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Maternity wear in Spain?

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LizSpain Sun 27-Jan-08 22:03:44

I know the majority of people are gonna be in england but i'm struggling to find nice maternity clothes in Spain any ideas??

poppy34 Sun 27-Jan-08 22:12:13

doesnt zara do them? Also lots of hte Uk places do mail order

LizSpain Sun 27-Jan-08 22:16:31

I'll have a look in Zara I don't know why I didn't think to try there. My only reservation with Mail order is the spanish mail system isn't very good!

PillockOfTheCommunity Sun 27-Jan-08 22:20:12

What size are you? We have someone on our post-natal thread who lives in Mallorca so will ask her to recommend anywhere she can to you

LizSpain Sun 27-Jan-08 22:27:51

I'm a size 18! Its not size i'm struggling with but actually finding a shop that does maternity wear i'm desperately trying to find a pair of over bump jeans but all I can find is work clothes and even thats limited to only 2 items!!!

PillockOfTheCommunity Sun 27-Jan-08 22:31:11

I think Maveta ended up getting most of hers from UK shops or ebay

debinaustria Sun 27-Jan-08 23:02:24

Have you got a Benetton or H+M? I have the same problems in Austria and have had family bring things over for me.

lucy5 Sun 27-Jan-08 23:04:49

where are you in Spain?

lucy5 Sun 27-Jan-08 23:05:57

C and A have some maternity clothes and a plus size section.

LizSpain Sun 27-Jan-08 23:06:48

No benetton but think we have one H&M, I got a few bits when I went back to UK at xmas but only a few. Have seen some panels that extend your jeans or trousers today, they attach to the button has anyone tried these?

SenoraParsnip Sun 27-Jan-08 23:09:47

dorothy perkins and carrefour

macaco Mon 28-Jan-08 10:32:15

Dorothy Perkins
H and M
C and A

Carrefour have over bump jeans as do H and M. There's a primark in Jerez now but not sure if they have maternity stuff. I've bought shitloads of clothes in both DP and HM. Often the independent clothes shops have some premama stuff hidden away too. El corte Ingles also has some, although when I looked it was all horrible.

Not all Zara's have maternity wear yet. Have you tried googling maternity wear marbella in case some bright English spark has set up in business on the costa del sol?

nanski Mon 28-Jan-08 11:46:32


I live in Cyprus but I wanted to say that I ordered from Isabella Oliver and they use DHL or Federal Express and you receive the goods within 2 working days. The clothes are a bit pricey but they charge a flat rate of 10 EUROS to send whatever you order. And it all comes nicely packaged up with little Molton Brown goodies inside! I could only afford a wrap dress, but I am glad that I did becuaseI wear it a lot and everyone compliments me and it is so comfy. They put a 15% off my next order coupon inside but I am due in March (time just flown by) so I shan't spend any more money now.

Good luck


HolidaysQueen Mon 28-Jan-08 11:51:58

When on holiday I found a shop called 9 Meses (if I remember correctly) in Granada which does baby clothes and maternity clothes. Not sure if they are a chain or not.

H&M is great for maternity clothes - most of my staples are from there.

I've noticed that Mothercare labels are in English and Spanish, so that might mean they have shops in Spain?

lucysmum Mon 28-Jan-08 12:13:02

I bought some nice stuff in a shop called Pronatal (I think) when i was on holiday in Palma - guess they will be on the mainland too.

Bessie123 Mon 28-Jan-08 12:13:39

Zara has great maternity clothes

macaco Mon 28-Jan-08 12:14:08

yeah mothercare in spain do maternity clothes too.

LizSpain Mon 28-Jan-08 13:59:18

I tried 2 different Dorothy Perkins & each only had 1 pair of trousers & 2 shirts nothing else, C&A in Marbella didn't have a section when I looked, H&M I haven't tried and to be honest I didn't know what Carrefour was so haven't tried their yet either! Your right about El Corte ingles macaco all i've found is horrible stuff in there! smile

At least i've got a few more places to continue my search, I went to Mothercare in Gibraltar but didn't know they were on the mainland too.

Jerez is near Cadiz right?? I love primark will have to do a trip one day!

I'm near Marbella so if theres anyone near by i'd love to hear from you!

lucy5 Mon 28-Jan-08 15:17:09

I think the nearest Mothercare to Marbella is Seville. C and A in La canada have a maternity section, as does the one in Los Barrios. I'm in Estepona, so quite near you, if you fancy a chat. Have a look on or smile

LizSpain Tue 29-Jan-08 08:58:48

I went to the Mothercare in Gibraltar last week as thats where i'm getting my buggy from, abit of a trek I know! I thought i'd looked in C&A but to be honest I had probably had enough of looking by then!

I'm really glad to hear from people near by i've not been here long & was beginning to feel abit alone!

lucy5 Tue 29-Jan-08 15:01:06

I don't know if it is too far for you but I go to a coffee morning in Sabiniilas on a Wednesday. There are also meet ups organised through muminspain, although I tend not to go to those as they are usually closer to San Pedro and I don't drive.

DiamandaGalas Tue 29-Jan-08 15:11:02

Try Prenatal, check paginas amarillas for pre-mama clothes..
I;ve always found nicer materninty clothes in Spain rather than in England.

I bet you there are specialist shops for pregnant ladies in Malaga.

LizSpain Wed 30-Jan-08 09:03:20

Hi Lucy5, I don't think its too far but i'm still working at the mo as got a few months left to go yet! Will certainly start getting out & about when baby arrives though I can't bare being stuck at home! smile

Thanks diamand i'll keep looking perhaps I just haven't been looking hard enough!

spanishmummy Fri 17-Oct-08 14:28:22

this is probably a bit late for you but it may help others in Spain. Just discovered a site called indybel ... they have some really cool maternity clothes as well as tons of over baby and pregnancy stuff and they are based in Spain and so must be cheaper than having stuff delivered from UK ... might be worth a look ...

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