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Is it really so bad to eat Pate ?

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FoghornLeghorn Wed 19-Dec-07 10:23:45

I have a slab of Pate in my fridge and it is just calling me - Is it really so bad ?

TBH, I haven't really gone for all of this 'don't eat this don't eat that' nonsense through my other pregnancies, I've avoided the things that are harmful to the baby not things that carry a risk of me getting ill which then has a knock on effect to the baby

dooley1 Wed 19-Dec-07 10:25:25

from netdoctor:
"The risk of harm to a pregnancy from eating pate and being exposed to Listeria is incredibly small. So although you should avoid pate during the remainder of your pregnancy, don't let the fact that you have eaten some worry you."

So you could eat it and not worry but if you are like me it wouldn't be worth it as I would worry afterwards

Snaf Wed 19-Dec-07 10:25:30

No, it's fine. A slice or two of toast and pate once in a while isn't going to do you - or the baby - any harm at all. Just don't eat a whole slab every day grin

coldtits Wed 19-Dec-07 10:26:12

I would eat it, I would never tell anyone else to eat it, but I would eat it,

And I cannot help thinking that 'don't eat this don't eat that' is being used as a stick to beat women with.

JodieG1 Wed 19-Dec-07 10:26:27

I avoided everything I was supposed to, after early bleeding and 5 miscarriages between children it just wasn't worth the risk or worry. My pregnancies were difficult.

I read your op as is it really so bad to eat pete, hehe.

MuffinMclay Wed 19-Dec-07 10:28:04

I've had the odd slice of toast and pate too.

Snaf Wed 19-Dec-07 10:28:10

<<And I cannot help thinking that 'don't eat this don't eat that' is being used as a stick to beat women with>>

I am so dangerously close to a full-on screaming rant about exactly this point, colditz! So fed up with women being scared witless from day one that every damn thing they do or don't do is somehow going to damage their baby.

bogie Wed 19-Dec-07 10:28:10

I thought it said eat pete as well grin

EricScrooge Wed 19-Dec-07 10:28:12

It's only a tiny risk. We all face the same risks daily such as crossing the bloody road.

But then, it is also incredibly easy to NOT eat pate.

It's down to personal choice.

Kathyate6mincepies Wed 19-Dec-07 10:29:22

If you're craving it then maybe there's a reason.

preggersagain Wed 19-Dec-07 10:30:08

i thought it was to do with the large ammounts of vitamin a in liver products hmm

dooley1 Wed 19-Dec-07 10:31:46

'And I cannot help thinking that 'don't eat this don't eat that' is being used as a stick to beat women with'

hmmm... my mum ate some brie in late pregancy with me. I was born premature wiht listeria and was in scbu for 3 weeks. She couldn't come and see me as she had 3 young children to look after. My dad used to visit after work
he said he knew there and then he could never have more children as he just couldn't face going through the same thing again

No all the advice is a load of baloany

salads Wed 19-Dec-07 10:33:42

I thought you couldn't eat pate due to high vit A content from liver which can be harmful - more than the chance of listeria. Please correct me if I'm wrong I would LOVE some pate yum yum.

Snaf Wed 19-Dec-07 10:35:44

<<No all the advice is a load of baloany>>

Nobody has said that, dooley.

Snaf Wed 19-Dec-07 10:38:48

The usual advice is to avoid pate because of the Vit A content. But I suppose you could look at it from a listeria p.o.v too, as it is a chilled product.

The risks are minute. But it's up to the individual.

FoghornLeghorn Wed 19-Dec-07 10:38:57

Rest assured, I most certainly do not want to eat Pete grin !!

Ahh am stuck now - don't know what to do - suppose I shouldn't eat it

Snaf Wed 19-Dec-07 10:54:41

Foghorn - some listeria info if you want it!

Listeriosis v. rare in UK (NHS Direct 2006) Affects approx 6-15 women per 100,000. One study looked at 65,000 women over a 10-year period and found 11 cases of listeriosis (that's 0.017%). 20% of those women suffered from late abortions or stillbirths - that's 2 women out of 65,000.

As far as Vit A is concerned, it can be toxic in large quantities, so eating large amounts of liver products is inadvisable. I would not suggest that blob of pate on toast once in a while constitutes a toxic level.

But it's up to you!

coldtits Wed 19-Dec-07 10:55:14

No, the advice is there for a reason, and I am sure it is good advice. But it is ONLY advice. It is not the law.

I do not take kindly to cafe cooks deciding that as I am pregnant I will be wanting a hard fried egg and no liver on my mixed grill. It is not up to them, it is up to me. I do not become a child simply because I am carrying one.

crokky Wed 19-Dec-07 10:59:29

The occasional accidental failure to follow the advice is quite different to just deliberately disregarding the advice (IMHO!).

Personally, I would not do it, but I have suffered complicated pregnancies and a prem birth.

MrsGrinch Wed 19-Dec-07 11:03:13

I would eat it - but that's just me. I had two of my pregnancies when you could eat whatever you wanted, copious amounts of liver, pate, soft cheese the lot.

With the third I avoided everything as per instructions but was miserable, scoffed fresh cream horns instead and got fat. smile

ConnorTraceptive Wed 19-Dec-07 11:09:51

I haven't been eating it but I WILL be eating over christmas. Christmas holidays without pate No NO No No No!

(incidentally I managed to eat raw pork during my last pregnancy witout realising and was fine blush not that I would recomend that at all!)

coldtits Wed 19-Dec-07 11:11:12

but some of the advice is being given purely to absolve the NHS of any legal responsibility, so that there is no blurring of the bounderies of 'moderation'.

In moderation, liver will NOT hurt your unborn feotus. Neither will alcohol. Neither will most things. It's entirely the mother's choice, and all the hmm in the world doesn't take that choice from her. Just because your choice was different doesn't mean your choice was better.

nettiehay Wed 19-Dec-07 12:14:44

I completely agree with you all - I seem to be having this discussion with my DP every evening. I say eating, say, some prawns, is taking a calculated risk. I know the risks, but they are tiny, and I ensure that it is cooked thoroughly before eating it. He compares it to trying to cross the M25 at peak hour - a calculated risk, but still a stupid thing to do... this is usually the point where I leave the room or I will commit spousal abuse. grin

thebecster Wed 19-Dec-07 12:21:43

When I was pg with DS I couldn't face Christmas without pate. I had two slices of toast with my Mum's home-made chicken liver pate (a double whammy! Liver AND pate!). I worried about it a bit for a few days. Now DS is an active toddler - last week he climbed to the top of the climbing frame and tried to throw himself off head first, he has poured a beaker of water into an electric socket (it has a safety cover on it, but those things aren't waterproof), he has had asthma attacks which needed hospital treatment and is constantly trying to hurl himself towards traffic (thank god for reins). All that liver/pate panic seems so far away now that he's trying to kill himself every five minutes.

dooley1 Wed 19-Dec-07 12:41:57

did you eat it yet?!!
I don't know , I can only go on my own experience. My mum did eat brie in moderation - only one slice in 8 months. And it still led to a prem birth and scbu

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