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I name this child...

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aloha Tue 09-Nov-04 20:04:28

I know you all love these ones! My daughter is due in February, and she is, so far, nameless. By this stage, ds had had his name for ages, but am finding a girl's name much more of a challenge. I want something reasonably distinctive, with some history to it, and perhaps a little glamour too.
Dh has sternly vetoed my first choice, Angelica. His favourite names are Frances and Olivia, which I like....but are they 'the one'.
Other names in the frame include Nina, Edith, Livia, Lucy, Elizabeth, Catherine, Phoebe, Mia and Viola.
Any more for any more?

Tinker Tue 09-Nov-04 20:06:32


nutcracker Tue 09-Nov-04 20:07:07

Livia and Mia are lovely.

If you had Livia it would even be a sort of compromise on Olivia .

misdee Tue 09-Nov-04 20:08:12

they are lovely.

if bump is a girl i think she will be Emily.

spod Tue 09-Nov-04 20:09:05

love mia the best out of your list... very hard isnt it... if i had another girl i wouldnt know what to call her as it took us ages to come up with our dd's name!

motherinferior Tue 09-Nov-04 20:09:06


Nell (Elena)?




motherinferior Tue 09-Nov-04 20:09:41

Oh yes, YES, Lydia. I nearly called DD2 Lydia but it's too much like DD1's name.

misdee Tue 09-Nov-04 20:10:18

do like the name Mia, but has become very popular last few years so that would put me off a bit.

nutcracker Tue 09-Nov-04 20:11:25

I like Elodie

Twiglett Tue 09-Nov-04 20:11:49

depends slightly on DS's name as they need to work together now

I love Olivia
Best friend from school was a Nina
Elizabeth is nice and has so many different dimunitives to pick and choose from

I do think if you call a child Livia (lovely though it is) though she'll go through life saying
them: what's your name
her: Livia
them: Olivia?
her: NO, LIV-ia

which gets wearing after a while

I found it so.o.o.o difficult to get a girl's name .. knew DS's name from the start

Miaou Tue 09-Nov-04 20:11:49

Matilda or Mathilda - can be Mattie or Tilly for short.

motherinferior Tue 09-Nov-04 20:12:19

I only suggested dd2's name the day she was born, btw. Although it was, as you may recall, a Bone of Contention before then so not necessarily the recommended tactic!

Miaou Tue 09-Nov-04 20:12:26

Also Cecilia. I have two nieces called Matilda and Cecilia, think they are lovely names!

Catbert Tue 09-Nov-04 20:12:58

My daughters are Florence Esme and Madeline Alice. It's a bit sad, but the first names come from reading PG Wodehouse "Jeeves" books, (and I loved Flossie as a shortening. Turned out to be DH's great grandmothers name too! They also have not become over popular names (yet!)

I really liked Elizabeth and the variatons Lizzy, Liz, Beth, but DHs close aunt is called this. I love Lucy also but close friends DD named this!

I was very keen on Lilly, lillbet, lillian.

Congrats on DD! I asked to know on DD2's scan but they told me they couldn't be sure...

Tinker Tue 09-Nov-04 20:13:52

Yes, Olivia and Mia are now very popular.

Like Nell

What about Tess? Eliza?

lou33 Tue 09-Nov-04 20:14:01

Ooh Aloha I missed you saying you were having a girl!

I like livia, but I think you would spend your whole time correcting people , because they think her name is olivia. I like olivia and edith best out of your list

I like martha.

lou33 Tue 09-Nov-04 20:14:34

my dd's are lily delilah and tallulah daisy if that's any help

Tinker Tue 09-Nov-04 20:15:23


Tinker Tue 09-Nov-04 20:16:12


popsycal Tue 09-Nov-04 20:17:31

i love lily, martha

also like ruby...

Azure Tue 09-Nov-04 20:17:38

Leonie? Grace?

nutcracker Tue 09-Nov-04 20:17:59


nutcracker Tue 09-Nov-04 20:18:37

Leonie, i like that, wanted to call Dd1 it but dp said no.

Azure Tue 09-Nov-04 20:20:32

I think Leonie is a great name, but my first proper boyfriend was Leo, and I wouldn't want to be reminded of that.

Mahoosivemamma Tue 09-Nov-04 20:21:08

I love Francesca (similar to Frances, still shortened to Fran) and Trudy, 'old fashioned' names are lovely for girls. I also adore Tabitha but would forever feel it was a cats name!

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