Pain under right ribs

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19annie86 Thu 25-Nov-21 08:23:58

Currently 22 weeks pregnant, if I take a deep breath or move in certain ways it's sore under ribs right side, had anyone else had this, or had it and it wasn't anything major

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Foreverboymumma Thu 25-Nov-21 09:57:01

Please phone your maternity unit, this can be a sign of pre-eclampsia

19annie86 Thu 25-Nov-21 16:21:38

Midwife doesn't think that's what it is

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CelloYouveGotABass Thu 25-Nov-21 16:24:31

Yes OP!
In both pregnancies I had like a nerve type pain in one of my ribs. I actually became convinced I had shingles at one point because it was so painful. Second time around I couldn’t wear bras for weeks.

I found it was actually all posture related for me. If I made a conscious effort to keep more upright and stretch up frequently, it would go away.

Might not be the same, but I had to jump on because it baffled me at the time

19annie86 Thu 25-Nov-21 16:35:46

PP was it just right at the bottom of ur ribs where they end, I feel it when I cough, sneeze or laugh, really uncomfortable.

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CelloYouveGotABass Thu 25-Nov-21 17:12:23

Yes, just on one side. Felt like an irritation, tingly feeling. However, get checked out if you’re not sure, just wanted to share my experience x

Debsdonein Thu 25-Nov-21 17:18:58

I had this and turned out to be gallstones.


autumn1638 Thu 25-Nov-21 17:28:51

I had this in my last pregnancy and o have it now at 32 weeks. I never found out what it was and was told all the way through that it wasn't pre eclampsia. Until my protein shot up and they then told me that I had pre eclampsia.

I definitely don't have pre eclampsia now and I'm getting regular liver function and kidney function bloods and im fine currently.

Aranciata Thu 25-Nov-21 18:10:31

I have this and mentioned it to the midwife and she didn't add it to my notes, just wrote that I was feeling well. I'd also mentioned a few other symptoms /discomfort I'd been having at the appointment which weren't noted.
I am still experiencing the pain, like a PP says wearing a bra is difficult, I open it at some point for a rest. I have bought bra band extenders too!

I hope it is nothing but would always advise that you mention it.
I am checking my own urine every few days and will flag if I notice any changes.

lljkk Thu 25-Nov-21 18:11:05

Baby DS used to wedge his feet in there. <wistful fond memories>

it was pretty uncomfy!!

FourTeaFallOut Thu 25-Nov-21 18:15:17

Gallstones can go nuts in pregnancy. Is it worse after a fatty meal?

WakeUpLockie Thu 25-Nov-21 18:17:30

Oh gosh I’ve been having this dull pain in my right ribs and was thinking gallstones. Hopefully not but sounds like it. Can they go on their own or is it going to be hell? 😢 @FourTeaFallOut @Debsdonein

Debsdonein Thu 25-Nov-21 18:18:47


Oh gosh I’ve been having this dull pain in my right ribs and was thinking gallstones. Hopefully not but sounds like it. Can they go on their own or is it going to be hell? 😢 @FourTeaFallOut *@Debsdonein*

No they won't go on their own. You will need to have your gallbladder out. Best thing I ever did.

FourTeaFallOut Thu 25-Nov-21 18:33:35

I think it depends. I know that if the pain is mild and infrequent they talk about making dietary changes but I had my gallbladder removed.

You need to speak to your midwife or/and gp.

WakeUpLockie Thu 25-Nov-21 20:10:08

Thank you both 😖

20viona Thu 25-Nov-21 20:11:53

I suffered this so badly with my daughter it was really painful. I'd be in tears by the end of the working day and used to lie down ever dinner time. You have my sympathy.

19annie86 Fri 26-Nov-21 11:38:27

The Dr thinks my pain might be muscular

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