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Sorry another food topic... does *smoked* salmon/mackerel etc count as not-raw-anymore?

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JaneHH Mon 21-Jan-08 20:08:01

Had a massive smoked salmon sandwich at lunch in the canteen today (it was YUM) and then wondered this afternoon whether I had just eaten some Forbidden Food.

Do smoked salmon and mackerel (those oily fish we're all supposed to be eating, ladies) count as safe? Smoked salmon certainly looks raw enough not to be OK... hmm

JaneHH Mon 21-Jan-08 20:39:13

anyone...? [despondent but simultaneously optimistic smiley]

PuppyDogEyes Mon 21-Jan-08 20:40:55

hmmm, have wondered this too.
but only having eaten it several times in the last month!

SenoraParsnip Mon 21-Jan-08 20:40:57

smoked mackerel is cooked as it's hot smoked, cold smoked (i.e. normal smoked) salmon is not cooked I'm afraid. you can buy hot smoked salmon though - it's expensive, but it is delicious!

SenoraParsnip Mon 21-Jan-08 20:41:58

er, so yes, you did have some forbidden food. but I'm sure you'll be OK.

JaneHH Mon 21-Jan-08 20:44:41

Whoops. Well, besides the lightning bolts coming down on me from on high as I type I think I may just be OK... thanks guys though for your help. Certainly had about 9 months' worth of oily fish in one sandwich too shock.

But then in How To Eat Nigella says she had a smoked salmon bagel every day while she was pregnant (as you do)... WHEN will the rules stop changing I ask?!

finallypregnant Mon 21-Jan-08 21:00:59

Well, I watched the Gordon Ramsay thing he did live last week and Tamsin Outhwaite was on and she's 4 months and happily tucked into scallops and a rare steak! Sure I saw a glass of wine in front of her too!

JaneHH Mon 21-Jan-08 21:13:51

oh but if you're famous it doesn't count does it hmm grin

I do despair sometimes at all the rules and regulations. Before we were all born our mothers didn't get told all this, did they??? (or did they?)


Kif Tue 22-Jan-08 09:45:34

smoked salmon is a fairly marginal rule, imo.

bethoo Tue 22-Jan-08 09:51:12

i ate it through my pregnancy and prawns!! as well as nuts and chocolate bars with nuts!!

Lordashley Tue 22-Jan-08 11:03:49

And now we are not supposed to drink coffee either, according to the latest American research. Apparently 200mg of caffeine a day increases the chance of miscarriage in the first 12wks from 12% to 15%.

Just mineral water, bread and fruit with processed cheese and tough over-cooked meat from now on ladies!

Pinchypants Tue 22-Jan-08 12:25:49

I've eaten normal smoked salmon and prawns in both pregnancies - the government guidance only mentions raw shellfish, and undercooked meat and poultry, not fish, and that's good enough for me! I gather sushi is fine too as long as it's made with fish that has been frozen rather than fresh to kill off any nasties. I assume there's not the same issues with salmonella or toxoplasmosis from fish as there is from meat. here's the full article:

daisynova Tue 22-Jan-08 16:57:32

I was told that smoked salmon was ok as long as it was vacuum packed straight after being smoked - which most shop bought varieties are. I ate it at Xmas and had no problems.

I am with you all though on the whole eating thing - I hate the way the rules change all the time and I never know what is right or what is wrong. I think a wee bit of everything shouldn't really hurt - even a wee glass of wine occassionally!

threestars Tue 22-Jan-08 20:33:45

I read that smoked salmon is somthing to avoid because it's not cooked, just smoked, and also that the nitrates used to smoke it aren't great for the baby.
Having said that, I have still eaten it a couple of times during this pregnancy. One or two portions throughout the whole pregnancy is surely not so hazardous? You get some good old omega 3 after all.

makecakesnotwar Wed 23-Jan-08 12:34:19

I have a book that says you can definitely eat smoked salmon....and I have taken that to heart. Don't know about mackerel although apply the same priciples as sushi- if it has been vacuum packed and/or frozen to be shipped, it's fine to eat. It's fresh stuff you should avoid....

Amberc Wed 23-Jan-08 13:28:15

This is what NHS direct says on the subject - also says not too much oily fish but doesn't mention salmon!

Oily fish is good for your health but we need to limit the amount that we eat because it contains pollutants, such as dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). If you're pregnant, you should eat no more than two portions of oily fish a week. Oily fish includes fresh tuna (not canned tuna, which doesn't count as oily fish), mackerel, sardines and trout.

There are a few types of fish that you should avoid eating while pregnant, and some others that you should limit the amount you eat. Limit the amount of tuna you eat because it contains a high level of mercury which can have a damaging effect on your baby's developing nervous system. You shouldn't eat more than one tuna steak, or four medium-sized tins (about 140g per can) of tuna a week. This works out at about six rounds of tuna sandwiches or three tuna salads.

Avoid eating shark, swordfish and marlin as these fish also contain a high level of mercury. You should also avoid eating raw shellfish when you're pregnant. This will reduce your chances of getting food poisoning which can be particularly unpleasant when you're pregnant.

JessiHD Wed 26-Aug-09 19:42:11


I've just been on holiday in France with my family, including my aunt who is a GP. The only starter I was allowed to have was smoked salmon, everything else was either pate or shellfish and she also advised me not to have lettuce in a restaurant as you can never be sure it's properly washed. The smoked salmon got a big thumbs up as it's cured, so I wouldn't count it as forbidden.

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