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LETZ and pregnancy - bit worried!

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ktpie Mon 18-Feb-08 11:48:41

I am 22 weeks pregnant and on saturday morning started bleeding after sex, quite a lot of blood, a lot more than I would have classed as spotting. We went into hospital and when I got there they asked for a urine sample, as I peed into the cup a big clot came out (sorry if TMI!) which really shook me up. The midwife found the babies hearbeat which was fine, a massive relief to me! A doctor examined me and said that some of the inner of the cervix was growing out of the opening of the cervix and that there was a lesion on the cervix which was bleeding. I told him that I had had a colposcopy and a LETZ in december 2005 (which I had mentioned previously to my midwife and was in my notes) and he is referring me for another colposcopy (am waiting for them to ring with the appointment).

Saturday afternoon I was just so relieved that the baby was fine that I didn't really think about it but then yesterday I started wondering what the implications could be on this pregnancy, a quick search on google (I know that is a bad idea) brought up links between previous LETZ procedures and having an incompetent cervix (probably what is worrying me most right now), preterm labour and problems with cervical dilation during labour. Added to that I'm worried about what they will find at the colposcopy.

Has anyone else had this sort of experience? Or other complications in pregnancy following LETZ or similar? I'm wondering whether I should have been monitored for the possibility of having an incompetent cervix, has this happened with anyone?

Sorry this is so lengthy!

salads Mon 18-Feb-08 12:04:45

I had Letz in 2006 and I'm 28 weeks pregnant. I have a cervix which measures 2cm instead of the usual 3cm, due to how much they removed.
My hospital is running a trial to prevent preterm delivery and I was offered a cervical scan from 23 weeks. I have been having one every 3 weeks to monitor in case it is changing/ opening too early - all ok at the moment but apparently it's very easy to treat with progesterone if it were to open early. Maybe you can ask to have regular cervical scans too?
I had bleeding early in pregnancy - up till 16 weeks but none since.

Hope everything works out ok for you I know how worrying it is particularly if you get google involved!

Beauregard Mon 18-Feb-08 12:05:21

Sorry you have this worry.

I cannot help you i'm afraid but will bump this for someone who cansmile

ktpie Mon 18-Feb-08 12:16:43

Thanks salads, it's interesting to hear that you are involved in that trial.
I have no idea how much of my cervix they removed when I had the procedure, I do remember the doctor doing it said to the student that you didn't even need to look through the magnifying thing to see all the abnormal cells whcih seemed a bit worrying! I then proceded to have a funny turn and nearly pass out (not sure if this was the anaesthetic or from what he said, or from the procedure) so he didn't really get chance to tell me what he had done. I did have a follow up colposcopy with him six months later when he said it had healed really well and apart from a smear (which came back clear) I haven't really thought about it since.

ktpie Mon 18-Feb-08 16:13:48

Forgot to say earlier, thanks for the support Pelvicfloornomore!

VictorianSqualor Mon 18-Feb-08 16:29:14

Is a LETZ the same as a LEEP?
A bit of your cervix cut off because of CINIII cells?
If it is I had one, about 2 months before I got pg, I've also had a smear during this pregnancy because of it.
No problems whatsoever wrt my cervix, apparently it all looks fine and dandy, I'm now 33 weeks pg and had it looked at about 2weeks ago.

I did have a bit of a bleed a couple of times earlier on in pregnancy which was unusual for me, this is my third and my first to bleed with but apart from that no complications on the cervix side.

Just be reassured that the docs know what they are doing, it's a common procedure to have ahd done before pregnancy and can sometimes leed to early labour, but not

ktpie Mon 18-Feb-08 16:45:21

victoriansqualor - I think LETZ and LEEP are either the same thing or very similar. Did they think the bleeds were to do with the LEEP? Did they check your cervix recently because of the LEEP procedure? It's reassuring to hear that your pregnancy is going fine.

I'm thinking that I am probably just unlucky and that for most people it probably doesn't cause a problem so they don't regularly monitor the cervix in pregnancies following LETZ/LEEP. Hoping the colposcopy will shed more light on what is going on with my cervix, whether it is holding up OK and whats going on with the inner part of the cervix growing out of it (I'm guessing this is where the clot I had came from) not heard back yet about the appointment.

VictorianSqualor Mon 18-Feb-08 18:08:19

They said the bleeds were probably just because my cervix is a bit mroe sensitive than others, especially as the LEEP was so recent, both times it was after sex.

Then recently I had a bit of a show, funny coloured discharge tbh and went in and they did a colposcopy type thingy there and then just to check it out, everything was fine.

ktpie Tue 19-Feb-08 09:58:00

VS - It's comforting to hear that other people have experienced something similar, with nothing terrible coming of it.

I'm going to ring the hospital this morning to find out what happened with the colposcopy appointment they were making for me.

nicolemyles03 Wed 30-Jul-08 14:39:48

Thank you very much for starting this forum, as I am TTC and I have had 3 lots of LETZ/LEEP either one at the end of the day mine was called A Wire Loop Excision. But i have had 3 surgeries and I have been wondering is anyone else has had any issues with preg after the surgery.

I was told after my surgery at my check up that if need be they will just stitch my cervix!! (hoping they put me under for that) It hurt way too much just to get an iucd put in let alone a or some stitches put in!

They also told me that some womens cervix's are thicker or longer or both, and some not so. I believe it all comes down to the individual and talking to a gyno is seriously the best bet.. peace of mind, if you don't like what one dr said get another opinion!

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