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lis496 Wed 12-Dec-07 15:20:22

Hi all,

I have been referred by my GP to Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston as my consultant. I am ca. 7-8 weeks pregnant, and I am seeing him for the first time on Friday (very excited!!!).

However, I understand he will already have to book me into a hospital at that point (which seems ridiculously early?). Apparently, my choices with Mr Beeston are the Lindo Wing at St Mary's, the Portland or Chelsea & Westminster.

I would love your views, especially on those hospitals (I gather C&W is dreadful, but does that also apply to the private ward?), and also if anyone has any experience with Dr Beeston I would love to know. If none of those are any good, is it better to go with a good hospital but then change to another consultant? For instance I have heard that John & St ELizabeth is nice although perhaps a bit too earth-mothery for me (I am all for every pain killer in the book!).

I am a first-timer so this is all a journey of discovery for me...

SazzaK Wed 12-Dec-07 15:37:53

I was at C&W and no, it doesn't apply to the private ward. I looked at John and Lizzie's and much preferred the C&W. It looked a bit shabby and I prefer a hospital to look like a hospital. It's not too early as somewhere like C&W with a 6-room private ward will book up very quickly, whereas the Portland is huge. Personally I will return to C&W as I prefer the location and having a huge neonatal intensive care etc unit on site is a huge reassurance for me - but I know ladies who love the Portland which is far plusher but costs correspondingly more I think if you are bothered at all! Someone I know well highly recommended Guy TB, and there is a good thread on here elsewhere where I think he is mentioned.

moocowme Thu 13-Dec-07 10:14:54

I went to the Portland (no one else would take a high risk patient) and found it excellent. after care was particularly good. food was nice as well. DS was in NICU for a couple of weeks and he enjoyed it as well.

NKd1167739100921 Fri 14-Dec-07 11:19:24

I gave birth 2 weeks ago at the C & W on the NHS and the midwives and care was fantastic. I did transfer to a private room after though these aren't always available as they only have 6. I previously gave birth at John & Lizzies and had a good experience there but if you have any complications you can't give birth there. I did consider the Portland this time but as I ended up being in hospital for several days before giving birth it would have been very expensive and the NHS was probably better equipped to deal with the pre-birth complications. I would visit each place you are considering and see where you feel most at home. Good luck.

mostlymay Fri 14-Dec-07 12:02:58

I have just returned from the Portland having given birth to a premature baby and I cannot fault the care, before, during and afterwards. I would recommend it unreservedly as both me and my lovely daughter are now both doing fantastically well and it was the best money I've ever spent. Having said that I chose my consultant first and he only deals with the Portland so I had no choice of where to give birth but it was all so fantastic I am already planning on using the same consultant and the Portland again for second child.. as long as housing market holds up and we can wack the cost on the mortgage again!!

lis496 Thu 20-Dec-07 13:38:58

Dear all,

thank you for you very helpful messages!

I went to see the Portland today and really loved it. They actually only have 5 delivery rooms, so it isn;t as big as people think. They have two post-delivery floors though, and quite a few rooms there. Everybody seemed really lovely, and they support active birth with yoga balls and bean bags, a birthing pool and all that, as well as having mobile epidurals and every other pain killer in the book.

Apparently, my consultant (Mr Thorpe-Beeston) will only do elective CS at the C&W, which I am not having, so it's either the Lindo wing or Portland for me. So far, the Portland is winning!

BeverlyHills Thu 02-Jun-11 13:59:42

Your doctor made a great referral you'll have great care. Guy Thorpe Beeston is definitely the very best recommended by Alan Farthing the Queens gynaecologist who he shares consulting rooms with at 148 Harley Street (specialist ob/gyn consulting rooms) opened by Duchess of Wessex, he practices only at Portland and Kensington ward, and lindo wing...when its open ;) But he gets booked up 7/8 months in advance!... so you may not get him. Check out Amazon he's written books on fetal medicine and scanning and lectures as well. If you can't get him ask his office for a recommendation. Tariq Mistry is his stand in at the same offices who is probably almost as good. I'm sure anyone they recommend will be premier league. I've been delighted with Dr Thorpe Beeston attentiveness and thoroughness.

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