A good resource for women unsure about vaccine in pregnancy

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Tryingandhoping2020 Thu 22-Jul-21 12:55:18

Glad you found it useful @Mybobowler smile I had my first Pfizer at 19 weeks and second at 26. Only side effect was an achey arm. Now almost 29 weeks and baby was fine at scan at 27 weeks and is always kicking away! Feel so much better knowing that me and the baby have some protection.

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Mybobowler Thu 22-Jul-21 12:44:13

Thanks so much for sharing this, OP. I've just had my first jab, at 20 weeks pregnant and after a lot of deliberation and worry.

My rational mind understands that, on a balance of risks, contracting covid is a far riskier (and immeasurably more likely) scenario to both me and my baby than the minuscule, hypothetical risks of taking a new vaccine. Even so, seeing arguments and reassurance in black and white is such a comfort. I hope other pregnant women will find this similarly useful.

Tryingandhoping2020 Thu 22-Jul-21 12:26:40

Lots of threads about vaccine hesitancy in pregnancy, hardly surprising given the total lack of advice given by the medical profession to pregnant women at the moment! This doctor is doing great work sharing scientific evidence and studies on the Covid vaccine in pregnancy, may be useful for anyone struggling to decide smile


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