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TTC GRADUATES! Who's baby will we be welcoming first? Mrs? Seaside? Iampg? Beansprout?

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honeyapple Tue 22-Jan-08 12:25:43

Morning all smile

Dex did another stupendous sleep... had to wake him up to feed him and take DC to school. Fingers crossed this is a pattern he is going to stick to.

Fettle- hope Toby is ok with the jabs... Dex has got his 2nd lot next week. What is the third injection for? Did they do the polio one in his mouth yet? Dex only had 2 jabs first time around. That Messiah was a bit gruesome!

mrs- any action overnight?

Seaside and Iampg- a lot of the lovely ladies on here were early- Bodders you were 38 wks, i think??

Sorry- so excited about the pending births that I cant remember what I was going to say to anyone else!

iampgatlast Tue 22-Jan-08 12:31:25

hi honey!

great new thread!

glad dex is sleeping well you must be feeling brighter with a bit of constant sleep?

nothing to report here- bump has gone quite low today and my stretchmarks have spread wider so im guessing oscar has dropped? even though i was told he was already engaged hmm

il be back later xxx

honeyapple Tue 22-Jan-08 13:15:28

Thanks Iampg... mind you I must apologise for the grammatical error in the title blush... some PG brain cells still lurking... My error is going to plague me now until we start a new thread sadgrin.

As for Oscar dropping- that just means he is getting more engaged... his head is getting even lower into your pelvis. It is measured in fifths... 1/5 a little bit engaged...4/5 his head practically coming out! (I think this is right...) Your MW will probably have put this on your notes from your last appointment.

MrsMcJnr Tue 22-Jan-08 14:43:13

Hey ladies smile I need cheering up, DH is being a grumpy git and is taking it out on me sad I know he wants the baby to arrive so he can be on pat leave but SO DO I sad he hung up on me earlier (he had called me hmm) and I felt like crying. I think he’s got bored of looking after me now sad I’ve been the model wife too – I’ve sorted out our finances for the month (not an easy feat I can tell you sad) and he’s had dinner on the table when he gets home every night since I’ve been off and his breakfast made and a packed lunch. I slept really badly last night, woke up worrying about induction and I am feeling a bit sensitive today. The pains I normally wake up with under my bump have persisted today and I have cramping – I had hoped that was a sign but there are no contractions and nothing else to indicate that things are kicking off. Sorry for the moan, just feeling a bit lonely sad will stop whining and see what you lot have been saying smile

Rainbowdays – grin MN is better than any soap isn’t it? grin

Hey Minxi – I am sorry I haven’t “spoken” to you for so long and am sorry to hear that you won’t be joining us quite yet but I’ve got my hopes pinned on you and the others being here with us soon, please send my love to them x

Bodkin grin bring on that full moon grin ohhhh that’s tonight! Mind you, that might mean that they close the labour ward again and send ladies to some weird place West of here! shock I’d kind of like my baby to arrive on Friday now so that she/he can share a birthday with Rabbie Burns, I think that would be quite special being a Scot (hopefully) going up abroad! smile …. I could have a “wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie”of my own (ok, he was talking about a mouse not a baby but hey ho!)

Thanks Honeyapple smile that makes me feel better smile that was two great sleeps for Dex grin hope he keeps it up! 11 weeks, wow!! shock grin

Seaside – that’s funny, those pains sound like mine! hmm let’s hope they are doing something hey? smile your baby sounds like it feels similar to mine and mine is on the left side but what I feel on the right is the bottom, so often two hard lumps either side of the middle. Where do you feel hiccups? I think the car seat is meant to go behind the passenger seat because the seat in front needs to be quite far forward. In fact, I found that out this morning on a really useful SMA nutrition DVD about caring for your newborn, it was hosted by Kirsty Alsop so I am aware that you will either love or hate her grin if you’d like the SMA number to call for one, let me know.

Thanks Fettle for your warmth in remembering Ava smile it means a lot to me. I am finding the whole memory hard as I discovered around this time last year that I was pregnant and all the cramps etc are reminding me of losing her. Is that ridiculous? Xx I enjoyed the first part of Messiah but haven’t seen the second part yet as DH was out playing football last night. I take it it’s your birthday on 27/1 hon? grin

Hey Chooster grin

Hey Firsty smile

Oh Rah grin grin nice to see you hon, I so hope things go well for you this cycle. How is the new house? smile

Iampg smile hang in there – I’m sure my baby is actually an elephant the time it’s taking to cook! Quite natural to pee a lot at the stage you’re at, it’s your body getting rid of some of the excess fluid as not so much liquor is needed now smile the sweep on your due date could be a plan but remember that if your waters break as a result, and they do rarely apparently, that could lead to an induction if labour doesn’t kick off within a couple of days. I had one at 40+2 though and it was fine (though it clearly didn’t work as I am still here but I was “susceptible”) sounds good that they offer regular sweeps. I would have liked to have another sometime between last week’s appointment and this week’s. I am hoping to persuade her to do one then, monitor the baby again and then let me come in again say the following Weds for another sweep and more monitoring before booking me in for an induction. It’s against hospital policy to let you go more than 12 days over your EDD but I plan to argue that my EDD should actually have been 3 days later based on OV and the early scans and play for time that way, providing the baby is ok of course. I am feeling inspired by my NCT pal today grin she had her baby last night finally, she was due on 6/1 but managed to hold out and go naturally. Yup still injecting daily but it is getting harder as the skin on my tummy is so tight. I’ll have to inject for 6 weeks after the birth too but I’ll have lots of flab then to hold on to and stab no doubt. I decided to try out the breast pump again today (having read on lots of lots of sites that it was a great way to go into labour) but I didn’t latch it on properly and it took off some of my skin sad so sore, so hear I am with nipple issues before my baby even gets here. Got more stiff but am not so worried about that now, I’ll make more smile not sure I have the stomach for the Guinness!! (or the curry)

Greedy smile I am currently re-reading The Baby Whisperer, I think I am going to give it a go, it makes a lot of sense (in theory to my inexperienced self!) all your babies are GORGEOUS and Marcy is soooo cute grin can’t wait to see what my baby looks like! There was a baby who was 6 weeks in the café that I met my two also overdue and fed up friends in yesterday and she had the most hair I had ever seen, jet black – soooo gorgeous smile I’m dying to know if my baby has DH’s almond eyes, they are really prevalent and distinctive in his Mum’s family and if Beanie is a boy, I hope he has his Daddy’s big toes because I think they are cute blush

My Money is on Beansprout’s baby coming first by the way – all the best for tomorrow Beansprout, we’ll be thinking of you grin

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 22-Jan-08 15:40:07

oh mrs - i really feel for you. its crap just waiting and waiting isnt it? you just want your baby to come after waiting for so long and your life as a mummy to start dont you? it wont be long i promise, and dh is just being a typical man, i am sure he will be back to his lovely self later.

do you think seaside is in labour????? possibly!!! this thread is just SO exciting at the moment!!!

marcy has got her second lot of jabs later poor thing. only 3 weeks late!!!

honey - its nice when they sleep well isnt it? although having said that marcy moo did decide we were having a 6 o'clock start this morning!!

off to check the temping buds thread again!

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 22-Jan-08 15:40:55

whoops! and good luck to you for your section beany!

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 22-Jan-08 15:42:49

whoops! AND!!!....i have been meaning to say...............seaside, mrs and iampg....please dont desert us when you have your babies like kitkat did!!!!

try and find some time to post for us and keep us updated!

iampgatlast Tue 22-Jan-08 16:02:38

hi ladies

gosh i am so incredibly bored today! i hate being stuck indoors but then again its so cold outside!! i cannot get motivated at all i stay in my pjs until about 12:30/1pm then it takes me ages to get dressed as i get distracted by the most stupidest of things...wheres my nesting instinct?! hmm

honey just checked my notes and oscar was 3/5 engaged a week last saturday, mw wrote the stats in the wrong place and just told me he was engaged angry

mrs - sorry dp is being a moany old so and so big big virtual hugs to you (((((hug)))) its not what you need right now, you need lots of support, comfort and reassurance. im sure though from what you have said about him in the past you will make it up tonight wink OUCH! about the breast pump taking some skin off - can you imagine what it will be like when the little babes have teeth?!

greedy - i wont be deserting you all when oscar is here - infact pretty much the opposite il probably be on here constantly asking for advice and panicking over the slightest little thing! il be annoying you all so much you will wish i had deserted you grin

seaside - i hope you are ok and if things have kicked off for you its all going smoothly!! xx

beansprout - good luck for tomorrow hun!!

i suppose i had better go and do some ironing angry

byeee xx

MrsMcJnr Tue 22-Jan-08 16:19:16

Thanks ladies smile and Greedy, I agree with Iampg, you'll all wish we'd deserted you when we ask millions of questions grin - Mum just called - PMSL - the last call she "just" wanted to know the first initial of the intended boy's name so she could make a "little guess to herself" today she "just" wanted to know if either the intended boy's or girl's name ended in an "a" - I told her that neither did (where's the harm? grin) that seemed to fox her, I told her neither would end in an "e" sound either as we didn't like the sound of an "e" ending with our surname (McKenzie) - clearly I've now blown all her ideas out of the window grin as she sounded annoyed - it sounds stupid but it was actually the most fun I've had today!!grin blush

fettleandbabyfettle Tue 22-Jan-08 16:24:35

an't believe in my excitment I've forgotten it's your day tomorrow Beany - good luck. Hope all goes smoothly! How exciting? New born cuddles!!!

Iampg - enjoy your pj time - in weeks to come you'll still be in them all day as you'll have spent the day on sofa snuggled up with Oscar! Make sure you take time to enjoy him when tiny and not rush to do too much too soon!

That goes to you all first-timers! I enjoyed toby so much more as I just relaxced and let the woeld go on around me without worrying about it!

Really feel for you all waiting for labour to start - never had that pleasurehmm being induced early with both mine.

Mrs - not weird at all to be thinking about Ava - totally normal - I had a good cry over christmas for the one I lost before toby. And I had a lovely cuddly moment with Toby recently, where I realised how much I loved him and how I wouldn't have met him if I hadn't had my 2 mcs. A totally different way to think about my mc that I never thought I'd feel - probably quite a positive step forward from them!

Anyway - as we said to Firsty while she was waiting - we'd come round and keep you all occupied, but the best we can do is virtual tea and cakes with added pineapple!!grin (anyone tried Greedy's secret of sex with a pineapple!shockgrin)

Honey - I think 3rd injections you have 3rd round of dipth, typhoid, polio etc, then 2nd men C and 2nd pnuemonocall something. At 1st and 2nd, you have 1st Men C and 1st pnuenococcal something respectively, so only have 2 jabs each time, if that makes sense?! But Toby was ok - woke at 1am and then through to 6.30am, which is when DD storms past his room from her room to our room shouting is Toby awake!!!grin

Must go - trying to sort out childcare for when I go back to work - definitely feeling more relaxed having made that decision, just need to find childcare for both of them that I'm happy with and can afford financially!

take care all

sorry about spelling etc typing one-handed while feeding!

fettleandbabyfettle Tue 22-Jan-08 16:26:29

crossed with you Mrs and you reminded me to say to Iampg - we'll never be bored of passing on our comments/hints/ideas/child-rearing ways - as you'll learn your way is the best and everyone else is just doing it wrong!!!grin

honeyapple Tue 22-Jan-08 18:11:28

Good luck Beansprout for tommorrow! I guess you will be all packed and ready to go off to hospital tommorrow bright and early- or maybe you are already there? Hope the section goes smoothly and you are out of hospital soon. smile

Mrs- sorry to hear your DH is being grumpy- it is hard on the boys too all this waiting about! My DP was so bored of waiting for Dex that he accused me of not letting my body go in to labour hmm... I would def ask your MW for another sweep... no reason why not to have her do it again. (apart from it is a bit gross having some women's arm up your fanjo!!!)

iampg- cant wait to have you asking lots of questions about Oscar smile.

Seaside- where are you??? [excited emoticon]

Greedy- Agree with you... we dont want anymore escapees from this thread. grin.

Fettle- thanks for the jabs info... third time round and I cant remember and cant find the blurb they gave me shock... dont they do the polio in the mouth anymore??

hi to everyone else x

seaside72 Tue 22-Jan-08 19:52:28

on hosp comp rubbish baby seaside came today on mw duedate !!!!!! omg boy 6
lb 14 no pain relief but ran out of steam to push him out so ventouse i am spaced hopfully home tom will update better then _ love u all xxxxxx

iampgatlast Tue 22-Jan-08 20:33:44

awwwww seaside!!! amazing news congratualtions to you and dp!! and welcome little seaside/dave to the world!!!

im so so pleased for you cant wait to hear the details! hugs and kisses to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chooster Tue 22-Jan-08 20:45:16

So no sign of seaside - grin - could it be????

Sorry you are getting a little fed up Mrs - it can be quite a lonely time and such a shame that DH is being a bit unsupportive. I think it can get to them too and they just want it all to start. Hopefully the air is all cleared now smile. So sorry to hear that your parents are not planning on coming over now. At least it wont be too long until you are away on holiday with them smile. Good luck to your dad with his op... I reckon your plan for avoiding an induction seems like a good one. I would say good luck with the EDD argument but you wont need it as I'm SURE baby mac will be here by the end of the week smile

Iampg - Looking forward to hearing all about Oscar and all our other new arrivals - that what we all love!!

Good luck beansprout with your section tomorrow!! Not long now until you are cuddling your new little one - Awwww, makes me wish that time again with Theo, and Max come to that.

shock at Dex jumping the 'sleeping well queue'. Obviously I'm thrilled for you Honey but also a little envy. What is it with our July babies (dont listen to this City, I'm sure your July baby will be a great sleeper!). Actually I hvaen't heard much from Bodders or Firsty on the subject of sleep for a wee while so maybe its only Theo who still wakes up hmm. Actually Theo has now started to roll onto his tummy to sleep and it quite worries me. Only because all you ever hear is to put babies to sleep on their backs. Sometimes I roll him back only for him to roll over again. Bodders, I know Isla sleeps on her tummy, did Nelly do the same??? Theo just looks SO comfy like that.

Anyway better go and send my old boss an e-mail about return to work. I've been meaning to do it for ages but always put it off. I know its ages before I'm due to go back but I said I may be ready to go back in April but I'm so not... So I'm going to contact him early and ask for a return in June and broach the subject of part time hours. I reckon the earlier I do it the more brownie points I may get hmm.

Good luck ladies!!!! Hi to everyone else!. Like Honeyapple all I can think of when I'm replying are our "due to pop girls". grin

honeyapple Tue 22-Jan-08 20:56:10

!!!!! SEASIDE!!!!!

Chooster- whoops you missed Dave's arrival!

Cant wait to hear all the details grin grin grin Oh I am so happy for you and your DP. Enjoy your little bundle's first night, hope you are home quickly... and the FULL MOON did it!

fettleandbabyfettle Tue 22-Jan-08 21:06:18

Seaside - fantastic news!!!!!! So happy to have another new little baby on the world!!! Oh, I'm so envy of your newborn cuddles!!!!! gringringrin Any names? Or is Dave sticking?!!!

Chooster - I've had a blow this eve on the return to work front - was feeling really excited as I think on paper I've found an ideal childminder who lives just around the corner and arranged to go see her on Friday. But then got an e-mail from my boss/friend to say that she is applying for a different job within the company as she wants a change of direction. Totally understand why, but I enjoy working with and for her! I don't want anyone else to manage me. I;m not sure I'd want to apply for her job, as then def no part-time! Any other manager may not be as child-friendly as she has always been, so my plans for unofficial flexible working are out the window. And working with her made work fun/bearable, but although she'll still be there, she'll be doing a much more exciting job, which might make me feel slightly left out (its what I used to do before children and I left as I couldn't justify being away from home so often).Oh poo! Anyway, meeting her for lunch next week to discuss things through!

Sorry - needed to get that off my chest - let's hear about the new baby - far more exciting!!!!grin

ps honey - think polio is by injection now, but don't quote me on that. But neither DD nor Toby have had oral polio and I assume they've been vaccinated against it!!

beansprout Tue 22-Jan-08 21:40:51

Was sooo touched to see my name in the thread title!! smile smile

Oh wow, congratulations Seaside!! grin smile grin I'm so happy for you!!

Mrs McJ - I really feel for you. Having to wait is just pants. Ds was 3 weeks late and it really was the longest 3 weeks of my life. All I can say is that I hope things happen soon. smile

Chooster - good luck with your p/t working request.
Fettle - My (fab) boss will also be leaving while I am off work and I share your concerns about what level of understanding newboss will have. I'm not great with uncertainty!

Helloooo to everyone else!!

It's a bit mad here - parents are staying but we are in a small flat so it's a bit crowded!!

Thank you sooo much for all your good wishes. Will let you know how we get on! smile

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 22-Jan-08 22:19:18

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! It's all go on here tonight!!!!

i am SO glad i had a final check before bed!!!

CONGRATULATIONS seaside!!!!! i am so so so chuffed for you!! hope it all went well and i really cant wait to hear all the gory details. hope you aren't too sore after the ventouse. whats his name then hey?!!! OMG!!!! i am so jealous.......i bet you wont get any sleep tonight.................he will prob sleep like an angel and you will lie awake all night staring at him in awe................i am so jealous!!! (did i say that already!!!)

ok.............its official..........i am AS excited as i was when you got your BFP!!!

congrats again and i hope mrs has gone into labour and doesnt read your news before she has minimrs!

honeyapple Wed 23-Jan-08 09:36:24

I reckon Mrs is having her baby!

Seaside- good morning to you and your baby!

greedygreedyguzzler Wed 23-Jan-08 11:03:26

ooo oo oo! i reckon you're right honey!!

sorry to lower the tone, but ive had a shit morning!!!!! shouted at ds like a looney this morning when he was messing about andwe were late for school. then felt really bad as he was crying most of the way to school and kept telling me he loved me................they know how to make you feel bad dont they? now i cant wait to pick him up and sort it out, i hate falling out with my little mate!!!

anyway....................seaside has her baby........yippee!!!!

and, i lost another 2lb this thats 9 1/4lb so far! yippee!

rainbowdays Wed 23-Jan-08 11:20:28


I knew if I did not manage to get on the computer last night that someone would pop, well done on the birth of your little son.

Beansprout - Hope all is going well for you to welcome your little bundle of joy today too.

Oh this is so exciting. I love new babies.

PS Greedy - sorry to hear that you are having a horrible morning, hope things turn around now.

Mrs- hope that you are having a better day today with dh than yesterday......

Bodkin Wed 23-Jan-08 11:57:11

Yay Seaside - BIG CONGRATS! <<blub blub>>

WELL DONE and no drugs! Fantastic!. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

No time to read the rest of the posts. Will catch up tomorrow when DD is at preschool and not hassling me to get on to CBeebies site!


firststar Wed 23-Jan-08 13:17:31

Message withdrawn

iampgatlast Wed 23-Jan-08 14:27:12

hi ladies smile

cant wait to hear seasides birth story - i wonder how her first night as a mummy sooooo excited for her!! grin

mrsmc - i hope you are feeling a bit chirpier today! xx

fettle - sorry to hear about your work troubles - what a bummer! hopefully after lunch with your old boss you might have a bit of clarity on the situation about what steps you want to take.

greedy - sad for you falling out with your little mate, i hope you make it up with him when he comes home - im sure you will! congrats on the weightloss again!!

glad you are all prepared for a tonne of questions!!

i have quickly just done my birthplan didnt particularly want to do one but mw advised it. can you just tell me what you all think?
My Birth Plan

· During the birth my partner dean will be present, I shall have my mum, nan and granddad in the background for added support if needed.
· I would like to keep the birth of my baby boy as natural as possible which is one of the reasons I have opted for a home water birth.
· I have a tens machine to use for pain relief, when this is no longer sufficient I would like to use my birthing pool and then use the gas and air when needed.
· I would like to keep internal examinations to a minimum and only have them carried out when extremely necessary, I do not mind the babies heartbeat being monitored at regular intervals whilst I am in the water.
· I would like the delivery of the baby to be in the water and preferably me the one to catch him for immediate skin to skin contact.
· I am aiming to breast feed so would like my baby to go on the breast as soon as possible.
· I would like an assisted 3rd stage and for my baby to have the vitamin k injection.
· I am fully aware of the reasons I may have to transfer to hospital and trust my midwife to advise when/if this is neccasary but I would really like to avoid this, if it is a question of pain relief I would like to be supported and encouraged to go for aslong as I can at home before transferring.

thanks girls xxx

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