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Can you recommend a good pregnancy/birth book?

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MiaouyChristmas Fri 03-Dec-04 23:01:08

I've got two dd's aged 6 and 7 and I'm worried I've forgotten it all! (Sure I haven't really but would just like to reassure myself!). Can you tell me which books you found the most helpful/informative/non preachy?


misdee Fri 03-Dec-04 23:02:09


who needs books lol.

i ust skimmed thro the free emma diary book to refresh my memory, but its only been 2.5yrs since giving birth to dd2.

MaryChristmas Fri 03-Dec-04 23:04:01

I liked Tracey Hoggs baby whisperer, although mumsnet is good for 24 hour advice too.

cardigansarenotjustforxmas Fri 03-Dec-04 23:05:01

What to expect when your expecting, Eisenberg, murkoff & hathaway. My edition is 1996 workman Publishing inc isbn 0-89480829x - must be a more recent one. Loads of info - set out on a month by month basis with extra chapters on birth, first month & for dads. The best book for me

Spacecadet Fri 03-Dec-04 23:05:49

The miriam stoppard pregnancy and birth book is really good, I found It invaluable when expecting my recent 4th baby, also sheila kitzinger, childbieth choices and challenges, you can buy them both from tesco.Dorling kindersley pregnancy and childbirth book is good too.

janeyjinglebops Fri 03-Dec-04 23:43:29

Not sure of the title but my friend gave me an old one of hers when I was pg. Each week it had a description etc. The best bit was how it compared the size of the fetus to a different piece of fruit. Gradually getting bigger and bigger! I think I stopped reading when it got to the melon stage!

giraffeINAMANGERski Fri 03-Dec-04 23:50:53

I think the one you might mean might be Sheila Kitzinger if i remember rightly.
The best one i have read so far (and i'm a trainee antenatal teacher so i've read LOADS!) is 'Expecting- everything you need to know about Labour and Birth'. it's by Anna McGrail & Daphne Metland, the two women who run the BirthChoice UK website and it is brill. 'The Rough Guide To Pregnancy'-can't remember author-; is a good one too- its really funny buit also has lots of info. Good if you're a bit irreverent.

I didn't like the 'What to Expect' one much- it was good for checklists of symptoms and i remember chesking it to confirm i was in labour- but it is very prescriptive, especially in terms of diet etc and while i eat as healthily as i can i don't like counting grams of fibre and adding up different amounts of vitamins. Just a personal bugbear about that book though- it was a fairly good one in terms of info.

giraffeINAMANGERski Fri 03-Dec-04 23:54:31

i have just remembered something i didn't like about it thpough- it goes in months, not weeks. Now, quite apart from the problem of trying to work out what month you're actually in (40 weeks do not nine months make!) i liked to look at the books every week when i was preggers and see the next installment as it were. It was nice to sit dowm on a sunday night with my pile of prg books and see what might be happening to baby that week- what happened with 'what to expect' was i read the same bits over and over and got pissed off (can i say that word on here?)
Again though- that was me being pedantic- more laid back MNs might not be bothered!

nicmum2boys Fri 03-Dec-04 23:55:01

I found this one really good, used it in both pregnancies (from library 1st time bought it for 2nd). Gives you week by week developement of the baby, and how you might be feeling too.

giraffeINAMANGERski Sat 04-Dec-04 00:02:50

ooh and on sale too- buy it now ladies!

hana Sat 04-Dec-04 01:25:53

also like the 'What to Expect' books, but can be a bit preachy. Do not not not buy the 'what to Eat when you're expecting' I felt v v unhealthy and fat after reading through it

redshoedreindeer Sat 04-Dec-04 12:22:26

I liked the 'what to expect' book, but you do have to skim/skip parts of it. It is very informative.

spacedonkey Sat 04-Dec-04 12:23:21

I loved Sheila Kitzinger's books.

orangina Sun 05-Dec-04 07:12:09

i'd agree that the rough guide (by kaz cooke?) is my favourite, as it isn't too preachy, and is quite informative. Made me laugh too, which frankly not many of the others can claim to! And I like the fact that it's in weeks, not months. "What to expect..." is ok, more for dipping in to if you have a question.... and check out the pics of pregnant ladies in their maternity underwear and comfortable shoes in the miriam stoppard one (dorling kindersley?).... if you weren't already pregnant, you would think it wasn't worth going there! I've never seen such big pants! Though I'm still only 22 weeks, so perhaps I will in due course.....

cazzybabs Sun 05-Dec-04 09:41:33

This book (book is excellent for telling you all about babies and what your new born can do (Not about pregnancy or looking after babies but an amazing read)

midnightmass Sun 05-Dec-04 09:49:58

Message withdrawn

Dophus Tue 07-Dec-04 16:35:25

I hated Miriam Stoppard - I found her out-dated and preachy.

I loved 'Best friends guide to pregnancy' very amusing.

I found one by Ian Greer quite useful but not quite in depth enough(Can't remember title).

My favourite as an allrounder was 'Birth and Beyond'. On the downside it was a little too 'earth mothery' for me at times (I don't believe in homeopathy). However it was also very accurate in terms of scientific and medical fact and it is unusual to find a book that covers both sides of the coin. It is also good for early months post popping.

moondog Tue 07-Dec-04 16:42:02

Yes dophus, all the 'Best Friends' ones are fun!

bonymerryxmas Tue 07-Dec-04 17:20:14

I've got Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond by Yehudi Gordon which is excellent - full of info on everything. 1st time round (7 yrs ago) I had Janet Balaskas' Natural Pregnancy and Birth which was also brilliant, but I lent to someone and didn't get it back!

chonky Tue 07-Dec-04 17:34:56

Another vote for 'The Rough Guide to Pregnancy' by Kaz Clarke. LOL funny, but loads of really good info.

Uwila Tue 07-Dec-04 18:15:23

It's not a book, but I find to be a great resource. Especially the pregnancy calendar.

lilsmum Tue 07-Dec-04 18:38:23

tia, i bought lots of different ones and they were no help to me, i had never heard of a 3rd degree tear till it happened to me!! also dd was lactose intolerant and never knew anything about that let alone heard of it!!

mumsnet is all you need, and the one you get off midwife for free is sufficient enough to get you through imo


fufmum Tue 07-Dec-04 18:53:37

I can tell you one NOT to get, Gina Ford 'contented baby book'! This woman reduced me to tears with her strict routines and i haven't even had the baby yet.
My midwife at my ante-natal classes said everyone who has the book should throw it in the bin as she makes so many new mums cry with frustration. she makes you doubt yourself, well she did me anyway!
I'm sure some mums out there will say she was a help to them but i for one will never use that book, i am strict and love rountines as i am a nanny but she was unreal!

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Tue 07-Dec-04 18:55:58

Rough Guide to Pregnancy by Kaz Cooke, really good (so far) and quite funny

funkydiva Tue 07-Dec-04 19:08:39

Another one for the Rough Guide to Pregnancy by Kaz Cooke, also enjoyed the Best friend's guide to Pregancy by Vicky Iovine.
Totally agree with Fufmum - avoid Gina Ford!

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