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6 weeks pregnant but no sore boobs can this be right?

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buttercupbabe Sat 09-Feb-08 15:35:05

with ds I had really sore boobs within days of getting a bfp. They were so sore I couldn't sleep on my front or bare to have them touched. This time they've only been slightly tender and now not at all. I'm absolutely knackered, weeing a lot and cant stop doing tests - all of which come back with a strong positive within seconds. Can anyone reassure me that this is normal with a second pregnancy? I'm having an early scan on Monday and am just praying that I'll see a little heartbeat.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sat 09-Feb-08 15:40:07

I never got them until late on with both of mine.
Fingers crossed for you on Monday, it all sounds very positive!

buttercupbabe Sat 09-Feb-08 15:54:17

Thanks. I feel so neurotic, I think as it's taken so long this time.

mama4688 Sat 09-Feb-08 16:26:45

Hi, im also 6 weeks pregnant and this is my 1st.
Im so nervous every time I feel any twinges or little "period-like" pains im panicking. Are these normal?
Also I only really had morning sickness for like 2 days last week,I wasnt actually physically sick.
I did two home tests both of which came up positive, when I went to the doctor he didnt do a pregnancy test on me or examine me.
My ante natal appointment isn't until march 11th so I just need some reassurance from other peoples stories and advice please xx

buttercupbabe Sat 09-Feb-08 16:33:42

Hi mama. I had quite a lot of period like pains when my period was due - my consultant said that 'anything goes' he said you could fill a book with all the symptoms women get. From what I've read I think ligaments in the stomach are stretching so maybe this is what those pains are for you. I don't remember being this nervous with ds - these first few weeks drag don't they?

FAQ Sat 09-Feb-08 16:34:33

I didn't have sore boobs with any of my 3 pgs!

hunofmonsters Sat 09-Feb-08 16:51:56

i still don't have sore boobs and i am 34 weeks now.(my 3rd DC)

mama4688 Wed 13-Feb-08 21:40:46

_Hi buttercup_, yes these 1st few weeks are a drag I think it makes it worse that this is my first. I will be so happy once I go to the ante natal visit...altho ive heard a few stories about that lol

whomovedmychocolate Wed 13-Feb-08 21:47:58

Twinges, boobs hurting and then not hurting, or not hurting at all are all normal.

The first twelve weeks or so, if you don't get morning sickness tend to be marked by tiredness and paranoia. So in all respects you are normal then grin

I rushed to hospital twice in my first pregnancy, the first time my back had stopped aching (that'd be the water infection my body had recovered from naturally then) and the second, a stabbing pain in my abdomen (which was my stitches from a fertility investigation stretching as my bump was appearing!) blush.

This time, although I've had two miscarriages, I just don't feel worried so much, this baby feels fine.

Jane7 Wed 13-Feb-08 22:19:32

Mama - i wanted to say hello, since it seems like we are both in same boat. I'm six weeks and this is my first. So far, my only symptoms are vague nausea but certainly not enough to throw up, just a weird feeling and not being quite sure if I'm hungry or what I want to eat. Also I've had some pretty big period pains. I woke up 6 in the morning the other night having a serious cramp. I was terrified I'd be bleeding but I wasn't, so touch wood everything is ok. It seems strange doesn't it, that no one is really interested in you at doctors until you are about 10 weeks pregnant. My first scan is on March 10th and that seems ages away...
Anyway, just wanted to say I feel the same as you. I get terrified when I feel one thing one day, like sore boobs and a bit sick, then the next day i feel fine. Then I think somehow I'm not pregnant anymore. It's ridiculous but I did another pregnancy test today. My 6th. Such a waste of money I know, but it gives me weird reassurance when I see the double line turning up. God, if I'm this neurotic as a pregnant woman, i'm terrified about the kind of mum I'll be....

lollipopmother Thu 14-Feb-08 11:32:39

I would class myself as a very un-neurotic person in real life, but as soon as I got pregnant I turned into a wreck! I did 5 pregnancy tests at least, I just found the box to one hidden in a draw because I didn't want to admit to my partner that I had done another one, as he started looking at me weirdly after the 3rd!

I got really painful cramps for at least three or four weeks at about a month pg, I think it's just your uterus and ligaments stretching, but it is worrying at the time.

My first sign of pg was excessively painful boobs, but this went away after 2 weeks, then I was feeling sick all day but never actually sick, then that wore off and was replaced by not feeling sick at all whilst throwing up my dinner every night!

Teuch Thu 14-Feb-08 11:34:43

I had huge and painful ( )( ) with my 1st pg which was a mmc, but no discomfort at all with DS until about 14wks or something IIRC.

Baffy Thu 14-Feb-08 11:35:13

I never got sore boobs at all.

I agree, anything goes, and every pregnancy is so different

mama4688 Sat 16-Feb-08 12:38:26

Hi Jane7, So glad to find some one exactly same as me I have done nothing but panic!
People I ask either cant remember what there 1st 10 weeks of pregnancy were like so cant reassure me. Im at my ante natal appointement march 11th and just can not wait. I keep referring to "it" as a girl as weird as it sounds but just hava strong feelings. Im next in line for twins as is my fiancee so had alot of friends n family teasing me if u like lol. How old are u might I ask?

pepperrabbit Sat 16-Feb-08 12:49:49

I had hideously sore boobs with DS1, and nothing like that at all with DS2 (though a tendency to grab them to see if they were sore a lot cos it made no sense that they didn't hurt at all IYSWIM!)
So sounds perfectly normal to me, now I'm 5+4 with DC3 and all I've got is a strange aversion to biros and I feel the need to eat, really really fast - like gobbling my food down in a starving way even though I didn't think I was hungry.
You sound perfectly normal to me!

hansnava Sat 16-Feb-08 23:04:08

hi all
glad to hear im not the only one worrying about the lack of sore boobs. im 5weeks pg and i havent had hardly no symptoms except peeing for england .
with my dd i cried on a daily basis coz my boobs were soooooo sore it wasnt just when someone touched them it was a constant pain. but this time nothing apart from my left nipple is a bit tender blush
so far i think ive done 7 tests and i only found out on tuesday lol. im convinced im not really pg but i guess i cant argue with 7 bfp tests now can i.
i hate the first 12 weeks does ne one else

parkesgirl10 Sun 11-May-14 13:57:04

Hi all I found out 4 days ago im early pregnant but dont know exact date because my periods are irregular due to low thyroid problems dr hasnt given me meds. Any way I dont have any sore boobs but I usally do when im due on. Clear blue goes from 2-3 1-2 back up 2-3 back down im not sure if its to do with how full my bladder is. Although I did a cheap preggo test 2/3 weeks ago it was bfn. I only did the test this week as for a day or so I felt heavy n crampy.
I have had 13 mc and 2 were etopic.
I am a crazy lady im losing my mind .

ruthsmumkath Sun 11-May-14 15:51:50

I had really bad sore boobs with dc1 but not with any of the others. I put it down to my body being more used to the hormones in my other pregnancies.

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