Scans and blood tests- please help!

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Angeldelight21 Wed 16-Jun-21 06:09:05

Good morning ladies,

I'm 36, 8 weeks pregnant with our first one and I'm super anxious.

I was wondering what extra blood tests and scans did you have apart from the standard ones Nhs offers?

We are prepared to pay privatly just to ease on my worries.

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LemonLemonLemon Wed 16-Jun-21 06:21:59

What sort of things are you anxious about? There’s plenty of companies that offer early scans, I’m not sure about blood tests, but all these are done at 12-14 weeks with a dating scan.

Have you tried relaxation tracks on YouTube? There’s some excellent guided meditation ones on there

Megan2018 Wed 16-Jun-21 06:23:51

I had NIPT (as I was 40 and DH 45) to check for chromosomal abnormalities. It includes an early scan (10 weeks).

WalkingMeAway Wed 16-Jun-21 06:28:05


On top of the standard NHS scans I have had privately -

8 week viability scan - to ensure pregnancy was viable and developing well

NIPT scan & blood test @14w - due to my age (39)

4D Scan @29w - as I had done with my previous children

Via NHS I have also had to have a growth scan at 32w and 36w - but these are dependent on your circs

Pregnancy is a worrying time so I would look ok to some methods of easing your anxiety, if you feel it'a becoming a problem for you. All the best!

BabyMoonPie Wed 16-Jun-21 06:31:50

I had my first at 36 and had an early private scan at 8 weeks to make sure everything looked OK (there's not a lot to see at that point though) before we told our parents we were expecting. Then I had standard NHS treatment. I'm currently pregnant and 41. Didn't have an early scan this time but I am having NIPT which the NHS has been providing since 1st June where needed. Pregnancy is an anxious time. You should have a booking in appointment with your midwife at about 10 weeks- please talk to her about how you feel and good luck

Moominmiss Wed 16-Jun-21 07:43:04

I just paid privately for a NIPT blood test and scan due to my age (38) and higher risk of chromosome abnormalities.

All has been fine so far x

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