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Brown blood in early pregnancy

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sallycinamon Sat 08-Dec-07 15:28:24

Hi all

I'm 7.5 weeks pregnant and have just been to the loo and noticed some mucus tinged brownish. Could this be the start of a miscarriage? Please be honest!

merrylissiemas Sat 08-Dec-07 15:33:32

not necessarily. brown blood is quite normal but you should ring your epu to be sure. but as long as you have no pain/cramps/bright red or clotty blood you should befine. willcross everything for you x

bodiddly Sat 08-Dec-07 15:51:58

i had this early on in my pregnancy .. I was told it was an implantation bleed and totally normal! Fingers crossed that is what it is for you too.

sallycinamon Sat 08-Dec-07 15:59:23


So brownish blood is better than red?!
I thought it could be an implantation bleed too, bodiddly, but then I thought implantation occurred right at the start like 4 weeks.
Oh well, just have to wait and see.

merrylissiemas Sat 08-Dec-07 16:02:36

much better. but give epu a call to be on the safe side

NAB3littlemonkeys Sat 08-Dec-07 16:11:50

Brown blood is old blood and is def better than it being red.

bubblepop Sat 08-Dec-07 16:25:05

hi . i had this with my 3rd at 13 weeks. it was really quite a big 'stain' (sorry tmi). went to early preg unit at hosp and they reassured me. maybe you should do this too?

miobombino Sat 08-Dec-07 17:40:51

Hmm...7.5 is nearly 8 - weeks that is. In other words around the time of a period were you not pg. Quite normal to bleed a bit around then. i did so in all 4 pregnancies, and have 4 healthy dcs. And yes brown blood suggests whatever was bleeding has stopped; might also have been a little blood vessel or something. but go in and see somebody if you're still worried.

LOVEMYMUM Sat 08-Dec-07 20:50:45

I had the same thing, along with a tiny bit of red mucus at six weeks and 16 weeks. Brown blood tends to be old blood. (Am 28 weeks pregnant).

Rang my GP at six weeks and was told to rest and that whatever happened, happened. I only had the discharge that happened when i wiped and then all was well.

At 16 weeks, i only had one or two drops of red blood and went to Maternity Triage at local hosp. Turned out i had a tiny infection (which may or may not have caused the spotting) treatable with antibiotics .

Spotting during pregnancy can possibly be caused by bruising of the cervix during sex.

I would make a note of what happened and tell my GP. If you have ANY red blood or pain that doesn't go (a TINY bit of cramping is normal during a first pregnancy so pls don't panic as i did smile, go straigh to hospital and up to the maternity unit, as you may have to wait in Casualty.

LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 08-Dec-07 20:53:48

brown blood/discharge was the start of a mc for me at 10 weeks.
I am just being honest, as you requested, but everyone else here has had this and been fine.

PrisonerCellBlockAitch Sat 08-Dec-07 21:07:04

some people describe the blood associated with ectopic pregnancy as like prune juice, which is of course brown. so there's no reason to panic, but it's best to get this sort of thing checked out. smile

missnatalie Sat 08-Dec-07 21:38:24

I had brown blood with my EP in Nov 06. It started of kinda stringy them went thicker and then turned to red blood. By this time my tube had ruptured. I had no pain at all up until that time.

I also had brown blood with my MMC too. That started off kinda mucusy and then again ended up being thick and very slimey. Never had red blood that time round.

Im not trying to scare you hun, just being honest as you asked. The best thing to do is to get in touch with your EPU.

On a brighter note im 30w PG now and had brown bleeding at the begining round about 4/5w so it doesnt always mean the worst.

Keep a look out for stitch like one sided pain and also pain/ache in your shoulder (signs of EP).

I really do hope that everything is ok xx

whomovedmychocolate Sat 08-Dec-07 21:51:59

Brownish blood can be associated with irritation to the cervix. Did you have sex within the last three days or exert yourself?

Don't worry too much, just ring the doc on Monday.

naturopath Sat 08-Dec-07 21:53:38

I had this twice - the first resulted in a mc sad
the second was some early bleeding but resulted in my beautiful ds smile

I would advise getting a scan from your EPU asap.. good luck

OhLittleTownOfBotlehem Sat 08-Dec-07 21:58:20

Same as naturopath for me - had this twice. The first was a miscarriage, the second resulted in my dd (in fact, I bled throughout the first trimester, around the times my periods would have been due, and sometimes it was actually bright red, but it all turned out fine). So it'd be wise to get it checked out, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything worrying. Wishing you the best of luck.

kelbel Mon 10-Dec-07 09:34:48

How are you Sally? Did you ring someone? I had bleeding from 7-13 weeks every few days on and off, brown, red, mucas. My first and hadn't discovered MN at the time! So everytime thought the worst. The important thing is, ring the midwife after everytime. They send you to EPU, best to get baby checked and for your own piece of mind. I'm 39+3 now, hopefuly everything is fine for you. x

salads Mon 10-Dec-07 09:44:37

I had it at 6, 10 and 13 weeks I went to the EPU each time and scans showed all was fine with no explaination as to why it happened. Apparently some women just bleed! I am now 18 weeks and all clear for the moment. They alway recommend that you get checked as any bleeding in pregancy is called a threatened mc.

Princessbee Fri 19-Sep-08 10:14:40

Hi everyone. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and at 8 1/2 weeks I had a serious bleed. I had a scan and the EPU and the baby seems to be fine. But yesterday I found some dark brown blood when I went to the toilet. I'm quite worried because of the bleed that I had earlier on. My sister thinks that I am overreacting because the doctor did say that there maybe some more bleeding but she didn't mention a change in colour of the blood. Has anyone else gone through anything simlar?

WorzselMummage Fri 19-Sep-08 10:18:11

I have had brown spoting in all my pregnancies, 3 have resulted in miscarriage, one resulted in my daughter and i'm currently 12 weeks and have had spotting at 4, 8 and 12 weeks which i am assured is something to do with when i should have been having my period.

TinkerBellesMum Fri 19-Sep-08 10:20:48

It's probably the last of your earlier bleed. Brown means that it has been there awhile so isn't as likely to be something serious.

dtb Thu 27-Sep-12 21:55:41

Hi..i'm having dark brown blood and am so scared i'm going to lose this baby..It's my 5th and never bled before..most of mine are grown up now and i'm 40 so know its my last chance of motherhood..will let you know..am being scanned mon as not 6 wks till sat..am so scared its bad news:-(:-(

itsaruddygame Thu 27-Sep-12 22:49:58

Try not to worry too much. I have had brown spotting throughout am 13 weeks now and 2 scans later all looking good. MW has advised in my case it is an irritated cervix which is apparently very common. Best to get checked of course but it is not always bad news.

dtb Fri 28-Sep-12 11:19:47

Thanks..it has now turned dark red and am scared im mc..bought a test today but still have two dark lines still indicating i'm pregnant..monday seems such a long way off and being a single mum its very scarey so having this support from others that are going through the same really helps and gives mr hope x

dtb Fri 28-Sep-12 11:20:24


take3 Fri 28-Sep-12 19:12:30

I am 10 weeks and had brown blood/stuff right since the start. Baby is fine and the midwife just said it is due to hormonal changes and some get it for weeks.
It is all so unpredictable really but don't think it is a worry.

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