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Old wives tales and gender prediction - any true for you?

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debinaustria Tue 29-Jan-08 12:51:17

Just found this and wondered if any of it was true for you? Particularly the hair growth.

(Baby was coy at the scan yesterday)

scorpio1 Tue 29-Jan-08 12:53:44

it says 60% girl for me and im having a girl.

debinaustria Tue 29-Jan-08 12:56:58

It's 60 for me too!!

firststeps Tue 29-Jan-08 12:59:03

I had a prediction of 60% girl, and was also predicted girl on the chinese gender prediction calendar. I was convinced myself that I was carrying a girl, but DS2 is now 7 weeks old!! grin

MuffinMclay Tue 29-Jan-08 13:12:01

53% chance of a girl here. Scan very clearly showed a boy. Interesting to see what comes out.

pigsinmud Tue 29-Jan-08 13:55:23

Chinese gender prediction calendar worked for all 4 of mine .... pure coincidence I know.

Grouchyoscar Tue 29-Jan-08 13:59:12

Chinese Gender prediction calendar
Wedding ring dousing
Etc etc

All WRONG, DD is now a strapping 4.5 yr old DS

Good job I bought white baby clothes really

NoMoreHighHeels Tue 29-Jan-08 14:06:58

53% girl according to the questions but I had to guess on the heartbeat question and is there really a difference between a watermelon and a beachball??

We don't know whether we are having a pink or a blue one - left it as a surprise, so we'll see in a few weeks. Everyone keeps saying it's a girl though!

mummylittle Tue 29-Jan-08 14:15:03

Ive just done the test and it says 69% girl, we are def having a girl had 3 different scans and a 4d scan xx

snooks Tue 29-Jan-08 15:00:04

Mine said 60% chance of a girl, we found out at the 20 week scan that it is smile so correct here. Chinese predictor thingy was wrong though....And what's putting weight on your backside got to do with it hmm

missvicki Tue 29-Jan-08 15:19:47

Just did the test 60% chance of a boy. We haven't found out the sex yet might ask at 30week scan, but mothers intuition makes me think i'm carrying a boy so will be intresting to see!

scaryhairycat Tue 29-Jan-08 16:06:46

60% girl for me, which is right as the scan revealed it is a girl. Chinese calender said girl too.

themildmanneredjanitor Tue 29-Jan-08 16:09:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mitchell81 Tue 29-Jan-08 16:15:24

53% girl, chinese calendar says girl,completely different pregnancy than with DS but 20 week scan said boy. So I presume all these are wrong.

Twiglett Tue 29-Jan-08 16:16:37

oh barf .. it's in rhyming couplets

Mumblesmummy Tue 29-Jan-08 18:07:04

Mine was totally wrong, it said girl and I'm deffo having a boy.

brendar75 Thu 31-Jan-08 15:13:46

I answered this as for my last pg symptoms (when I had DS) and it came out as 53% girl - wrong! The Chinese gender predictor was wrong for him too. Hmm, maybe I can see what they say and know it's the opposite?

ThePFJ Mon 04-Feb-08 01:58:22

It says 73% Girl for me. And the scan was definate on it being a boy. The nurse said there was no mistaking 'him'. (31 weeks pregnant now)

Niecie Mon 04-Feb-08 02:47:38

The only thing that has worked for me and several people I know is the heartbeat one.

bigboydiditandranaway Mon 04-Feb-08 04:05:07

What's the heartbeat one then, i'm very intrigued(can't believe i'm eating toast at this time in the am or even up!)

bigboydiditandranaway Mon 04-Feb-08 04:05:17

What's the heartbeat one then, i'm very intrigued(can't believe i'm eating toast at this time in the am or even up!)

Egypt Mon 04-Feb-08 04:58:18

the only thing that is consistent here is that it seems to be telling everyone - girl!

Niecie Mon 04-Feb-08 10:52:34

Boys have slower heartbeats (about 140ish) and girls are slightly faster at 150ish.

I did once read why there was a scientific reason why this might be case but still not sure if it isn't total hogwash though!

As I say, it worked for me and people I know. However, to be certain of my results I would have to have a girl and she would have to have a higher heart rate for me to be convinced and that is taking scientfic research a bit too far. wink

kayzr Mon 04-Feb-08 10:56:45

I did it out of memory and it says I was having a girl. DS is now 10 months old.

BabyEllsBells Mon 04-Feb-08 11:46:50

53% boy 47% girl too close to call lol

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