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Quinny Buzz - any opinions?

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Mum2b2BabyRoo Sun 06-Jan-08 17:43:17

We are leaning towards the Quinny Buzz for various reasons, but want to get a feel of what people who own one think about them. So - anyone out there with one, and of so, what do you think? Thanks

Mum2b2BabyRoo Sun 06-Jan-08 20:17:28


spugs Sun 06-Jan-08 20:31:30

i looked at this one but ive gone for the bugaboo instead. when i tried my 18 mth old in it she was fairly squashed as the seat unit is narrow, also when its facing you the seat unit does not sit bolt upright iykwim. my friend has one though and she loves it

BroccoliSpears Sun 06-Jan-08 20:46:05

I have a Quiny Buzz - had it for 20 months and used it a LOT.

Hmm. I'm not terribly thrilled with it at the mo, but I've never had another pushchair, so it may be a case of the grass being greener.

On the plus side you can get the dreami carrycot attachment for a newborn (which we did and loved and will use again for the new baby when it arrives) and it also fits the maxi cosi carseat.

Another huge plus (and what made me get it in the first place) is that you can have LO facing you when she's tiny and then facing out when the big wide world becomes more exciting than mummy. I loved that about it.

It has also taken a real battering with us and survived. I take it running (not always on smooth paths) and am always off-roading while walking the dog.

Now for the bits that I don't like:

I've never thought that dd looked as comfy or cosy in her pushchair as some of her friends. It's a bit exposed and wipe-clean.

The rain cover is not attached in any way and the only place to keep it is in the underneath bag which leaves you nowhere to put your shopping or other stuff. Also it has one handle, not two so you can't hang carrier bags on the handles. You can put a change bag or a normal bag with a BIG strap over the handle but it's not ideal. (Although, to be fair, you can get an underneath basket attachment which I never got around to - perhaps I should have done rather than moaning!)

The wheels are very very wide. This is great when in the park but is a pain when shopping in town.

It's very heavy and bulky. Not a problem to us as DP and I are both fit and have large cars. Might not suit everyone.

I feel a bit negative about it now, but for most of the time I've used it it's done me fine.

ScottishMummy Mon 07-Jan-08 08:21:13

dont like quinny buzz

heavy over 12kg
Wide wheel base means hard on/off public transport
hard to fold
poor quality eg
logos on side rub off really quickly, rain hood tears easy
tiny baskey (even when you do buy the specific one)
bit woobly in parks and other gravelly terrain

looks good - but upon using it useless

widgetsmummy Mon 07-Jan-08 12:54:46

seriously looked at it but decided on Britax Vigour 4+ instead. the 3 wheeled version is the 3+ - cheaper for much the same thing and every attachment uses the same brackets so no fiddling around!

try if you want to look at one.

Mum2b2BabyRoo Mon 07-Jan-08 13:15:49

Thanks all - very helpful! Might have to rethink the Quinny now... Good thing we have time!

Besides the Bugaboo and Britax, anyone else have opinions on other prams, i.e. Loola, etc.

hatrick Mon 07-Jan-08 13:21:12

Message withdrawn

ScottishMummy Mon 07-Jan-08 13:37:26

what about micralite fast fold",

dont know about loola", actually swithering about whether to buy one!

cosatto 3-1 mob1 with all accessories, footmuff, bag, suncanopy inc and 4 year guarntee", can buy it without carrycot too",

phew - can you tell i love pramsblush

flowerybeanbag Mon 07-Jan-08 13:42:32

I absolutely love my Quinny Buzz. You have to get the shopping basket thing for underneath as the bag thing isn't that big but it's fab. You can have DC facing either way, can make it more cosy with a footmuff, can have the Dreami for when they are little, plus car seat as well, v. easy to manoeuvre, it's not actually as wide as it looks, it will fit most places. I also find it quite easy to fold up and down, especially once you've done it a few times and it's loosened up a bit.

Highly recommend.

<<waxes lyrical>>

theoptimist Mon 31-Aug-09 23:26:24

Thought I'd hijack this link to ask the same question again.
What do you think of the latest Buzz? I'm thinking of getting the 2009 one for my little one. She's just 4 months old. The soft fabric cover looks so comfy, and she seemed happy when I sat her in it, whereas she seemed to cry in other prams. They also offer an XL seat for 18 month olds to 3 year olds. I currently use a second hand M&P carry cot or the rear facing seat reclined. But it's very big and bulky. I like rear facing buggy's tho. Any ideas?

SabsBigPants Tue 01-Sep-09 12:37:31

bumping this thread as I also want to buy a Quinny Buzz (i'm due with my firstborn on 26th September) but havent bought it yet due to negative feedback about the size, storage etc...

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