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teenage pregnancy

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nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 16:42:44

im doing my main project at collage on teenage pregnancy (is there enough support for teenage parents)
And i just wondered if anyone has had any experience with being a teenage parent and wouldnt mind filling in a questionaire for me (it will be anomous) (and i wont be able to send them out till about january so no rush)
and aslo if anyone knows of anywhere that i can write to to get them to send me some information ie leaflets and things

sorry to hastle you again with my college stuff

tammybear Mon 08-Nov-04 16:47:05

hey nik, you can send me a questionnaire if you like. i know a couple of others who could fill it out for you too.

sweetheart Mon 08-Nov-04 16:48:11

I don't know what you'd classify as a teenage mum - are you looking for young teenagers??? I was 19 when I had my dd - does that count. If it helps then I'll fill one out too - just CAT me.

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 16:48:37

thanks mate wont be for a while yet though havent even done it yet just wanted to see if anyone would say yes so i colud get it started

thank you

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 16:49:16

anything from 14 too 19 so yeh you where a teenage mum thanks sweetheart

Titania Mon 08-Nov-04 16:50:21

i was 17 when i got pg with my first. I will fill one in for you if you like.

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 16:52:27

thank you all ill print this thread out then when ive wrote them out ill cat you all ill proberlly take ages but i will contact you after x mas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

projesct doesnt have to be in till march thank god

misdee Mon 08-Nov-04 17:27:28

count me in. was 19 when i had dd1, (month off my 20th birthday lol)

winnie1 Mon 08-Nov-04 17:32:13

do you want to know about teenage pregnancies whatever happened i.e abortion, miscarraige, adoption?

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 17:35:06

im not going to go into abortion or adoption but if that happened to anyone you could fill it in and tell me about the ammount If any support you recieved iykwim

thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

winnie1 Mon 08-Nov-04 17:37:06

for some reason I can't get a link to work but this site might help i.e info

winnie1 Mon 08-Nov-04 17:39:01

nikcola, send me a questionnaire when you get onto that and I will fill it in too

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 17:55:18

thank you

gothicmama Mon 08-Nov-04 18:05:41

try here
hope these help

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 18:10:55

thanks gm, im trying to find someone to send me a poster on teenage parents but cant find any ive got to do a presentation on it in 3 weeks and need something for people to look at how u getting on at uni

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 19:13:23

bump for the evening mners

gothicmama Mon 08-Nov-04 19:14:52

ok thanks trying to finish an essay off - have you asked at you r gp surgery fro a poster or maybe the student services at college if tehy havve anything you could borrow

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 19:16:09

im going to try gp tomoow whats ur essay about gm?

gothicmama Mon 08-Nov-04 19:24:15

on values and their importance and how tehy vary depeding on your culture and experience

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 19:59:24

sounds hard but interesting good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

nutcracker Mon 08-Nov-04 20:10:06

I was 18 when i got pregnant and 19 when i had Dd1 so i'll fill one out for you, no prob

gothicmama Mon 08-Nov-04 20:10:37

thanks nik xxxx

nikcola Mon 08-Nov-04 20:32:02

cheers nutxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mieow Mon 08-Nov-04 22:46:30

I was 18 when I had DS, i'll help.

jamast Mon 08-Nov-04 23:19:34

Hi nikcola - had my first aged 17 (41 now) and now mother of teenage mum - is that any good?
Contact me if you want me to fill a questionairre in. Also know a couple of other mums who were teenage mums - or do you only want young mums.

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