This morning I gave birth at a bus stop!

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PurpleFlower1983 Sun 25-Jul-21 21:07:24

Just that really! 39+2, waters started leaking last night, contractions started, went home and they eased until the early hours when they ramped up. Waited until they were 3 minutes apart and phoned the birth centre. Asked if I could hang on a bit longer so agreed to reassess in half an hour. 15 minutes later and we set off! Waters broke properly on the roundabout before the hospital and I knew I needed to push! Managed to hobble out of the car, pushed his head out on the zebra crossing and the rest of him came by the bus stop! Very thankful for a passing midwife who was on her way to work who was there and my gorgeous DH who was ready to catch him in his polo shirt!

What a day!

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Gensola Sun 25-Jul-21 21:08:13

Congratulations OP! What an amazing story flowers

seaduck Sun 25-Jul-21 21:09:34

Congrats, what an entrance. He's gorgeous flowers

Augtwo Sun 25-Jul-21 21:10:16

That's so lucky OP!!! Congratulations

Warrickdaviesasplates Sun 25-Jul-21 21:10:30

Congratulations OP! What a beautiful baby, definitely worth sacrificing the polo shirt for. Haha.

Hope you're both doing well and recovering from the shock.

elenacampana Sun 25-Jul-21 21:10:55

Congratulations! ❤️

Tinkerbellfluffyboots79 Sun 25-Jul-21 21:11:08

Wow, congratulations op, that’s some birth story. He’s a beauty xx


Shad0w Sun 25-Jul-21 21:11:28

Congrats and well done! He's gorgeous grin

Cakequeenx Sun 25-Jul-21 21:11:43

Oh how amazing! So glad everything was okay. Congratulations ❤

franke Sun 25-Jul-21 21:12:09

Good grief, well done! What a little cutie your baby is. Congratulations 😊

Noterook Sun 25-Jul-21 21:13:16

Oh wow congratulations!

theotherfossilsister Sun 25-Jul-21 21:13:23

Amazing. It's a great story to tell but must have been so stressful at the time.

PaddleBlue Sun 25-Jul-21 21:13:33

Congratulations! Please be aware the tabloids will probably pick up this story (as it’s a great one!) and use photos etc so just in case you hadn’t thought of that

RandomMess Sun 25-Jul-21 21:13:39

Yeah for an easy birth!!

Congratulations 🥳

BikeRunSki Sun 25-Jul-21 21:14:21

Oh fabulous, what a great story to tell him when he’s older. Does he have a name? No. 24 to Victoria?

daphnedoo12 Sun 25-Jul-21 21:14:25

Amazing, well done and congratulations xx

Nuggetnugget Sun 25-Jul-21 21:14:54

Oh my goodness. What a beautiful baby and a fantastic mum you are. You were so lucky to have that midwife pass you by.

AlmostSummer21 Sun 25-Jul-21 21:15:15

Well, that's a good birth story for him!!!

💕Congratulations 🎉

DS is a right little cutie, please feel free to post loads of photos!!

Have you decided on a name yet?

Nuggetnugget Sun 25-Jul-21 21:16:19

Well done Daddy too!

Allmyarseandpeggymartin Sun 25-Jul-21 21:17:03

Awww what a fantastic story op! Well done you. He’s a beauty - ooh I bet you end up in the local paper!

You need a bus stop middle name!

EssentialHummus Sun 25-Jul-21 21:17:29

Oh my goodness! Could I say congratulations and “fuck off daily Mail” in the same sentence? grinflowers

NomadMum Sun 25-Jul-21 21:18:06

What a brilliant story! Glad you’re all okay. What a gorgeous little boy

cakeandchampagne Sun 25-Jul-21 21:18:20

How exciting! flowers Congratulations!

linerforlife Sun 25-Jul-21 21:19:23

Awesome story!!! Congratulations Op!

THATbasicSNOWFLAKE Sun 25-Jul-21 21:20:22

Oh wow @PurpleFlower1983 well done you! flowers

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