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Flying long haul in second trimester? Any negative/positive experiences?

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rosalina72 Sun 02-Dec-07 11:38:16

I've got plans to go on holiday but as the date gets closer I'm starting to panic! I've heard the second trimester is the safest in which to travel but I'm terrified of having a problem at 40,000 feet! Btw, so far I've had what I would say is a normal pregnancy. Am I just being silly?

paulaplumpbottom Sun 02-Dec-07 11:40:08

You aren't being silly, but there is no need to worry. I traveled alot in my 2nd trimester. The only thing I would say is try to keep it within Europe as it might be uncomfy to sit for 5 hours or more

BellaBear Sun 02-Dec-07 11:42:34

I wwent to Australia at 17 weeks. My GP told me to wear those DVT socks and walk around at least every two hours, which I did, and I didn't get puffy ankles and felt fine. I did make sure that I did a lot of walking around.

bigspender30 Sun 02-Dec-07 11:44:42

I went to the caribbean twice in my 2nd trimester and it was fine-where are you thinking of going?

Ispy Sun 02-Dec-07 11:45:29

Hi. I did two long haul flights with each of my 2 children when we lived in the US and travelled back to Europe, 11 hours each. Just make sure you stay hydrated and walk around once an hour or so.

Coolmama Sun 02-Dec-07 11:46:04

keep moving and drink lots of water - wear compression socks and check with your dr about taking half an aspirin to prevent blood clots.

rosalina72 Sun 02-Dec-07 12:11:40

Thanks for all your replies, ladies. I'm going to US and it's roughly an 8/9 hour flight. Looks like lots of you have traveled and had no issues. I'll just make sure to drink lots of water, wear those socks and walk around. Oh, and RELAX! Which I've found to be the hardest thing in pregnancy...all this worrying is doing my head in!

paulaplumpbottom Sun 02-Dec-07 12:36:10

Make sure you have travelers insurance, just in case. I'm sure you'll be fine but medical care is extremely expensive in the Stataes. Get full coverage and make sure it covers pregnancy, some don't

rosalina72 Sun 02-Dec-07 13:01:19

Thanks for reminding me, ppb! I've got travelers insurance but have no idea if pregnancy is covered!

mum2bejan Sun 02-Dec-07 13:13:36

I went to Florida in the 2nd trimester. Same advice as others have already given you really.... drink lots of water, walk around whenever you can, do excercises in seat and wear those very attractive wink compression socks.I was totally fine, and had no side effects, so I'm sure you will be too. Just have a chat with your midwife first and make sure you take your maternity notes with you.

PurlyQueen Sun 02-Dec-07 18:24:52

Hi - I went to the US when I was 17 weeks PG and had no problems on the flight, even on the return leg when I was sandwiched in a row because a woman with her neck in a collar and a gammy leg needed the aisle seat more than I did.
Buy a big bottle of water at the airport, as you can't take them through security, so that you can drink when you want and aren't reliant on the charity of the cabin crew.
Keep wriggling and pointing your feet if you can't get up and walk around.
And have a great time!

rosalina72 Sun 02-Dec-07 19:31:34

Thanks guys! Lots of reassurance from everyone. Finally starting to look forward to my trip!!

Balthamos Mon 03-Dec-07 10:43:13

Just wanted to say i went to hong kong and thailand at 20 wks and it was harder than usual but like everyone else said, get the socks, walk around lots and drink more water than you knew you ever could! HOWEVER, take some snacks on board, like little bags of peanuts (whatever you can buy at the airport) as i found that the jet lag made my body clock all out of synch and i wasn't hungry at the same time as the meals were served on board. There is nothing worse than having raging pregnancy hunger and being stuck in the air with no access to food! (Or maybe that was just me and maybe that is why 4 months after the birth of my DD i am still a stone overweight?! hmm Other than that it was fab. Stick your growing bump out lots nad people will help and be lovely to you. Enjoy!

lucysnowe Mon 03-Dec-07 13:43:00


I travelled to the West Coast when I was around 17 weeks - eight hours, about the same as what you've got planned. It was fine. Just remember to book an aisle seat because you will prob have to go to the loo all the time and if you have to change flights, make sure you've got enough time.

I had a rather rushed changeover at LAX which was a bit stressful, especially with heavy bags, and it did mean I didn't have time for a proper meal which meant I subsisted on crisps and orange juice quite a lot!

Bessie123 Tue 04-Dec-07 13:31:22

I travelled economy for 12 hours at 30 weeks and all absolutely fine; the cabin crew even commented on how healthy and well i looked. I did wear those v unglamourous support stockings - I think they are supposed to help. I also found restless legs a bit challenging, but it helped to walk around a little bit.

millie865 Tue 04-Dec-07 17:08:55

Hi, I flew long haul quite a few times during my second trimester. Got the support stockings, walked around etc.

Only problem I had was being taken to one side as I was about to board a plane home and cross examined about how pregnant I was, did I have permission from my dr to fly etc. I think they thought I was more pregnant than I was and were worried I was flying beyond the recomended date. Thinking about it now the questions were probably fairly harmless, I was just tired and hormonal and felt like I was getting the third degree.

finallypregnant Tue 04-Dec-07 17:36:32

We're off at the beginning of January on a Caribbean Cruise when I will be 15 weeks. Going to get the socks but I am very fortunate that I've managed to use airmiles and we're going business class so I have a bed!

Bessie123 Tue 04-Dec-07 18:02:52

finallypregnant - I don't want to be a killjoy and I hope you have an amazing holiday, but is it a good idea to go on a cruise when you are only 15 weeks pregnant? I could be totally wrong and I'm sure you've done all your research etc, but I think there is an increased risk of food poisoning on cruises because everyone is cooped up together and contamination is easier.

finallypregnant Tue 04-Dec-07 18:25:23

If you are on the ferry to Holland perhaps! Being on a cruise ship is no different to being in a large hotel anywhere in the world. Plus at least on a cruise you are forced to sanitise your hands before you enter any eating area - you don't get that in a hotel!

Thanks for your concern but I have no problems with it. Your comment could easily cover places such as a buffet in Tenerife, a burget place at Disney in Orlando or your local takeaway where you don't know how clean places are or how the food is prepared.

Bessie123 Tue 04-Dec-07 18:31:38

Well ok. FAOD, I wouldn't eat from any of those places you listed anyway because as you say, you don't know how clean they are.

MrsJohnCuSackFullOfPresents Tue 04-Dec-07 18:39:11

I moved to NZ from the UK at 18 weeks together with a v.crabby 22 month old. It was fine (apart from the toddler)

support tights, LOADS of water, loads of walking around, loads of books, check insurance as everyone says

the US flight will be fine, enjoy the holiday - the 2nd trimester is a good time for a holiday

MrsJohnCuSackFullOfPresents Tue 04-Dec-07 18:41:25

wow am looking back now
27 hours in economy with a vast amount of luggage. I must have been crazy

I unpacked an entire container at 24 weeks as well


finallypregnant Tue 04-Dec-07 18:50:12

Sorry I just read that back and I sounded quite blunt and a bit rude. I think no one would travel during pregnancy if FP was a real risk, afterall, you could give it to yourself at home too not just through eating a meal at any restaurant etc.

Apologies again.

meep Tue 04-Dec-07 18:59:13

I went to New Zealand in my first trimester - sick as a dog and so so tired! Would have been much happier in my 2nd trimester when all the happy hormones kicked in and I felt wonderful! Same advice re lovely socks , lots of water and exercise! Have fun!

Hersetta Tue 04-Dec-07 21:46:57

Flew to the US and the Caribbean in my first trimester and to the Maldives when I was 27 weeks.

No problems either time. Wore my flight socks and kept myself well hydrated so had to get up to go to the loo all the time which is good for strething those legs.

I'm sure you'll be fine if you're sensible.

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