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Katelyn Mon 21-Jan-08 13:06:36

Anyone been here with a good outcome?

Am 10+5 weeks pregnant. Suffered one miscarriage in Oct and fell pregnant in Dec.

Had a slight bleed yesterday and a slight brown when I go to the loo (on the paper) today.

Am concerned. Scan on Thursday - not sure what to do.


justjules Mon 21-Jan-08 13:10:33

there are lots of women who bleed and its ok,

as you know, bleeding can indicate something worse but often not,

i have bled lots in this p/g and i am now 13 weeks,

i had lots of bright red loss at 5 to 7 weeks constantly,

i had spotting at 10 weeks and again at 12 weeks,

i am on heparin injections to help with the p/g and i am more prone to bleed,

i am 13 weeks now and all is ok,

call the doc or epu if you are worried,

do you have any pain or cramps?

generally, brown is ok, red is more worrying,

take care, feet up smile

MrsEi25 Mon 21-Jan-08 13:13:52

sorry to hear you are being worried like thissad is there any way you could ring the EPU and get them to change the scan date to a closer day?? it is really hard to rest your mind after suffering a MC esp if you are having trouble with this preg aswell i was exactly the same on my 2nd preg (1st successful) i dont know how i would have felt if i was in the same situation as you. from everything i have read brown blood is old blood so not of much concern to medical people. have you contacted anyone about your bleed?? sorry if not much help i just didnt want to just lurk and not post xx
xx ei xx

Katelyn Mon 21-Jan-08 13:18:25

No cramps, the occasionally belly ache but i suffer with them even without pregnancy, i think i have a mild form of IBS.

Yesterdays was red!

Not sure i can wait several days for a u/s

justjules Mon 21-Jan-08 13:20:56

so long as it has stopped then it is a good sign,

where abouts are you?

could you have a private scan ?

Katelyn Mon 21-Jan-08 13:24:58

Im in hertfordshire.

I could have a private scan but having already had one miscarriage, I figure there is nothing they can do anyway.

I just really wanted to hear if anyone had had this before and carried a normal healthy baby.....

iwouldgoouttonight Mon 21-Jan-08 13:26:37

I had some bleeding when I was pregnant with DS - went to the doctor twice in the first trimester, think it was about 7 and 10 weeks. He sent me for an early scan just for peace of mind and all was fine. I can understand your worry, esp after having a miscarriage. It might be worth seeing your doctor to see if he can get your scan brought forward, even if its just a day or two, to help put your mind at rest.

Katelyn Mon 21-Jan-08 13:33:07


Thanks for your message.

Was it alot of blood that you had?

Half of me is thinking as long as i dont know for sure, im in a state of blissful ignorance....

PetitFilou1 Mon 21-Jan-08 13:59:01

Katelyn With my first baby I had two heavy bleeds of bright red blood at 6 weeks and 8 weeks. I carried a healthy baby to term.

But, if it happened again I would go straight to the EPU (long story but I was never referred for a scan or even aware of the EPU first time around)

pinguin Mon 21-Jan-08 22:23:12

Katelyn, weirdly enough I am also having bleeding today (pink then brown, more like coloured discharge, sorry for the TMI but I'm kind of trying to tell myself it doesn't really count as blood) and I am also in Herts. I went to the A&E today and they arranged to bring forward my dating scan to tomorrow. I'm 11+0.

If it's any comfort they said to me that you should be looking for bright red blood, plenty of, clots and pain in the abdomen, and that it's not uncommon to bleed during pregnancy but of course you should see the doctor if you're concerned.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

KerryMea Tue 22-Jan-08 07:38:07

Hi Katelyn

I'm 12wks+5 and am currently going through my second bout of bleeding (the first was at 7 weeks and I had a scan showing a baby with heart beat). I bled heavily starting nearly 24 hours ago and it lasted for about 6 hours, prompting me to rock up at a and e - I now just have brown discharge, but still have bouts of period-like cramps.

I am waiting for an appt for a scan now. I'm in NZ and was meant to fly home today so am quite distraught (lots of phone calls to my boyfriend and Mum back in blighty).

Apparently, 50% of women who bleed in pregnancy go on to have a full term baby...

Fingers crossed for you across the miles Katelyn

missnatalie Tue 22-Jan-08 08:01:33

Hi, i had bleeding on and off during the first trimester of this pregnancy and am now 36+w. I have a HUGE bleed at 12w and was convinced that it was all over. Consultant sait that some women have bleeding round about the 12w ish mark. Its something to do with the placenta taking over from the yolk scac. So it doesnt always mean the worst. With my MMC i had no bleeding or pain what so ever.

Hope everything works out for you xx

Katelyn Tue 22-Jan-08 09:31:33

Well, went in for an emergency scan last night due to another bleed (red not brown) and baby is kicking and doing summersaults with a nice steady heartbeat - got some little pictures too!

MY problem is a low lying placenta, so intercourse or a little too much activity had set it off.

Good news for me but very scary ... hope you all get the news you want.

Katelyn x

KerryMea Tue 22-Jan-08 19:24:43

Glad to hear all went well Katelyn and good luck with everything

Katelyn Thu 24-Jan-08 10:58:05

Back in today for my 'scheduled' scan. Everything is perfect we have a healthy heartbeat and our baby has grown 8mm since Monday night (now Thursday morning)!

So very excited.

A message to everyone that bleeding isn't always as serious as we first think but worth getting checked!


BabyEllsBells Thu 24-Jan-08 13:50:34

great news hun. i have a scan tomorrow @ 11.05. i have had one MMC @ in october and fell preg again in dec. have had discharge streaked with blood. not alot just a lil but so scared. really want this baby. had a scan last thursday and everything was fine but still alot can change in a week

BabyEllsBells Sat 26-Jan-08 12:07:03

just to let you no my scan went fine worring over nothing

maxandmimimum Sun 27-Jan-08 13:33:48

I'm only 6 weeks pregnant (with third baby but am 42 and my other two kids are 10 and 7!) and had some bleeding yesterday (not red blood or clots but definitely pinky-red pee) and then this morning some darker, browny stuff on the loo paper ... this didn't happen at all with my first two births and with me being older I was worrying a bit.
But ... having read around on the internet there are stacks of really positive stories of mums bleeding in the first, second, third (or all) trimesters and having fine, full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. So, I've stopped worrying and am going to carry on doing the best I can ...
Having looked around the web this morning, this site seemed really great so have just joined ...
A few of the internet stories did mention having bed-rest for a couple of weeks if bleeding happens and I just can't imagine that happening in my life!!
I guess just being sensible and not lifting heavy things or running marathons is the order of the day ...
Best of luck to everyone on here.
Will keep you posted and look forward to hearing how others get on. XXX

maxandmimimum Thu 31-Jan-08 12:12:56

Hi again,
Just to let you know that I phoned the Early Pregnancy Unit at my local hospital and they've booked me for a scan next Tuesday morning.
Have had no bleeding at all since last Sunday so am feeling pretty okay - but am looking forward to the scan for reassurance (hopefully!).

RIBS Thu 31-Jan-08 13:11:47

Hi,I just found out last wk I was pregnant, was told it would be v unlikely on my own, so was v shocked but pleased. Id had some pink/brown discharge & dr sent me for a scan, & was told all ok and was 6 wks. Due to a cervical erosion yrs ago, was told may have some bleeding & not to worry!!! But had period type bleeding on Saturday and I am worrying. It only lasted half a day and went back to being brown/pink. I still feel sick/tired/sore boobs etc. Is this normal or am I right to worry?? My friends never had any bleeding or probs so dont know where to turn.

maxandmimimum Fri 01-Feb-08 13:25:26

Congratulations - I'm glad you were pleased about your pregnancy!!
I don't know if you have seen the thread on here about implantation bleeding? Just seen it and it is very interesting. I must say that I was clueless about this - despite having had two children!
I would definitely try to get the number for your local Early Pregnancy Unit if I were you - they were so friendly to me and, like I said in previous message, they booked me in for a scan next Tuesday at just into my 6th week.I know you've had a scan but they may well offer another.
Try to stay positive as, in all likelihood, you'll be fine.
(There are a fair few 'bleeding' threads on this discussion board so have a good trawl through ... there are lots of reassuring entries).
Take care.XXX

maxandmimimum Tue 05-Feb-08 19:03:53

Just wanted to update here that my scan this morning was absolutely fine - very strong heartbeat and all looking as it should. Phew!!XXX

holly81 Tue 26-Aug-08 17:06:37

can anyone help me my period was late and i was feeling sick and dizzy so took a home test last wed and it was positive also did one at doctors which was positive but on sunday i started bleeding bright red blood but with no pain this lasted for 2 days 2nd day not as heavy and now just spotting took another test today and its now negative so i am guessing i have miscarried having a scan on friday but now dreading it coz only going to comfirm what i have been dreading anyone have any feedback for me please xx

brettgirl2 Wed 27-Aug-08 09:07:38

I would phone the doctors and ask them whether they think it is worth going for the scan or not.

emmabarkus Tue 21-Jul-09 11:16:12

Hi i found out i was preg just yesturday morning and then yesturday afternoon i started bleeding and its quite abit of bleeding im having and had pain in 1 place for about hour and half and still bleeding today. This will be my 3rd pregnancy and had no bleeding with my 1st too. Im bout 5-6 weeks preg, went docs for a blood test today but alittle worried incase i lost it sad

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