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I'm really crap at being pregnant and I don't care who knows it.

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whomovedmychocolate Sun 06-Jan-08 21:37:17

I am not one of those glowing pregnant women. I vomit a lot. I have permanent wind and indigestion, and spots. My hair turns into a fuzzball, I gain weight at a rate of knots and am permanently tired.

I am tetchy with everyone and frosty with midwives who pat me knowingly hmm. I am beligerent with consultants who refer to me as 'mum' and crotchety in the extreme with phlebomotists who take five attempts to get one vial of blood.

My pelvis goes to pot within four months, my blood pressure is up and down so often Alton Towers have asked if they can install it as a ride, my ankles are so swollen I look like they've been encased in pastry like some massive hairy sausage rolls.

Pregnancy to be completely frank, is a total pain in the arse for me (quite literally I get piles too) and if I could get a baby, ready made on ebay I would.

I'm assuming I am alone in this, yes? grin

Msfickle Fri 06-Apr-12 06:13:59

You are not alone (as you now know)!! I am having the easiest pregnancy ever and I still find it a major inconvenience. Can't exercise to usual extremes, cant drink and look crap in all clothes. What's to like?

fulllife Tue 03-Apr-12 16:47:22

whomovedmychocolate- does a baby come out on the other side? then you are GREAT! its not an "experience" i agree...

Yummymummyyobe1 Sun 01-Apr-12 10:57:23

I have found the past few weeks tough with the extra weight and baby heading down. Then there is the awful heartburn that strikes at will. Only 4 weeks to go and we will meet baby. Just remember that ladies in the near future our babies will be in our arms and the rest will be a distant memory. xx

HamblesHandbag Sun 01-Apr-12 10:41:29

greenandblacksaddict, this is a very old thread luv! The people on this thread will now have 4 year old DCs smile

maybe start a new one?

GreenandBlacksAddict Sun 01-Apr-12 10:37:29

I am really pleased to find this thread - thank F* I am not the only person who has unbearable pregnancies. Morning sickness has come back at 36 weeks, had 24/7 indigestion and acid reflux for 8 months,piles for 6 months, hips went 4 months ago, baby has been footling breech for 1 month, transverse lie for last 2 weeks which meant 3 extra scans and inability to breathe/sleep/eat - another scan this week to see if they will have to ECV me or C section. I am now fed up of people telling me that their 2nd baby came out in 12 minutes/like a pea out of a pod etc and to top it all my consultant has less bedside manner that Sir Lancelot Spratt in Carry On Doctor - you shouldn't be allowed to be a consultant unless you have had a baby ! Of course once baby's out and piles subsided I am fine !!! Off to paint more of the house now to take mind off feeling yeuurrch . Oh and green and Black's addict - not any more - anything other than yogurt, grapes or porridge gives me acid reflux !- including Gaviscon

Rocklover Tue 23-Nov-10 12:24:33

Ooh just realised this is an old thread, maybe we need to start a new one.

Rocklover Tue 23-Nov-10 12:21:27

Oh no you are sooooo not alone. I feel sick almost constantly, I have high levels of anxiety about everything you could imagine. I have very low iron and have icky side effects from the iron tablets which makes me feel worse.

I am getting fat (this meaning that the flab ON TOP of my bump is growing) because I eat crap and I just cannot make myself eat healthy stuff. My hair is frizzy and I can no longer be arsed to blow dry it, so it looks hideous. I have awful heartburn, dry and flakey nipples, I am pissed of all the time and I have ZERO patience with anyone.

My poor DP has felt so rejected by me that he burst into tears the other day because he felt that he disgusted me (I have since tried hard to adjust my appalling mood swing related behaviour).

This is my 2nd DC and I will never be pregnant again, in fact my mum has told me she will kill me if I ever dare consider another child.grin

dizzy55 Mon 22-Nov-10 20:32:55

well I am so glad to read all the things I have to look forward to....I just got my life back, ds finally started school in sept after a hard few years on my own, fighting my way back to a decent career only to fall pregnant after 3 months in a new relationship. crazyness. But amazingly trying to stay sane despite morning sickness. Not looking forward to all the things you've described that I'd forgotten about though!Nor am I looking forward to doing the whole preganacy alone (again!) due to work and living in different cities. joy oh joy.

beanlet Mon 22-Mar-10 14:41:36

Oh, this thread is such a relief -- I thought I was the only one who really doesn't like being pregnant. I like the baby; I don't like any of the rest of it! I feel uncomfortable and stretched and heavy ALL THE TIME and I hate only being allowed to sleep on my left side, which basically means I don't get any sleep. Plus I've had a horrible sore throat for two weeks now, and can only suck on strepsils that don't work. Not to mention a massive external pile that's been there permanently since week 20, visible veins, spider veins, skin tags, and having to get DH to trim my lady garden which has gone all weird and frizzy and tangled (!!!)

Bumperlicious Sun 21-Mar-10 08:58:10

Bumping this thread, I am so over being pg, and only 13 weeks <sigh>

mandolin999 Thu 18-Feb-10 01:33:51

Thrilled to find a thread I can really relate to. The part that makes me crazy is how non-chalant I become later when I'm not pregnant as evidenced by the fact that this is my FOURTH child I am expecting. I adore my children but really I must be insane. Its the only explanation for putting myself through this again (granted it was a surprise but a result of my carelessness). I have hated every minute of every pregnancy and this one is the worst yet. I feel like there is an alien taking over my body,I get hormonal anxiety/depression that is crippling, nausea and exhaustion that make me completely useless. I feel absolutely, positively miserable and thank you ladies so much for letting me know I am not the only one. God help me, I am only 8 weeks along!!!!!!

rebstully Fri 12-Feb-10 00:06:25

Glad there are others who find the idea of a consultant/midwife/anyone else who isn't your child calling you "mum". I realised when watching a programme the other day that it would bring out violence in me and I think I'm going to include a warning on my birth plan!

I'm 30 weeks and have never felt so vulnerable, weepy and uncomfortable in my life. bleurgh.

whirleywoo72 Thu 11-Feb-10 15:57:27

Oh boy, im 8wks gone, and thinking to myself what ,and why have i done it again, for the 4th time, i have 3 teenagers,my youngest is 14yrs. so i must need my head testing. i feel like i want to be sick (luckily havent) i cant be arsed to do anything, just put my feet up im doing the minimum, i feel like crap, my boobs hurt,my husband has not been near them for wks, i just give him the stare,i am peeing past myself, i have indigestion, and have put on weight, soi cant fit into my jeans, i know what to expect and getting really fed up xx

Smitchy Wed 10-Feb-10 18:49:29

Oh my word, this is the thread for me. I can't stop moaning to my other half - I am 35 weeks and have awful heartburn all the time, can't sleep and am fed up of being fat!!! This is my second baby and it is hard. I know it will be worth it in the end, but husbands don't really understand do they?

Sorry for moaning! Feels good to vent.

mampam Wed 10-Feb-10 10:11:05

Just to add, a friend of mine has commented on FB how the only pain relief his wife had when giving birth to their DS was Paracetamol. FFS!!!!!!!

thedollshouse Tue 09-Feb-10 16:14:30

You are not alone. I am on my second pregnancy and it will definitely be my last, there is no way I could go through this again.

Nikalah Tue 09-Feb-10 16:12:01

Absolutely hilarious thread! Cheered me up no end.... barely ventured out of the house in 8 weeks....

I would love to be put into an induced coma, brought out and handed a lovely chubby clean baby. or even better the handbag thing.... especially if it was grown in a light grey leather miu miu bag.

PureAsTheColdDrivenSnow Tue 09-Feb-10 10:52:21

brilliant thread. I too am terrible at being pregnant. Pelvis felt like it was falling apart from 19 weeks, and I was so tired I couldn't move. Lovely varicose veins, headaches, constant puking, olympic insomnia, awful awful bitch to my DP blush, and beached myself on the sofa for the last 7 weeks.

How I'm going to do it this time round I don't know! wtf was I thinking!

MrsDmamee Tue 09-Feb-10 10:40:54

ive been moaning, whinging and aching for 20 weeks and ive still 20 more weeks of moaning to go.
so far this pg has been my worst, MS/SPD/random aches/ round ligment pain.

and if anyone asks me how i am i tell them angry
im even fed up listening to me, i cant wait for it to be over in june...then im never doing this again. i'd probably break in half if i did.
DH is trying his best though to just listen without commenting because commenting really doesnt help
and patting me on the top of my swollen bloated belly doesnt help either. 2 people have done this in the past week and i was close to snapping "stop whacking me in my bloated intestines there is no baby way up there!!!!!!"angry

ive given up buying the baby mags because they are a load a rubbish, im constantly grumpy and ive gone off all my favourite food and i cant even indulge myself in cake,biscuits and choccy cos ive gone off them tooangry

the joys eh?

Bumperlicious Tue 09-Feb-10 10:16:48

God I remember this thread first time round. And here I am pg again and thinking 'never again'.

fernie3 Tue 09-Feb-10 10:15:18

I am like that too, Im grumpy already and sick of the midwife calling me Catherine (not my name).

mampam Tue 09-Feb-10 10:10:07

I'm soooooo glad I'm not alone.

1st = 14 weeks of puking my guts up and then bliss. I felt on top of the world and unstoppable. Age 19.

2nd = 26 weeks of feeling sick and vomiting but not as bad as previous pregnancy. Very heightened sense of smell which made it worse. SPD and felt very, very low. (Was diagnosed with PND afterwards). Baby born at 42+1 after induction. Traumatic birth ending with 3rd degree tear. Age 23

3rd and currently 24 weeks = Severe Hyperemesis until 16 weeks, super heightened sense of smell which stopped me going downstairs, was in bed for over 8 weeks, felt like death warmed up. Get out of sick bed to discover I have very painful SPD. Been signed off work since end of October, now signed off until end of pregnancy. Hobble around, can't sleep due to pain and am unable to do anything at all. Not even housework. Nightmare. Age 30

I too agree with whoever it was that said if they could buy a baby ready made on ebay they would.

My 1st 2dc are with me exH. This baby is my DH's 1st child. I would love to be able to give him another child but there's no way I can go through this ever again. We have already spoken about adoption.

I look awful too. Dry, spotty skin, lank, frizzy hair, dark circles under my eyes.

I find it extremely annoying when people say things like...."I didn't suffer at all with morning sickness" or "I loved being pregnant" or "It'll all be worth it in the end". F*cking annoying! angry

violetbubbles Tue 09-Feb-10 08:16:54

I've felt a bit bleurgh for the first 19 weeks but I can't tell people (except my mum, sister and DH) the truth because then I feel guilty for even contemplating complaining. And anytime I've hinted that I'm not feeling so good I see a look on their faces which tells me I'm raining on their parade...

I love the fact that I'm pregnant and I'd happily be ill for the remainder of the time if it meant that baby was healthy and happy in there. But I draw the line at implying I'm 'glowing' and 'bursting with energy'. I'm convinced that 'the glow' really is just a myth perpetuated by those in society who like to romanticise pregnancy...perhaps I'm wrong and 'the glow' will arrive at 20 weeks...but that's what I think at the moment! grin.

helenwombat Tue 09-Feb-10 02:04:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FatSeal Tue 09-Feb-10 01:09:07

I feel (a bit) better just listening to all the rants....

Currently up with insomnia, heartburn, and panic about the insensitive muppet of a consultant we met this pm.

30 weeks and still feeling sick :-(

First pg was fine in the middle, all glowing and lovely, so what went wrong this time then?!!!

This is it, the last time, never again.


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