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Help - 18 DPO and high temps but BFN - could I be pregnant?

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veryveryconfused Mon 17-Dec-07 07:47:05

Am very very confused - am at CD 30 (last few cycles were 24-26 days), 18 DPO (LP last cycle was 12 days and the 2 cycles before that 8 days), have been temping and had 18 high temps now - according to Toni Weschler's book TCOYF this means I should be pregnant. But have done HPT for 3 days in row now since AF late and have had 3 BFNs. Used 3 different brands of HPT (Clearblue, First Response, Boots) to see if different tests could give different results but all BFN. Oh and by the way - boobs are bigger, am peeing all the time, have been feeling absolutely exhausted for last week or so, getting small waves of nausea from time to time, and sense of smell is more acute. Could this still mean I am pregnant even though HCG levels not high enough yet? Could there be a problem if HCG levels not high enough when am at least 4 days (or 6 days) late now? Should I just end my misery and see a doctor? Have any of you ever tested negative this late after AF due? Thank you for any advice!

bealcain Mon 17-Dec-07 07:52:40

i'm currently about 14weeks pregnant and my BFP only came up 2weeks ago, before that all -ve

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Mon 17-Dec-07 08:00:38

I don't usually test positive until about CD35. I would give it a couple of days, and test again. I'm not sure if the doctor would test you - it depends on the doctor.

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Mon 17-Dec-07 08:02:29

bealcain - are didn't test positive until you were 12 weeks pregnant? That's a long time!

veryveryconfused Mon 17-Dec-07 08:25:54

Thanks, good to know that I still might be (probably am?) pg - am TTC, last time ended in a MMC (in August) so a bit paranoid about things going wrong. Also with the holidays coming up want to figure out if there is a way I can confirm if pg other than by HPT - could a doctor (or gynae) do anything other than a urine test - e.g. blood test or scan? Would see one privately if have to? Going on hols next week for 2 weeks so otherwise no way of seeing a doc before I am back. And would like to know if I should steer clear of booze over xmas and new year!!!

bealcain Mon 17-Dec-07 10:13:23

apparently the hormones you release when breastfeeding can 'hide' the HCG in a pg test.

bealcain Mon 17-Dec-07 10:14:42

how many weeks would you currently be? you should normally have a routine scan at 6weeks as you've MC'd but would need to arrange with GP. if not could just got to EPU and say you;ve been bleeding and history of MC.

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Mon 17-Dec-07 10:25:34

VVconfused - I also m/cd in the summer and am TTC again - I think it must be worrying at this stage. I hope a GP would give you a blood test and early scan because if you ar pregnant, it's important to have the reassurance tha all is well.

bealcain - that could expain my BFN when I was five weeks pregnant with dd2 and still bfing dd1.

bealcain Mon 17-Dec-07 10:52:07

VVC - sorry hun, just reread your first post. i'd leave it a few days and try again. i dont think a gp would worry about 6days late, but 2-3weeks they would.

veryveryconfused Mon 17-Dec-07 11:01:25

I ov'd on 29 Nov so this would make me 4+4 (if indeed I am pg). Would a blood test be more sensitive and pick up pg HCG levels even if HPT doesn't? Want to have a confirmation if at all possible before the hols as will be in agony otherwise. I guess could wait until the weekend though... But they can get me in this afternoon for a blood test. Is it worth doing?

bealcain Mon 17-Dec-07 11:05:11

yes.....then if you are you only have to wait 2 weeks and you should get the 6week routine scan. if it will put your mind at rest then do it, sometimes the stress can stop you coming on, thats why lots of people i know TTC try and stay openmided 9easier said than done)

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Mon 17-Dec-07 11:10:36

yes go in for the test.

Good luck. And as bealcain says, the stress of TTC can delay your period as well.

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy Mon 17-Dec-07 11:13:02

If they did give you a blood test, which I severely doubt unless you have had 3 or more m/cs, you will have to wait about 2 weeks anyway to get the results, unless you go private I guess.
I am waiting till Friday to test as I ovulated between the 6th and 11 Dec. I also want to know to see wether or not I can drink some Baileys over xmas!
I had a missed m/c before DS1 and as a result always worry like hell. I worried until around 16 weeks with DS2 and am absolutely bricking it now.
Good luck, sounds like you have all the symptoms. I am only weeing more which I could well be imagining I guess. My boobs usually go first, but nothing yet so am not terribly optimistic.
What is your temp. then if you are pregnant? I could check mine.....

veryveryconfused Mon 17-Dec-07 11:22:38

I have a classic triphasic chart - went up a bit after ov - then temps have been a lot higher for last 10 days - between 36.8 and 37.0 (am usually 36.2 pre-ov).

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy Mon 17-Dec-07 11:25:31

Well, am still in my nightie blush and feel a bit chilly, but my temp. is 37.

veryveryconfused Mon 17-Dec-07 11:33:01

Could be but you have to take your temp first thing when you wake up - before you get up and move around (I have thermometer by my bed side). And if I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the loo (have been doing a lot of that lately), take my temp before getting up then.
Agree it could be stress, but last few cycles stress seems to have made AF come earlier rather than later (i.e. LP of 8 days!). Last time my AF was that late, I got a BFP... So I guess I will go for the blood test this afternoon.

bealcain Mon 17-Dec-07 11:36:02

i would vvc - just put your mind at ease. good luck ,let us know what happens

veryveryconfused Mon 17-Dec-07 18:44:45

Had the blood test, and result still negative. So something weird happening with my hormones this cycle. Now I just need to wait until AF arrives (hopefully soon) and hope for better luck next cycle...

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Mon 17-Dec-07 18:47:02

that was a very fast result - was it a private blood test?

sorry it's negetive. good luck for next month.

arionater Mon 17-Dec-07 18:58:40

Are your temperatures still at their highest, or are they beginning to drop at all? If you've had a clear triphasic pattern and they're still up there at the 'third' level it does sound as if you're pregnant, or else you have one of those ovarian cyst things the book mentions - apparently most women have one occasionally, nothing to worry about, but mucks up your chart if you're keeping track. How agonising for you not to know though. I'd keep testing every couple of days unless/until your period arrives. Good luck!

ocomeALLYebabies Mon 17-Dec-07 19:11:08

good luck VVC - you never you might be, it;s jsut very early days. dont forget ovulation occurs roughly 14days after first day of LMP so you could only be 2+4....fingers crossed for you huni

veryveryconfused Tue 18-Dec-07 09:38:13

Thanks everyone for your support. JingleBellHoHoHo - yes it was a private test (my health insurance should cover it hopefully). But temps still high and no sign of AF yet. Now really hoping for it to come soon so I can move on and keep trying! Wondering also if I could have had a very very early MC so messed up length of cycle but too early to show up in HCG test... I guess I will not know at this point.

mibbes Wed 16-Jan-08 13:22:14

VVC what happened to you in the end ? I know this is an old thread but I found it while trying to work out what is going on with me. Am CD38 (cycles vary between 31-35 days) and got BFN yesterday - temps are high (36.6-37.1). Don't know when ov'd as opks didn't show a line...hmm am also very very confused !

laurieann1982 Mon 18-Jul-16 19:07:48

Hi. I'm 3 days late. I usually have a 22 day cycle. Have got bfn only. I'm weeing constantly, have extremely sore boobs and no sign of af coming. Do you think I need
to wait longer as I only have short cycles. 3rd month ttc. So frustrating I'm becoming obsessed with poas. My 2 children were conceived 1st attempt.

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