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Cosatto MOBI 3 in 1 combi

(17 Posts)
pigleychez Sat 12-Jan-08 18:26:55

Still on the buggy hunt.....

Anyone any experience of this one. Looks pretty good and has everything I want but cant find many reviews?

Anyone have one? Know someone who has?

pickles2u Wed 23-Jan-08 22:42:53

I've bought this system, not yet used as baby not due for a few weeks. Having put put it all together I can tell you that it looks great, easy to put up and down. Also comes with everything. My only criticism is that I think that the mattress for the pram is too thin. So I'm on the look out for a thicker one..

busymummy6 Thu 24-Jan-08 15:56:28

hi i have had this pram for 3 mths had lots of probs with the zips disintegrating and breaking.cosatto have replaced all the carrycot and cosytoes,but there is a manufacturers fault with the zips which they are trying to resolve. also the carrycot tilts very badly toward the foot end and my baby slides down which is unsafe.

rebee Sun 23-Nov-08 19:49:59

Have been using this system for 3mths and would not recommend.

The pram tilts towards the feet so the baby slides down.

The handle doesn't lift out far enough so I am constantly leaning forward which is affecting my shoulders and back.

One of the back wheels came off as I was crossing the road, I called the "helpline" took two days for them to get back to me and a week to send out a replacement wheel... was without pram for a whole week!!!!

Have sent written complaint but no-body has bothered to respond.

wellbalanced Sun 23-Nov-08 20:38:58

I liked the look of this system so when i started my hunt it was near top of my list, First shop i went to demonstrated all the bits and bobs for me and didnt have anything good or bad to say about it...
Upon visiting a few more shops, next shop i went in showed me lots of prams and the cosatto sat at the back of the shop so i asked to see it and the shop assistant said ill get it out for you but i wouldnt reccommend it, she mentioned lots of little faults with it (inc zips as mentioned ealrier).
The last shop i went in i couldnt see it so mentioned i had liked look of it and lady said, we used to sell them, have 2 complete systems upstairs that were sending back to suppliers.
So from that advice i didnt bother!!
I do see a lady at sch run with one but never spoken to her about it!!

mummybax Tue 09-Dec-08 13:08:49

Can anyone give me contact details for COSATTO? I need a spare part and their website wont work for me???

emma2617 Tue 09-Dec-08 14:17:25

0870 050 5900 - i think their website is rubbish, it never works for me either!

MissusHoHoHo Tue 09-Dec-08 14:22:13

I have the Cosatto Cabi - have been using it for 2mths with no problems. The pram is attached to the chassis in the centre but has velcro fastening at the feet end to stop it tilting.

Mind you, dd is still small so not sure if this will change.

Wonder if it uses the same zips as the Mobi?

Rachiek Fri 26-Dec-08 19:35:25

Hi everyone i am in complete dilemer every pram i look at has bad reviews somewhere can you tell me any good prams because the pram shops her in pembrokeshire wales dont always do a good job of helping you find a fab pram

pickles2u Sun 12-Jul-09 23:37:25

*Cosatto Mobi updates regarding faults*

I thought I'd just add an update here on the pushchair/pram.

In my post I said that it looks great, however, since that post in January 2008 I have had the following problems:

1). dodgy side wheels

2). Pram tipping

3). left wheel came off in transit with my tiny baby in it

4). tyre pump broke

5). hole in raincover appeared upon 2nd use

6. zip on pram apron broke

7). zip on basket broke

8). Pushchair seat bowed out (inside the fabric at the back the corrugated plastic bent out, difficult to describe any better.

Problems 1-7 occured within 5 months, the latest fault happened in May/June 2009.

In spite of all the issues, Cosatto customer service replaced every item with brand new parts. In additon to the smaller parts, they sent out a new chassis, pram body and most recently, a pushchair seat. My only quibble would be that they wouldn't loan me another pushchair seat or send out a new one without seeing the faulty one first. This left me without a pushchair for 7 days.

If it wasn't for the 4 year guarantee, I would have asked for a full refund as it has been a big hassle.

Interestingly they have changed the name of the puschair to 'Budi'.

pigleychez Mon 13-Jul-09 09:47:39

Wow im amazed at reading this thread.

I Started it back in Jan 08! DD is now almost a year old!

I ended up buying the Mobi, and its been fine for me.

Only problem I had was the zip broke on the changing bag. Contacted them and they sent me a new one straight away.

to hear everyone having so many problems with theirs.

pickles2u Mon 13-Jul-09 23:49:00

Where does the time go pigleychez?! Amazing to think your little one is now nearly 1 year and my son is 17 months!

I was so tempted to put my mobi on Ebay and get the Stokke Xplory (but that hasn't been without it's problems from reading other forums! Then again, what pushcahair is hassle free?!)

I figured that we've got about 2 more years left of use and it still has a long guarantee, so I'll stick with the devil I know hmm.

Good to hear you have had no major problems with yours.

pickles2u Tue 04-May-10 23:06:35

*Cosatto Mobi updates regarding faults*

Yet another problem - handle now stuck!!! Grrrr!

Meanbeansmum Wed 05-May-10 07:29:50

OMG! I was thinking of buying this pram! To clarify are we on about this model.... 51870-9838033?_encoding=UTF8&mcb=core

not sure if I can post links, sorry if I can't please remove.

Sounds like it needs the 4 year guarentee!

bluefootedpenguin Wed 05-May-10 12:00:20

Would agree with problems as mentioned above. One of my wheels fell off within the first week of use. Carrycot and apron zips broke. Sold at a massive loss after just 7 weeks use. Cosatto were great at sending replacement bits but I had lost all faith in the pushchair.

platty77 Tue 17-Aug-10 22:18:03

Definately agree with all the faults above. My mobi is three years old and i have had faults with it since it was 5 months old. I've been through 5 rain covers, 4 underpram bags and 3 footmuff covers (due to zips). I actually went one step further and wrote to them demanding a new (different) replacement pushchair. Cosatto refused but agreed to replace any item that broke for as long as i had the push chair: since then i have had:
* a new pram body (supposedly not tilting)
* a new pram hood (the zip had broken on the original)
* a new pushchair hood (material coming off at axis and falling down)
* a new car seat (the handle broke)
* new polystyrene car seat sides as one snapped off when I was putting my child in.
I've had enough of it and am going to sell it as soon as my child grows out of the car sseat!! Apart from the fact that the whole pram is made of brand new replacement parts, god knows who would want to buy it!!

yekta Fri 17-Jun-11 23:39:03

I bought this pram 3 weeks ago by chance in a second hand auction. I felt looser at first because it was very hard to push but after I asked the seller about her experience she said that it had been at the garage for 7 months and needed to be cleaned and oiled. I did it and it turned to a FABULOUS buggy.
The thing I REALLY liked about it is that I can pull it into the corridor through a couple of heavy and automatic doors which I had not such an experience with other buggies before. This leaves you with no backache after pushing -or rather to say: pulling!- and also doesn't make any scratch on the frame or the garment.
Another advantage is its zero point recline which gives the baby a very relaxed position when asleep.
It includes everything you need for a travel when your baby arrives to this world: pram, carseat and toddler seat; and that makes you assured of having all in 1 search and shop smile
I'm really happy with that.

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