year (I was a complete mess emotionally and physically). Would say it defintiely helped relax me adn seemed to help sort me out physically (my cycles were definitely more regular than had been previoiusly) . Am now 31 weeks pregnant -accupuncture been great in helping me through physical and mental side of this pregnant.

I'd say give it a go but find a decently trained practitioner - preferably one that is trained in the more detailed root/branch method than the 5 points method.

so go for it.

kizzie Wed 30-Apr-08 15:48:07

Hi everyone - just wondering if any of you who have used accunpucture are in the North east or yorkshire? Just trying to find some who specialises in accupuncture for fertility for my friend.

Lovely to read some good positive stories here!


duvetheaven Wed 30-Apr-08 19:15:50

Hi Kizzie
Not in the North East, so bumping for you.

Letiss Fri 22-Aug-08 23:09:16

Interested to hear everyones experiences of accupuncture & fertility. I live in West London, has anybody used and could recommend
a practitioner in West London ?

caroline947 Tue 26-Aug-08 10:54:25

Reflexology is also worth looking into, especially if you don't like needles.It has about the same effects as accupunture and is very relaxing. I practice in Leeds, but a good place to look for reputable therapists(including accupunture) is the govening body, try The Federation of Holistic Therapists. Always ask what experience and qualifications they have for pregnancy and fertility.

ScaredOfEverything Tue 26-Aug-08 10:56:45

hi there
could just be coincidence, but after 20 months of no luck at all, i had acupuncture and got pregnant that cycle.
i second that it is very relaxing indeed which no doubt helps
good luck everyone and sorry to hear about the miscarriages

Backgammon Tue 26-Aug-08 11:03:53

Another one who got pregnant after a couple of sessions of acupuncure smile

ScaredOfEverything Tue 26-Aug-08 14:29:31

Letiss - I went at the Zita West clinic in Marylebone.

Anglepoise Tue 26-Aug-08 22:54:42

Letiss it's SW rather than W but I went to the Leigham Practice in Streatham and they were excellent

andiem Tue 26-Aug-08 22:58:34

I went to zita west in harley street they were lovely pricey but lovely

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