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Dr. Teoh, St. Mary's Hospital, London: does anyone of you known him?

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Alexa808 Thu 07-Feb-08 14:32:58

Hello there,

I just found out I'm pregnant and it's all a bit daunting (first time).

I've just been to see my GP and he put me forward to meet Dr. Teoh who's practising at St. Mary's.

Has anyone of you had any contact with him or heard anything both about him and the hospital?

I'm considering going private and would like to have the tiniest c-section possible.

Please write to me. xx

lollipopmother Thu 07-Feb-08 14:34:11

What do you mean tiniest c-section?

orangina Thu 07-Feb-08 14:38:28

haha re tiniest c section.....

orangina Thu 07-Feb-08 14:41:38

teoh is one of the big hitters at the lindo. need to get in there early to snag him. many complain they feel as though they are on a factory line, doesn't give you time etc. not what i would want for my money.

Sullwah Thu 07-Feb-08 19:22:00

I am currently with Teoh.

I have had a relatively complicated pregnancy and Teoh has been fantastic. I have absolute confidence in him.

But it is true that he can be abrupt and appear disinterested in hearing about the usual boring pregnany symptoms.

Whether you go with him depends how much tlc you feel you will need.

Out initial choice was with someone at the Portland who my husband found to be annoyingly patronising.

So its horses for courses really.

lalibela Thu 07-Feb-08 21:05:23

I can also really recommend Guy Thorpe-Beeston, who also does deliveries at St Mary's. Not only is he excellent at the technical stuff (he saw us through a very tricky delivery), but he is very genuine and kind. One thing that has always stuck in my mind is watching him, after I had projectile vomited mid-delivery, immediately start to help the nurse strip the bed. I may be cynical, but I suspect that most consultants would have just stood by and made the nurse feel that it was beneath their dignity to help.

hoxtonchick Thu 07-Feb-08 21:06:42

mr teoh is great, he looked after me extremely well (my pregnancies are complicated by diabetes). and all on the nhs!

donbean Thu 07-Feb-08 21:07:17

he has been on telly, he is amazing.
does surgery on foetus in the womb, amazing man.

Alexa808 Thu 07-Feb-08 21:45:19

Thanks so much Sullwah, hoxtonchick and donbean. I will wait for my first appointment with him at the end of Feb.

Hoxtonchick, you said it was all on NHS. My doc said it's private only with Dr. Teoh...

Thanks lalibela, I will wait until I meet the man to make up my mind. Dr. Teoh has taken me on now but I'll keep an eye on Dr. Thorpe-Beeston.

Thanks for all the answers. I'd just like to have a technically excellent doctor who operates with precision.

By tiniest c-section I mean that I do not wish to have thick keloid scarring 40 cm wide. (Who'd not wish for that.)

hoxtonchick Sun 10-Feb-08 21:45:43

this was 6 years ago. but he certainly had nhs patients then. only interesting complicated ones though!

Alexa808 Thu 14-Feb-08 12:17:22

Thanks Hoxtonchick. I'll see him in 2 weeks.

b2010 Mon 13-Jul-09 18:58:14

Hi Alexa,

How was Dr. Teoh? Did you go with him at the end or with Dr. Thorpe-Beeston?

I have seen Dr. Charles Wright and was planning to meet Dr. Etienne Horner and Dr. Teoh.

Thank you.

mehro Fri 21-Aug-09 19:12:09

I just had my baby with mr wright. When i booked, he was one of the very few available as i booked late and so was obviously apprehensive that he may not be that good. But he was EXCELLENT !!! I could'nt have been happier. I firmly be;ieve i escaped a last minute c-sec only bcz of him and my baby was delivered by forceps instead. All in all, he was fantastic...i would definitly recommend.

Sariiiii Fri 13-Jun-14 13:18:52

Hi everyone I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby.. And going to do c section with doctor Teoh in the Lindo wing.. Has anyone done c section with doctor Teoh? He is not very caring but I have heard from a friend that he is good with c section her scar was tiny and low... I'm very nervous:-(

YankeeJess01 Fri 20-Jun-14 21:59:43

sariiii, I can highly recommend Mr Teoh. I moved to London from the US midway through my pregnancy and started seeing Teoh at around week 26. Mr Teoh came highly recommended to me by a friend who delivered with him earlier in the year.

My pregnancy was relatively uncomplicated, though I was considered "high risk" due to my age (40) and previous surgeries (myomectomy and c-section). I found Mr Teoh to be highly skilled and professional but also caring and personable. He always took time for questions and always asked if I had any concerns, etc. Since this was my second pregnancy I didn't need a lot of hand holding--I felt I knew what to expect. My biggest concern was having a skilled surgeon I could trust, especially since I was in a foreign country without many friends or family near. I felt comfortable with Mr Teoh from the start. He has a very calm demeanor and light sense of humor and clearly at the top of his field.

He was great in the operating room--explained what was happening and was very reassuring to both me and my husband. He checked on me daily in the hospital (in the US I did not see my doctor each day) and always made sure I was well cared for by the hospital staff (I was!).

To answer your question about the scar...he went in through my old scar from my previous c-section. Despite having a larger baby this time he was able to minimize the incision size...I don't think it's any bigger, and it is healing very well (I am on day 3 post c-section).

Just to reiterate...I did find him to be very caring. Knowing that I had just moved from the US, he always asked how I was settling in and often made recommendations for restaurants and ways to meet people and build a social/support network. I highly recommend him without reservation--I always felt I was in good hands, and that peace of mind meant everything to me. Best of luck to you!

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