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Who here felt like they were starting their period but was actually pregnant?

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MiMao Sat 16-Feb-08 20:32:18

I think I maybe pregnant but all today I have had cramps like I usually do before a period comes. They do not hurt but I am constantly aware of them. I have early pregnancy tests but I am due on Monday so want to hang off at least until tomorrow morning...

But now I am wondering if I should just accept my period is on its way with these feelings I am getting.

Its amazing how your mind can play tricks on you... tonight I even turned my nose up at broccoli which I do in pregnancy. I am sure its me

Just wondered how many people felt and had all the signs of a period coming but were actually pregnant?


Daisymoo Sat 16-Feb-08 20:34:02

Me. Every single time!

flamingtoaster Sat 16-Feb-08 20:34:31

When I was pregnant with my DS I had constant cramps (and some bleeding on and off) - I was seven weeks when it finally dawned I could be pregnant!

HazieAndBaby Sat 16-Feb-08 20:38:34

I had this MiMao. I actually had some light spotting as well as really bad 'period' cramps. The spotting stopped within a cuple of days and then I started to wonder if I may be pregnant as we'd been TTC for about 9mths, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. My DH finally convinced me to do a test on the 4th day of what I thought was my period' and got a BFP!!! I hadn't wanted to do a test as I didn't want to see a negative again.
Good luck!!! grin

Tatties Sat 16-Feb-08 20:42:18

Yes. I had cramps as though period was about to start, and what I thought was raging PMT.

BigBadMouse Sat 16-Feb-08 20:42:27

I had really bad periods cramps the day before I could test and for two days after getting a BFP this time round and remember getting them with the other pregnancies too.

Hope you get the result you are after...the mind does play awful tricks on you though so my advice would be to try not to think of the 'broccoli incident' too much if you can possibly help it.

Good luck smile

theangelshavethephonebox Sat 16-Feb-08 20:43:02

I had this - felt exactly as I do when my period is about to start. I woke up in the night feeling sort of crampy and hot and when I got up in the morning and saw my period hadn't come, I did a pregnancy test - didn't believe for a second it would be positive but it was.

The cramps stayed for quite a few days after that - kept thinking that something was going to go wrong but it was absolutely fine.

ReverseThePolarity Sat 16-Feb-08 20:44:43

I did when I was pg with ds; I was a week late and then I got terrible pains; I kept waiting and waiting for my period to arrive but it didn't ... and then I had a night out due so I thought I'd better do a pg test just before hand (we were trying after all) just in case I am so I don't get bladdered... and lo and behold, I was!

Crappy night out though. wink

smartiejake Sat 16-Feb-08 20:45:30

Me too- both times- totally conviced it was going to start- cramps and all but I was PG!

worley Sat 16-Feb-08 20:49:10

yes, had this with both of mine. with ds2 in then end dp made me do a test 2 weeks after i was due on, i was convinved i was late due to stress and felt ready to be on any day...
little did i know!!
in the end he made me take a sample to the chemist to test, but when got there my friend was in their and i refused to go in (even though i was 29!!!) and so we sat in tescos car park and did the test with ds1 sat in the back, no idea what we were doing, but sitting there in shock for ages and ages!!

MiMao Sat 16-Feb-08 20:53:36

I have to try and stay calm here then!!!

I cant really remember with no2 but we were trying so I was on the ball ready to test the day I was due. With no1 I had no symptoms whatsoever and that is why I was almost 8 weeks before it occurred to me that I had missed a period.

I remember this is how my broody feelings came about for a second baby, after no1 I thought I was pregnant and really did not feel ready, I was so nervous when taking the test and when it came up negative I remember feeling sad. After that, every month I cried when I came on even though we were not ttc, took me almost a year before my dh would agree we could try.

... I can see the same situation starting

I have to say it is not the perfect time but we would all be delighted inc dd's. Our parents will be cross though, I think they think we are irresponsible most of the time grin... not that we depend on them. They are just worried we don't have mortgage and savings. But we get by and we are happy, we don't rely on anyone and if I was pregnant I have everything to use already

I better stop now before I get too excited!!!

BigBadMouse Sat 16-Feb-08 21:13:45

MiMao - I'm pg with DC3 and all I have had from family is

Was it planned? Answer is yes (for the first time ever blush
Why on earth did you do that then?
How on earth are you going to afford it if you have no money at all now?

Told them all to sod off (in a nice way of course grin) DH got a lot of stick from his dad which was a PITA as he took some convincing that we needed a DC3 in the first place.

MiMao Sat 16-Feb-08 21:19:30


it sounds just like my family.

i know my dh's dad would shake his head!

The more I am thinking about it the more I feel I am being silly, we had sex around the time of ovulation with no contraception but my dh did the old pulling out trick (sorry blush...

I know this is not contraception but it is the only one we have ever used and we've been having sex for many years. We feel that if I did fall pregnant then its not a problem.

I start thinking maybe I was because if dizzy feelings and noticing everything was smelly etc..

BigBadMouse Sat 16-Feb-08 21:29:04

Lookie here.....that 'old trick' is how I ended up with 2DDs and one miscarried little one.

Have no idea why this planned one took so long to happen hmm.

MiMao Sat 16-Feb-08 21:43:07

sad sorry to hear you lost a little one.

My dh will be not be happy about his old trick not working, like most men he is convinced he is in control grin

MiMao Sat 16-Feb-08 21:47:46

Going a bit mad now, forgot to mention I just read on a pregnancy website about the early signs of pregnancy and one mentioned body temp raised.

So nipped to the kitchen to get my thermoscan out (one you put in your ear) and my body temp is quite high. The other day someone asked me if I was cold at a play group because everyone had jumpers on and I had just a teeshirt...

i am going to have to turn this thing off now because i am driving myself mad and will end up wasting a test tonight.

Will watch some tv now and try go to bed early.

roll on morning - want to get the test out of the way so i can carry on life knowing either way.

nightie night!

HazieAndBaby Sat 16-Feb-08 21:51:27

I've got my fingers crossed for you MiMao! I'll log on tomorrow to find out!
Night night x

hester Sat 16-Feb-08 21:59:05

Yes, I really can't differentiate between 'starting period' and 'just pregnant' feelings.

Good luck,.

DaphneHarvey Sat 16-Feb-08 22:12:14

Yes!! usual bad cramps, thought period starting, felt v. sad as had been trying 9 months. Next day we were flying off for a weeks holiday to Prague. 6 days in Prague and no AF so really excited about doing pg test when got home (for some reason didn't feel I could do a pg test in Prague). But then last night in Prague started bleeding. Very sad. But 5 days later, after what seemed like a light period, I had an odd feeling and did a pg test and it was positive! Will never forget that moment. Fingers crossed for you!

debinaustria Sat 16-Feb-08 22:20:22

Yes I was convinced with all 3 pregnancies that I was starting my period - good luck for tomorrow

ScaryHairy Sat 16-Feb-08 22:25:15

I thought my period was coming (because of cramps) when I conceived my DD. Having said that, we have now been TTC for the best part of a year and every cycle when the cramps start I think "maybe I am pregnant" and they turn out to simply a warning of AF, so it is not much of a sign IMO.

Also, re temperature, you will be hotter in the post-ovulation part of your cycle. It doesn't necessarily indicate pregnancy and is just the result of higher progesterone which is normal after you ovulate. Temps drop again when or shortly before you start your period, or if you are pregnant they continue to stay high.

Anyway, good luck tomorrow. I hope that you get the result you wish for smile.

MiMao Sun 17-Feb-08 09:14:54


Woke up around 5am and could not sleep so gave in and did test and it was neg!

I dont know why I do it to myself.

With my last pregnancy I got a neg the day before I was due too and a very faint line on the day I was due so I know there is still a possibility that I am pregnant.

I could even have a long cycle this month and not actually be due on until Tues/Wed, this does happen. I have been 28 days now for a few months so that is why I think I'm due tomorrow.

I have to say that I don't normally get cramps for a few days leading up to periods, just usually when my period starts or just before.

The cramps and feelings are still there so we'll see.

I just want to start my period or know if I am - its so annoying. All I know is that if my period does start I will have to talk to my dh about maybe ttc now because I know I want another baby now. Last week our plans were in three years time. Funny how things change!

theangelshavethephonebox Sun 17-Feb-08 14:13:24

oh, how annoying for you. Hope you get result you want later in the week!

Lazylou Sun 17-Feb-08 14:28:47

Yep, same here. Not with the first one, I just had really sore boobs which I thought would lead into AF but didn't. I was 6 weeks when I found out with DD. But this time, we were on holiday and DH kept insisting I went swimming, but I had really bad cramps and was expecting a really bad AF. When it didn't come by the end of the week, something made me buy a test. I genuinely wasn't expecting to be pg and I don't really know why I bought it, but I did and got a PFB. The cramps also lasted for the first 3 months.

Hope you get the result you want, either this time, or if not, with DH and convincing him to start ttc sooner!

mumblesmummy Sun 17-Feb-08 15:02:42

I had awful period cramps when I was pregnant. But my test showed positive really early for some reason. Keep positive. If it's not this month, it could be next month and that's only 4 weeks away

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