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Advice!! - moving house just before / after baby is born

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vickyy Thu 29-Nov-07 17:04:50

I am now 22 weeks pregnant (due 3 April). We decided to sell our flat before the baby came as it's on the first floor and smallish, and we needed more room. We've now nearly exchanged contracts, but haven't been able to find a house we like.

How realistic would it be to rent somewhere from January, try to find a house to buy in February / March and move in around June time? Am I being completely unrealistic about what late pregnancy and early baby months will allow me to do?

The alternative is just to buy somewhere that's available but isn't particularly what we are after.


Elfsmummy Thu 29-Nov-07 22:03:50

Honestly vickyy I'd do it.
In reality you'll be moving 2 months before your baby arrives and nearly 3 months afterwards and it really isn't that bad.

In fact we're doing it again right now! Am 22 weeks pregnant too and we moved into rented this time about 12 weeks ago. We've found somewhere permanent now and will probably move in January (due 8th April.)

DH has promised me that this time the move is permanent!!

Good Luck

chunkypudding Fri 30-Nov-07 10:55:33

I'm about to move (hopefully!!!) and am due in a month.

we have been getting building work done on both the new house and the falt we are living in over the past 6 weeks, and to be honest it has been hell!

late pregnancy would not be my time of choice for all this but it will be worth it in the long run (again, I hope!!!!)

If you can move a couple of months before and you don't have to knock down walls and stuff it shouldn't be too bad! We are now booked to move next thurs although we haven't packed a thing yet.

Has been a couple of the hardest months of my life and I am knackered.

But can't wait to move in and get the house sorted before the baby arrives (please let it be sorted before the baby arrives!)

No more neighbours singing showtunes, having parties, listening to MC Hammer at full volume and having operatic sex directly above my head! YAY! grin

now I need a lie-down (have been working thru all this too, about to start maternity leave, all I want to do is sleep, but no its time to start packing and painting!!!!)

good luck. do what feels right for you. xx

LoveAngelGabriel Fri 30-Nov-07 10:59:41

We moved out and into a rented flat when I was 7 months pregnant. We moved again (into our house) when our son was 3 months old. Both our moves went relatively smoothly - however, I would NEVER do it again. The whole thing was highly stressful. My opinion is, whatever circumstances we are in in the future, I will NEVER move house with a bump or a small baby. Far too much else to be concentrating on to be getting embroiled in the whole moving nightmare.

chunkypudding Fri 30-Nov-07 11:12:36

btw I live in a flat not a falt

vickyy Mon 10-Dec-07 13:51:32

So we've decided... we are going to move into a rented place end-Jan (2 months before I'm due), and then start looking for a place to buy over the Summer or Autumn, whenever we're feeling up to it.

Main thing is we'll be moving into the area we want to be in permanently, so I can start investigating nurseries, getting to know other local mums, etc.

thanks for all the advice :-)

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