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Which hospital? Wythenshawe or Trafford General?

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nicky98 Sat 12-Jan-08 13:10:31

Hi have only recently found out I'm pregnant so can't ask friends and colleagues about this so wondered if any of you could help? I've heard that Wythenshawe is supposed to be really good but my main concern (and sorry for being so snobby blush ) is that I'd like to meet some other mums at ante-natal classes and am thinking they might be more like-minded at trafford general. Sorry sorry sorry for saying that and I have nothing against people from any area. Just think they might be quite a bit younger than me and into different things. Any advice?

IndigoBlue Sat 12-Jan-08 14:53:59


I had my 1st baby at Wythenshawe 17 months ago and found it fine (I'm pregnant again and have chosen Wythenshawe again), the midwives on labour ward are really good, however the postnatal ward can be very busy. Don't know how it compares to Trafford general apart from I think Wythenshawe has more facilities as it's bigger.

With regards to antenatal classes, if you're in Trafford area you should get offered NHS antenatal classes run at a local health centre by community midwives which you can go to instead of the ones at the hospital. I went to those & found it good for meeting people as everyone lives nearby.

Carolbrad Sat 12-Jan-08 17:30:42


I had the choice between wythenshawe and MRI just recently (seems very early to have to decide to me, but hey ho)

I picked wythenshawe (despite not wanting that on the birth cert - what a snob!) But anti natal classes and midwife sessions will all be local. All I'm doing over there is giving birth.

I chose it coz there I have a (remote) chance of getting a midwife I know for the delivery. At MRI it would definately definately be a stranger.

cornsilk Sat 12-Jan-08 17:34:50

Trafford general is a nightmare to park. I had my 2 there and it was okay, but I know lots of people who had babies in Wythenshawe and said it was great. (and they are from posh places like Hale etc!) Wonder where you're from then?

RandZsMummy Sat 12-Jan-08 17:51:14

Hi, I had both my children at Wythenshawe and found it quite a good experience, you get a mix of people there not just people from Wythenshawe. Found the staff to be nice generally and with very long memories they all remembered me 2nd time round after 3 years! grin The only thing I will say is that when I had my first baby I found the advice the midwives gave a bit conflicting, for example one midwife would tell me not to give baby bottled water the other would tell me that he needed it, or my favourite one was when one of them told me not to put baby bath in the water when bathing my baby and then another midwife would come in and add it to the water grin but I did find all the midwives on delivery and postnatal very nice, they were lovely when I had to have an emergency section with my first and equally supportive when I had another planned section for second baby (she was breach)

BlindBint Sun 13-Jan-08 16:57:09

I gave birth to my daughter at Trafford General, and I found it wonderful. This WAS 10 years ago, though........

LilyPeach Tue 14-Apr-09 20:07:40


I know i'm mega-late with this thread, but felt I would like to respond as I'm in a simialr boat to Nicky98. I think we must live near each other and are due at a similar time! I've gone with Wythenshawe as it's closer to home, but I know exactly how you feel - I want to meet other mums-to-be who I think I'll have stuff in common with.

Are you still reading these threads?!

Hope your pregnancy is going well!

BeehiveBaby Tue 14-Apr-09 20:13:03

Hehe at thinking that there will be younger, less middle class mums at Wythenshaw antenatal....they were all from Chorlton when I went with DD1 smile.

mogwai Tue 14-Apr-09 20:51:36

I will add that Wythenshawe is a teaching hospital and Trafford general is always threatened with closure.

My husband is a doctor and has worked at both and has opinions on both!

This probably doesn't reflect on the maternity care, though Wythenshawe has 24 hour on call anaesthetics for maternity and I'm not sure about trafford.

I had my first baby at the Countess of Chester and had to wait for my epidural because there was no 24 hour on call anaesthetist dedicated to maternity (he was on intensive care when I wanted the epidural).

You might not want an epidural but what if oyu do and you have to wait? Check out their facilities.

BTW you can choose any hospital you like to give birth. I live nowhere near Wythenshawe but I'm booked in there, ditto Countess of Chester first time around.

Sufi Tue 14-Apr-09 21:01:56

Just to give Trafford a shout out: it's fabulous. Nice small unit means you get one-to-one care during labour, they really encourage you to move around/use the pool etc. (I was induced and didn't spend any time in bed despite the drip/monitor, which is good as some places try and confine you to bed), the midwives and consultants are really caring. I think a smaller unit can mean much more personal care - that's just my opinion, obv.

Facilities all top notch, too: epidural, c-section, great breastfeeding counsellor, good ICU unit for poorly babies, and good consultants.

The people who use it are the same as anywhere in Greater Manchester - a mix. Lots of people from Carrington/Partington/Davy Hulme when I was there, but then there was me from Chorlton and others from Urmston at the ante-natal classes.

Why don't you go for a tour? Trafford offer them, I found it really useful as it a) made it all less scary and b) helped me make an informed choice about my hospital (I had a choice of 3), and you can ask as many difficult questions as you like! I gave birth there in Nov 07, just for info.

LilyPeach Tue 14-Apr-09 21:02:25

I like the fact it is so close to where I work and live! I know where it is and have been before. This is my first pregnancy (that's probably pretty obvious) and it was a bit of a surprise so I haven't really thoguht about my expectations, i just thought the doctors would talk me through everything. I am feeling pretty apprehensive about pretty much everything - I'm really keen to get to ante-natal classes and meet some people who are going through the same sort of stuff.

WifeofGeek Wed 15-Apr-09 09:46:21

If in dout, ask your GP where he/she would go nd why.

BeehiveBaby Wed 15-Apr-09 23:12:17

I had a pretty terible labour, busy ward experience at Wythenshawe...'Hello Mrs Beehive, would you like to jump up on the bed for me, let's get you some pethedine....etc, etc', but thank heavens there was no one available to administer an epidural and no room on post natal ward for me. We have an active HomeBirth support group in Manchester if that would interest you smile.

mogwai Fri 17-Apr-09 19:32:51

thank goodness you didn't get that epidural!

BeehiveBaby Fri 17-Apr-09 21:31:57

I do, and would never choose to give birth again where anything other than G&A was available.

Starling12 Sat 18-Apr-09 21:29:28

Hi all

Just a thought to complicate things but what about Stepping Hill Hospital? Only 10 mins from Wythenshawe and has a lovely birth centre.

Also, I had to smile a little reading this thread....I am a 30 year old professional female, earning a higher than average salary, am university educated, extremely well traveled, drive a convertible BMW etc etc and.......guess what......I live in Sharston........ in no other than.....Wythenshawe! :-)

I would love to meet some of you ladies of grandure.....are you royalty by any chance? wink

To be fair I do see where your perceptions 'may' be coming from but Wythenshawe serves so many areas, Heald Green, Gatley, Northenden, Cheadle, Hale etc etc that I wouldn't see it as an issue.

Saying that....I'm going to Stepping Hill myself. It just seems a bit smaller and more friendly. It also has some fab reviews. (Terrible car parking though - not good for the 4X4's wink)

Good luck with the labours ladies...


LilyPeach Sun 19-Apr-09 12:48:40

Couldn't give a monkey's what anybody does or earns, don't consider myself posh or anything like that ... all I'm saying is that at my appointments at the hospital so far, at 30 (too) i've felt ancient compared to the teenagers i've been sat with in the waiting room! With all their spindly legs and miniskirts (probably just jealous really!). (this is nothing against teenagers who are expecting either!)

I just don't know anyone else who's pregnant and am looking forward to antenatal classes where I'll meet some people who remember when Scott and Charlene were in Neighbours, and Beverley Hills 90210 the first time round! just think i might have more in common with people my own age. from what i've gathered since, the hospital dont even run the classes.

I would be delighted to meet anyone who is pregnant though I live in a very normal semi not a palace, and no butler will answer the door to you!!

i know someone who gave birth at stepping hill, and she said it was great, but wythenshawe is 2 miles from where I live and work so i think it's sensible on those grounds if i have to be rushed in or anything.

i feel lucky there is such a good choice near to where i live though, i guess most people don't have the luxury of choice.

Alibobbles Mon 29-Jun-09 10:12:47

Hi there - would like to know if anybody recently giving birth at Wythenshawe knows what the policy is on provision of formula milk. Had my first son 4 years ago and they provided but heard recently that they dont anymore.. Is this true?

I'm 35 this time round and I know exactly what Lilypeach means but there are lots of woman in their 30's there, it's just they dont stand out so much. I was the baby of my last ante natal group. Some of the girls (on their second baby were almost if not 40).

Care at Wythenshawe has been top notch for me again. 6 weeks to go!!!!

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