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Does anyone with morning sickness only feel better when they ARE eating?

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PetitFilou1 Wed 09-Jan-08 13:40:39

Or is it just me? I am going to have to be careful or I will end up being the size of a house. And I feel sick all day every day at the moment.

hattyyellow Wed 09-Jan-08 13:41:46

You poor thing..I was just the same when pregnant...eating made me feel human again...maybe if you try for mainly healthy stuff?

themoon66 Wed 09-Jan-08 13:42:01

Oh yes... that was me. Had to have a full tummy all the time or I felt nauseaous. It only lasted 3 months, but in that time I put on 2 stone! No answer really. But on the up side, I did lose nearly a stone in the last 4 weeks.

IdrisTheDragon Wed 09-Jan-08 13:43:09

I was like that. And then would feel momentarily better when I had thrown it all up again hmm.

How pregnant are you? With both DS and DD it got better for me by about 4 months.

I did put on 4.5 stone with both of them and am only left with a spare half stone (DD is 2.3 now though blush).

fryalot Wed 09-Jan-08 13:43:36

me too.

I couldn't distinguish between hunger and sickness - if I ate, I felt better (for a while)

Don't worry about ending up the size of a house, you're supposed to (you're home to your baby after all)

As long as the only thing you fancy is not chocolate biscuits, tis possible to eat almost constantly and not actually put on much weight.

mistlethrush Wed 09-Jan-08 13:43:45

I was the same - had to eat something effectively every 20mins to avoid feeling really awful, and car journeys were really bad. Morning sickness started at about 9.30 and often continued until I went to bed. Only positive thing to say is that it did improve for me! However I put on 1stone over 1st 10 weeks which wasn't great.

Hope it improves for you too

IdrisTheDragon Wed 09-Jan-08 13:43:52

There was also a limited amount of things I could cope with eating. Boiled potatoes were my favourite grin.

LilRedWG Wed 09-Jan-08 13:44:39

I ate little and often too. Lots of fruit and cheese and crackers. Still lost weight though

BettySpaghetti Wed 09-Jan-08 13:44:52

That brings back memories of my pregnancies with both DS and DD. Only nibbling on something helped.

I used to have lots of dried fruit, breadsticks etc hidden in my bag, car, desk etc so that I could graze through the day but it was always on my mind that I'd be the size of a house if I continued like that.

Before I told colleagues that I was pregnant I thought they'd guess because of me eating constantly but it was only after I told them that the penny-dropped.

paulaplumpbottom Wed 09-Jan-08 13:45:10

I couldn't eat a thing, but if eating is what makes you feel better than eat

bohemianbint Wed 09-Jan-08 13:46:52

I'm the same. I'm trying to stick with Slimming World but I can't - because all I want is marmite on toast and plain crisps (which I never eat when am not pregnant because they are boring!)

On the upside, I'm thinking I only have to put up with about 7 weeks of this. hmm

How far on are you, petitfilou?

NAB3wishesfor2008 Wed 09-Jan-08 13:50:20

I was like that with number 2. I put the same amount of weight on whether I ate sensibly or ate all the cakes.

carmenelectra Wed 09-Jan-08 13:54:07

I felt really sick with both pregs and the only thing to relieve it was eating. I too thought id be massive both times but i definitely wasn't! it eased off about 18 wks and i had a normal appetite, but before then i was snacking all day and i mean all day.

FElt awful at work and often dont get proper breaks so i used to try and eat brekky and snacks on way to work but i was still sicky/hungry when i got there!

I Stayed very slim despite that!!

carmenelectra Wed 09-Jan-08 13:57:46

i even got up at night sometimes cos so sicky hungry and had a banana!It managed to keep the nausea under control a bit.

PetitFilou1 Wed 09-Jan-08 13:58:10

Thanks all - I'm 7 weeks (according to the BBC pregnancy calendar) due around the end of August. This is my third pregnancy (already have ds nearly 4 and dd almost 2.5) and I'm not doing this again! I'm sure I didn't feel this sick either time previously although at least I am not throwing up...

gillythekid Wed 09-Jan-08 14:47:48

Oh petitfilou I'm exactly the same as you! I'm 13 weeks now and eating every minute of the day. I got weighed at my scan today and have put on 7 kilos since October (ouch) Started off wanting marmite on white toast or crisps, exactly like bohemianbint then had 2 weeks of eating loads of fresh fruit salads, now I'm trying cereals, nothing is satisfying and I still feel like I'm on a tugboat in a force 9 gale, but no vomiting, too tired to exercise so going for the full on mansion size I think!

ksld Wed 09-Jan-08 14:59:50

I had this too - I don't know if it is the empty stomach that is making you nauseous, or if just chewing will help. Because I found that chewing gum all the time really really helped me. It really took the edge off the constant nausea, but didn't make me vomit as I wasn't actually eating ifyswim.

carmenelectra Wed 09-Jan-08 16:41:13

Its the empty stomach/low blood sugar tat causes it.

I remember having it with ds1 and then this time i couldnt believe i had i was the same. I really fancied cereals and sandwiches or toast. I literally couldnt go more than a couple of hrs without a snack. It was a nightmare at work and i think a few people sussed i was preg cos one day i ate about ten pieces of toast!

I was worried about gaining weight early even though i wasnt very big 1st time around, i thought maybe second preg and older i would be bigger. I did put about half a stone on quickly and when i compared the gain in my green notes from first preg i was bigger. Then it just evened out and i only put max a stone and half on. In fact when i look at photos i wasnt much bigger at about 21 wks than i was full term!

As long as you are not scoffing junk then i think its just your body telling you what you need and you wont get big. I know in my case i literally was heaving if i didnt eat.

beansontoast Wed 09-Jan-08 16:49:12

oh yeah definitely...i had to eat ALL the time for weeks five to sixteen...every 50 mins or so...REALLY

i munched on toast/crumpets and drank alot of milk. i worried about getting enormous cos i was eating what seemed to be all the time,but it wasnt too bad in the end.

Coby Wed 09-Jan-08 16:59:29

yes, not eating made it a lot worse - even when I felt really ill I forced myself to eat (and I mean really forced shock) and would feel a bit better. I think the best thing is to eat whatever you fancy whenever you fancy. Thats all that helped me.

littlelamb Wed 09-Jan-08 17:06:29

O yes me me me. Am 19 weeks now and have grown in a lot of places other than just bump (I've only just told work I'm pg, I assume everyone thought I'd got fat because of all the crap I'd been eating all day at my desk). Compareed with dd though I got off lightly this time. With her I had sickness all day every day which nothing could help (interestingly though I think I'd probably put on about the same amount of weight by this stage, so getting huge just must be my body's way of dealing with pg. That is my excuse anyway grin)I am interested to see wether this means I am having a boy this time - hopefully find out Monday-yay!

carmenelectra Wed 09-Jan-08 17:08:51

i think my bodys way of dealing with preg was just eating. Its funny tho how it all just settled after about 17/18 wks and apart from really fancying dairy products and cream cakes i ate normally!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 09-Jan-08 17:30:56

Yes to the OP. I believe that's when my addiction to raw carrots & oranges began. When I only felt sick for part of the day, rather than all of it, I ate tons of cheese.

bohemianbint Wed 09-Jan-08 18:28:17

gillythekid - someone else with the same cravings - yay! I know loads of people who are all "oh, I just wanted beansprouts and apples", but I need my refined white carbs!

petitfilou - snap! I'm also 7 weeks, I keep trying to remember if it actually gets worse from here or if it's peaked now...

perpetualworrier Wed 09-Jan-08 18:49:51

Yes - that's how my colleagues guessed I was expecting DS2 - I was always eating. They thought I was eating for 2, but actually it was the only way I could stop myself throwing up.

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