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Is this a pregnancy related symptom? itchy fingers and rash.....

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PuppyDogEyes Wed 02-Jan-08 00:13:06


for the last few days i keep getting itchy fingers, and when i scratch, which i have to, i get litle bumpy rash that comes up, almost like heat rash.

But then it goes away and comes back somewhere else.

i'm getting it between my fingers, on my wrist, tops of fingers and now on sides of my feet.

its really uncomfortable. any adive appreciated!!


Oh, 38 weeks preg at the mo.

Plussizemummy Wed 02-Jan-08 11:41:50


Would like to know the answer to this one too!

whenachildisbob Wed 02-Jan-08 11:47:02

Very rarely itching could be serious uestion=385

My SIL got obstetric cholestasis and had her ds 5 weeks prem. But as you're already 38 weeks, I would just give your M/w a phone. Sounds mild tbh and nothing to worry about.

I got an itchy bump at this stage and found baby powder really calmed things down, or a cool bath maybe?

Naetha Wed 02-Jan-08 12:59:26

I get that as well - I have very itchy knuckles for some reason.

corblimeymadam Wed 02-Jan-08 13:06:33

Message withdrawn

belgo Wed 02-Jan-08 13:29:03

You do need to see a doctor/ midwife to rule out obstetric cholestasis. I had itching like you describe, and it wasn't anything serious, so hopefully it's nothing serious for you.

PrufrockingAroundTheXmasTree Wed 02-Jan-08 13:36:53

Please contact your midwife or hospital asap. You need to have LFT's and bile acid tests to test for Obstetric cholestasis. Itching on hands and feet is one of the main symptoms.

MerryKIFmas Wed 02-Jan-08 13:37:57

ditto pru and belgo.

My itching was a weird fungal thing that I get only in pregnancy, but they do like to check it out.

Hatingmyselfforthis Wed 02-Jan-08 13:40:07

I think OC usually affects your palms? Pregnancy hormones can dry out your skin no end, which might explain it smile

madamez Wed 02-Jan-08 13:41:19

Doctor/midwife NOW. Do NOT hang around hoping it goes away. Yes you may well be fine but if it's obsteric choliasis both you and baby are at risk. Your medical profession will not mind in the least if it's nothing serious, they would MUCH MUCH RATHER check out a trivial problem than have patients get very sick or die because they' didn;t want to be any bother'.

PuppyDogEyes Wed 02-Jan-08 22:25:41

Hi all,

thanks for the replies.

saw midwife today, she recommended seeing doctor and mentioned probably having some tests done.

seeing doctor on friday hopefully all will be ok, i'll have to let you know.

going to google OC.

don't think this is ezcema.

i did have a rash on the bump around 24 weeks, but it went away with e45 after about a week.

thanks again - good to now i'm not paranoid/crazy!

PrufrockingAroundTheXmasTree Thu 03-Jan-08 07:46:51

Well if you've googled OC you will probably have just spent a sleepless night worrying. (Bee there, done that, did it all again with second baby).
Seriously, if more of the symptoms sound familiar, I would go to hospital before Friday, The LFT's can be done and back in a couple of hours, and whilst the bile acid test is teh definitive test, (and takes longer) LFT's can provide either some reassurance that it's probably not OC, or confirmation that there is something going on which may require intervention

PuppyDogEyes Fri 04-Jan-08 20:02:57

Good news, saw Dr, got meds for a chest cough that won't shift, and found out that the itching is some kind of ezcema.

you're right about google. im know i shouldn't have but its hard to resist. it did worry me, but i did well to remain calm.

i've already forgotten what kind of ezcema (sp?) but it comes up in blisters and then goes again. got special cream.

thanks for all the replies and advice.

i've only 10 days to go to due date!!!

sazzybeehomeforxmas Fri 04-Jan-08 20:06:31

I've only just seen this but was going to say 'don't google!' Been there, had the sleepless nights

Glad to hear it's just eczema. I found a hot water bottle filled with crushed ice and water very effective when my itching was driving me mad.

10 days? How exciting!

babylove21 Sat 05-Jan-08 21:48:46

Hi puppy dog just dropped by to hear how your itching was... pleased its nothing serious. and you have 9 days to go now, woohoo,you must be so excited.

Feex15 Tue 30-Jun-15 19:48:27

Hi , I am 14 weeks pregnant and I am getting itchy rashes over my body . Mostly on abdomen and face but comes and goes in different places . Also very itchy hands which turn into blisters and deeps cuts confused Does anyone know if this is normal in pregnancy? X

fanjodisfunction Tue 30-Jun-15 20:43:41

I saw my midwife last week and was told to ring her or the hospital if I had a rash and was itching badly. it can be a sign your liver isn't working properly I think, and you may need medicine

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