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Insomnia - anyone else get it in early pregnancy?

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hopefully Thu 17-Jan-08 14:07:25

It's just occured to me that this may not be a coincidence. I'm about 6 and a half weeks and for about the past 10 days I've had the most appalling insomnia.

I'm exhausted beyond belief, have just taken 2 days off work (couldn't even sleep in the day though!) in an attempt to recover, and it hasn't helped at all. I had a proper temper tantrum about it at about midnight last night. Anyone got any remedies that are safe to use so early? I have to get up at 6am, so really need my sleep in the night!

Lazylou Thu 17-Jan-08 14:09:54

I didn't have this early on but now at 21 weeks, I find I'm suffering more and more. Haven't got any advice though, sorry!

Gumbo Thu 17-Jan-08 14:14:05

I had terrible insomnia right from conception in my last 2 pregnancies - I have a great deal of sympathy for you! Honestly, it was awful - I'd fall asleep by about 8:30PM in front of the telly, wake up an hour later and drag myself to bed, sleep for an hour or 2 - and then that would be it for the night!

No advice on how to get rid of it though - sorry!

TheGabster Thu 17-Jan-08 15:31:44

Oodles of sympathy - I am 36+5 and have had insomnia the whole way through - since week 4.

Have a few suggestions.

Real cliche but a hot milky drink before bed. I am para about fat so use fully skimmed milk.

Hot bath too.

Also, get yourself nice and comfy in bed with some nice lighting and read something relaxing - not serious stimulating reading but something light hearted and easy.

The reading I found the most useful.

Do you find you wake up for the loo alot, usually around 3am, and can't then get back to sleep aftewards? If so, get up and do something constructive, like balance the check book. I usually find I am lying awake because I start worrying about stuff I have not done because I am so tired all the time, so I do whatever it is I have been putting off and feel much better after. Then I usually drift off once I am back in bed again because of the sense of achievement.

This last one is especially useful as I am such a huge lump and cannot achieve much during the day!! grin he he

Good luck.

newbishad Fri 18-Jan-08 11:50:15

Dear all,

I am just sending a quick message because I ma having as many problems joining this site as I am sleeping.

newbishad Fri 18-Jan-08 12:02:53

Dear all,

Now that I have at last been able to send a message I will write a bit more about my situation.
I really sympathize with all of you who can't sleep. I am 21 weeks pregnant and have just woken up after 4 1/2 hours sleep. Most of my problem is due to anxiety. This is an IVF pregnancy following 4 years of infertility and 2 ectopic pregnancies. I get vivid horrid nightmares, ectopic heart beats and breathlessness. The doctors have told me not to worry about any of my symptoms.
Anyway I'd like to share my methods of sleeping with you.
1. I took time off work (2 weeks)but will take more if needed
2. I tell myself the baby is more important than work.
3. Where possible I try and sleep with someone. I live in Ireland but returned home to England because my partner (the baby's father) will be working nights.
4. I have extra pillows to raise me in bed and sleep with a pillow between my legs.
5. I tell people how awful it is.
6. I feel reassured if the baby kicks.
7. I spoke to the doctor re safe medication. He has prescribed me a very low dose of vallium, the lowest possible. I haven't taken any but it is reassuring to know I have it if needed. I also find lem sip helpful and have slept well on the two nights I have taken it. Paracetomol is safe to use in pregnancy and I think it might have a muscle relaxant property. Lem sip has been okaed by my doctor as long as it has no decongestant.
8. I have started gentle swimming.
9. I try and make time for relaxation during the day.
10. Banarnas help at night.
11. If I really can't sleep I get up and read.
I am sorry you are suffering so much but it is reassuring to know others are in the same boat. Most of the books refer to insomnia but not severe insomnia as we know it.
Here to good nights and happy pregnancy.

LeonieD Fri 18-Jan-08 16:12:27

Message withdrawn

orangina Fri 18-Jan-08 16:19:05

Augh! I had TERRIBLE insomnia for my first pregnancy and quite bad for my second. Have no magic solutions for you, BUT Bach's flower remedy (Olive I think, for exhaustion due to chronic sleeplessness) did help a bit. Even went to the GPs in tears as I was getting almost no sleep. He reluctantly gave me sleeping pills, I returned home triumphant, and they did bugger all.
It's those bloody hormones, they are a nightmare.
I found I was able to nap quite well, but as I was working full time, it wasn't always easy! I often napped as soon as I got home, dh did dinner and I woke for some food before hitting the hay again. About 2am was often wake up time, and often that was it for the night.
Took some homeopathic sleeping remedies too (something off the shelf from boots), which might have also helped slightly.
Do hope it gets better soon, the 1st trimester is so exhausting anyway! smile

cathy76 Wed 06-Feb-08 12:07:53

Hi, just come across this site and feel so relieved to hear other people were having difficulty slleping in early pregnancy. Thought I was going mad!! Im 14 weeks and have been only been getting an average of 3 hours sleep for the past month. There does not seem anything specific waking me up which makes it even more frustrating. I work on a very busy ward and Im not coping well at all in fact Im very upset about the situation. When I tell people they seem surprised and make comments like, your not sleeping now!!..wait till the baby arrives.... Im trying reflexology next week as I have heard that can help and Im also going to try the early suggestion of a bach flower remedy so fingers crossed!!!
I really sympathize with everyone having difficulty sleeping and hope some of you have managed to catch some zzzzzzzzzz.xx

newbishad Wed 06-Feb-08 12:13:47

Dear cathy76,

I SYMPATHISE! I am 24 weeks and I struggle with insomnia of the nature you describe.

Is there anyway you can take some sick leave / Annaul Leave to try and catch up. I also think it might be worth talking to a doctor to get some form of medication to help out. I believe that in some cases the risks outweigh the benefits, if you take something occasionally. I was so exhausted at one point I wasn't eating properly which was just as bad for the baby.

Good night!

lollipopmother Wed 06-Feb-08 13:32:26

I haven't had insomnia, but I do get up three times a night to go for a wee (last night I broke my record and went 4 times hmm) and I get very vivid dreams/nightmares, I feel absolutely knackered from the minute I wake up, so I sympathise with the insomnia, it must be horrible. sad

raffy555 Wed 16-Jul-08 20:00:04

Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear you are having such problems but just wanted to let you know that you can try another natural way. That's what I did when I was pregnant with my first baby and it really helped I wouldn't sleep for nights on end and it would drive me crazy. I couldn't concentrate at work, I couldn't enjoy being with friends and family, I lived on caffeine just to get me through the day. It was survival, not really life...and then I found a new natural way to sleep again. It is truly wonderful - I have my life back again. You can read more here... Good luck and best wishes, Sarahxx

balibali Sat 09-Aug-08 05:46:32

hmm...still trying to get sleepy and its quarter to 6!

beeny Sat 09-Aug-08 05:58:54

So releived to read its not just me.Its second pregnancy fall asleep at 10.30 wake up just after 5.Thanks for tips

WheresTheAuPair Sat 09-Aug-08 06:34:35

arghh well i'm 29 weeks and i keep waking up waaay before my DH or DS. Both i suspect will sleep til at least 8.30. WHY WHY WHY??? I can easily go to sleep but after the 5.30 am wee i'm wide awake.....arghhhh

anyone else up?

beeny Sat 09-Aug-08 06:40:38

Yes me am so tired may take up burgling in middle of night

WheresTheAuPair Sat 09-Aug-08 06:55:53

[waves to beeny]

Decided to be productive so designing a logo for a client. Not something i'd usually do at 6.55 on a saturday morning!!

might put kettle on in a minute...

beeny Sat 09-Aug-08 06:59:17

We are going to Paris today will look even worse surrounded by beautiful French women.

WheresTheAuPair Sat 09-Aug-08 07:03:45

hmmm. undereye concealer...slap on some fake tan or the moisturiser type with tan in it. Made me look human again after 1st CS!

God what is wrong with me today- i'm STARVING! Got a 4D scan booked at 1pm- surely that's not why i'm awake so early?!

hayleybop Sat 09-Aug-08 16:43:33

Weeing in the night, DD1 waking me, baby kicking, getting thirsty.....I had terrible early pregnancy insomnia at about 14 weeks and even now at 28 weeks pregnant I lie awake but do manage to fall back to sleep again.
I had it really bad so the docter perscribed me 10mg citalapram, very very low dosage. No side effects, o.k after 12 weeks of pregnancy to take them, dosn't effect the baby at all. This is after trying accupuncture, herbal remedies,everything.
I also had 3 sessions with a Reiki master which I think helped me the best.
Another good thing is deep breathing, 3 deep slow breaths through the nose and 5 slow breaths your mind off the racing thoughts running through your mind.
I even was perscribed tamazipan for a period of two weeks, this did help a little bit but I would not suggest this as they could be quite addictive and they make you feel a bit groggy in the moring.
So try hot bath, hot malty drink, book then bed. If you do wake up which you probs will, try not to get angry or in a panic, if you've been lying there for more than 20 mins and your still awake get up make a brew, listen to some chilled out music, go hug the dog or stralk the cat!! I found giving our lurcher a cuddle it helped as animals are relaxing.
good luck with your sleeping.

WheresTheAuPair Sat 09-Aug-08 19:57:18

I'm using Natal hypnotherapy CD's which are really
They really do help me get a good nights sleep and i'm never awake by the end of the CD (30 mins or so apparently)- they even work for my DH (after about 2 mins!)
I find that I sleep like a corpse until I wake up for that early morning wee then i'm wide awake!...ahh i guess its practice for when the new one arrives!

emmbradders Sat 04-May-13 08:35:19

Just want to sleep.... Nothing more do I ask....

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