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Pretty sure I'm miscarrying-what do I do?

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Mirage Fri 12-Nov-04 19:22:30

I hope someone can please give me some advice.
I am 11wks pregnant with our 2nd baby & since Tuesday have suddenly lost all my symptoms.I saw my GP yesterday,who said that it was very odd,but unless I was bleeding or in pain,wasn't concerned & wouldn't arrange a scan.

Tonight I have started spotting & don't really know what to do.I am RH negative,so will need Anti D regardless of the outcome.

My midwife only works Mon-Weds & our Drs surgery is shut until Monday,by which time I will ber cutting it fine for my jab,which I need within 72 hours.

I'm not sure who to ring or what to do,especially if I start bleeding heavily.Do I go to A&E or the hospital I am booked in at & had my early scan at.

Sorry if this is a bit jumbled-I'm can't see the keyboard very well for the tears & can't think straight.I've already lost 1 baby & can't bear the thought of losing another.....

popsycal Fri 12-Nov-04 19:24:11

does your local hospital have an early pregnancy assessment unit? if you ring up the labour ward out of hours, they are great at giving advice....

fingers crossed

hoxtonchick Fri 12-Nov-04 19:24:38

oh mirage, you poor thing. i so hope this isn't a miscarriage. if i were you, i'd go to the hospital where you had your scan if it isn't too far away. i really hope everything turns out ok. xxxx

ZolaPola Fri 12-Nov-04 19:24:53

poor you! It can be normal to have some spotting though, i did with ds, so don't fear the worst yet. if you carry on getting symptoms though, ring your surgery again to get the out of hours service number (there will be one on the answer-machine) so that if necessary you can speak to/see a doc over the w/e.
take care of yourself

popsycal Fri 12-Nov-04 19:25:02

i would ring the hospital you are booked in at - on my hand held notes there is the hospital's number - look on the front of yours and give them a call

zephyrcat Fri 12-Nov-04 19:25:28

Your hospital will have a labour ward which always has a midwife there that will help you. Have you got your ante-natal notes yet? If not ring the hospital and ask to speak to a midwife on the labour ward. They will probably tell you to go straight there if you can......

Tessiebear Fri 12-Nov-04 19:25:31

Mirage - go to the hospital you are booked in at NOW. This could be just spotting. Your loss of symptoms could be because you are getting to the end of the 3 month period. You need a scan TONIGHT
loads of (((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))

hana Fri 12-Nov-04 19:27:02

mirage - go to the hospital right now , I hope things are going to be ok for you

hana Fri 12-Nov-04 19:27:52

and absolutely , lots of women spot /bleed during pregnancy, fingers crossed for you

Slink Fri 12-Nov-04 19:28:04

Fingers crossed from me too and hugs, go to A&E if it will reasure you let us know xxxx

Yorkiegirl Fri 12-Nov-04 19:29:13

Message withdrawn

unicorn Fri 12-Nov-04 19:29:16

best of luck at the hospital {{{{hugs}}}}

coppertop Fri 12-Nov-04 19:30:16

Fingers crossed for you, Mirage. Wishing you the best of luck. xxx

muddaofsuburbia Fri 12-Nov-04 19:31:39

Agree mirage - go to A&E right now and get the reassurance you need. I pray everything is fine for you.

Tinker Fri 12-Nov-04 19:31:42

Fingers crossed Mirage. Really hope it's not bad news.

sallystrawberry Fri 12-Nov-04 19:34:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zippy539 Fri 12-Nov-04 19:35:32

Mirage - just to echo what everyone else has said. See someone tonight - call the out of hours/NHS direct whatever is in your area or the number on the front of your hand held notes. Insist on being seen - your RH status should stand in your favour as there is a time issue. I really hope this works out for you - I had loss of symptoms and bleeding and now have healthy DS so hopefully all will be well. If it isn't I know you will get huge support here. My heart goes out to you. Keep us posted.

yoyo Fri 12-Nov-04 19:38:23

As you need Anti-D I'd go to hospital. Does your GP have an out of hours number so he/she could ring ahead?
Have bled with all my children but always checked it out as I am also Rh -ve.
Hope it works out for you. Take care.

babbler Fri 12-Nov-04 19:39:28

My husband who is a G.P says don't worry, 25% of pregnant women have some bleeding and 75% of these go on to have a normal pregnancy. Suggest you go to a and e even if they can't scan tonight,they will prob arrange emergency scan over the weekend.
Take care and good luck X

MrsWednesday Fri 12-Nov-04 20:01:51

Mirage, I second what everyone else is saying - go straight to the hospital.

I'm keeping everything crossed for you that everything is ok - I also had spotting about this time with my DS. And as someone else said, you are at that point where your symptoms do start to fade.

Take care, sending you lots of hugs. Hoping above anything else that it's all ok.

Hausfrau Fri 12-Nov-04 20:13:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

berolina Fri 12-Nov-04 20:15:49

Mirage, big hug. I know how horrible and worrying this must be.

I echo all the other posters' advice - please go to hospital tonight. Neither spotting nor loss of symptoms have to mean the worst - I am 11.3 weeks, so same stage as you, and have been having tiny spots of every colour and description throughout my pregnancy and even lost a little 'lump'/clot yesterday, so I went for a scan - and baby is fine. It is very important though that you get seen - you need to know what is going on and need your Anti-D. I've got literally everything crossed that you have good and reassuring news. My heart goes out to you - my first pregnancy ended in early m/c at the beginning of July and this pregnancy has been so hard and worrying as a consequence. I know how awful this is for you. All the best. xxx

whimsy Fri 12-Nov-04 20:35:16

Thinking of you, hugs

HelloMama Fri 12-Nov-04 20:41:29

why do these things ALWAYS seem to happen on a Friday when no-one is around / open? I too suggest you go to A&E, even if they can't scan ou there and then, they will probably be able to get a scan done sometime over the weekend and hopefully put your mind at rest as well. I wish you lots of luck and my thoughts will be with you xxxx

Mirage Fri 12-Nov-04 22:14:15

Thanks for the fast response & good wishes everyone.

My notes are at the hospital,so I don't have any numbers to hand.I rang the EPAU & maternity ward several hours ago & left answerphone messages asking for a call back,but have heard nothing.

I haven't gone to A&E as it is at another hospital from the one I'm booked in at,plus we have no one who can stay with dd until tomorrow.

I will ring the EPAU again tomorrow & go down there.They probably won't scan me without an appt,but I can get my anti d jab sorted out.

I had 2 bouts of heavy bleeding with dd & she was fine,so there may be a bit of hope.I just have a very bad feeling about this.Lets hope I'm wrong.Whatever happens I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again for all your messages,you have helped calm me down & think about what I need to do.You are all wonderful supportive women.

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