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Shelli08 Mon 21-Jan-08 20:02:59

I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago. can i get pregnant so soon after??

Teuch Mon 21-Jan-08 20:05:37

sorry for your loss, Shelli

most would recommend that you have a period first so that you have a date for LMP, but technically you can get pregnant since you will ovulate before you get that first period.

My biggest question was whether I was emotionally ready to go through another mc but the overwhelming urge to ttc was too strong.

Started ttc after first period and conceived on 3rd month.

Teuch Mon 21-Jan-08 20:06:34

lh, meant to say if you have had a bfp, it can take a few weeks for the pregnancy hormone to return to 0.

Izzybel Mon 21-Jan-08 20:10:53

sad sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I have heard about people conceiving straight after a mc without having a period after. Has the bleeding stopped, as they don't recommend that you have sex until it has, because of risk of infection etc? Also, doctors usually recommend that you wait until you have had one period before trying to conceive, I think this is to make it easier to work out dates etc. I had a mc in July 2006 and got pregnant again in the September, so I think you can be pretty fertile after. As long as you feel ready to start trying again I wouldn't have thought there was any reason not to. If your body is ready to conceive it will.

Shelli08 Mon 21-Jan-08 20:42:16

yes i stopped bleeding 2 days after a dnc but waited a week to carry on trying, i wouldnt be bothered about waiting for period as long as i know i can get preg and everything would be fine this time, maybe i am still grieving i don't know, but i held my aunties newborn today and it brought it all back

Teuch Tue 22-Jan-08 10:37:48

good luck

Katelyn Tue 22-Jan-08 10:46:15


Technically, you can fall pregnant at your next ovulation. Approx 4-6 weeks after a miscarriage. Doctors will advise that you wait 1-3 periods before trying but not because there is any evidence to prove that it is harmful but because it makes it easier to date your pregnancy.

I miscarried and had a d and c on 13th October, by next period was 7th November and i fell pregnant before my period in December.

Good luck with whatever you choose.


Izzybel Tue 22-Jan-08 18:50:09

Good luck Shelli. I'm sure everything will be fine next time. I was scared to death the second time I got pg, but the doctor wouldn't let me have an early scan because he said that just because I'd mc once, it didn't mean that I was any more likely to mc again IYSWIM. This kind of reassured me. Of course you will still be grieving, and that is understandable. Take care. xx

Jules80 Mon 14-Sep-09 21:30:20

im new on this thread,

Im not sure if i have had a period- - i miscarried last month, stopped bleeding almost straight away - within a week of having the medical management.

its not been 4 weeks and had a slight bleed- - but nothing like a period- the nurses told me that i would have a painfull heavy period this time. but nothing- it was very light and lasted a day- very little bleeding.

is this classed as a period? and can we try again?

im a little worried?

can anyone help?

Merryoncemore Tue 15-Sep-09 10:00:56

Hi Shelli,

Sorry to hear about your miscarraige it's a horrible time to get through. I suffered 2 early miscarraiges before having my dd but all 3 pregnancies were in quick succession with no period between 2nd miscarraige and dd's conception. As someone else has said, other than the grieving process and the ease for dating I don't think there is any medical reason that you are told to wait and I was very concious of the old wife's tale that it is easier (physically) to fall again straight away which proved to be correct in my case as it took us nine months first time around but only a matter of weeks after that.

Good luck I hope everything turns out well whatever you decide.

RubyLove1 Tue 15-Sep-09 10:38:21

Hi Shelli08

Im living proof of pregnancy after miscarriage as well, had a mc at 7wks in May this year and fell pregnant again in what I have worked out to be just over a week later without a period.

I am now 15weeks and feeling my first flutters and am feeling very lucky that everything has worked out brilliantly so far.

If you feel ready to do so and if your body is feeling okay after your mc (ie- no pain/bleeding) you should be okay to get cracking!

In all honesty as much as I wanted to get pregnant straight away again, we wernt particularly trying. It was mine and DP's anniversary shortly after I miscarried and we just decided to have a nice week together and enjoy each other's company and try not to concentrate on all things "baby"...lo and behold Im up the duff again grin

Sorry for your loss, keep well and Good luck with everything in the future...RL1 Xx

Jules80 Tue 15-Sep-09 12:12:30

did you find you are more fertile after mc?

im not too sure?

ChoChoSan Tue 22-Sep-09 17:04:29

Hi Jules,

I had a m/c at 6 weeks after 3 years ttc and IUI treatment - got pregnant again before my next period - naturally! So there could be something in it, but I think there is nought but anecdotal evidence for it...

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