Unfamiliar word - mum’s not here to ask

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Gormygirl Tue 15-Jun-21 11:55:47

Hey guys, I’ve had a word come up on my mum’s medical problems during birth/pregnancy that I can’t figure out. It looks like “declearlsronsak” and I wonder if anyone just happens to know any similar words. Trying to conceive and mum’s no longer here to ask.

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ofwarren Tue 15-Jun-21 12:01:46

Is it on handwritten notes?
Maybe post the image and someone can decipher from that.

rbe78 Tue 15-Jun-21 12:02:33

Is it handwriting - can you post a picture. Could be more than one word, first bit could be 'declared' or something similar.

kitkatsky Tue 15-Jun-21 12:04:53


RuthW Tue 15-Jun-21 12:18:05

Pls post a pic

Gormygirl Tue 15-Jun-21 12:53:17

How do I post a pic?

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ReggaetonLente Tue 15-Jun-21 12:57:15

Sorry your mum isn't here to ask OP. That's tough. Lots of love to you.


Gormygirl Tue 15-Jun-21 13:11:55

@ReggaetonLente Thank you - it was very recent that she left us too. Tough times

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Gormygirl Tue 15-Jun-21 13:12:15

@kitkatsky Yes! That's definitely it, thank you so much.

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