Night shift torture in first trimester!

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Tiredandobsessed Tue 15-Jun-21 04:21:23

Sorry all just needed somewhere to have a general moan. I'm 6w so very very early, currently on my first night shift and boy do I feel awful. The tiredness is something else (although I'm super tired on them pre-pregnancy) & the nausea that is just in the background during the day is just me constantly heaving all night, thank the lord for PPE masks so I can try to hide it 🤦🏼‍♀️ I tend to do one week of nights per month but can't imagine sticking to it if I feel this bad at only 6w.
Please someone tell me I'm not being a mard x

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toto23 Tue 15-Jun-21 04:28:00

They fucking suck.

What sucked more was being told if it was during normal times ie no covid I would have been put on a dayshift .

I got really bad morning sickness from around 6 weeks, which was a week of nights - it was torture.

I really struggled with nightshift for years and being pregnant really did not help. I would end up sleeping in my car before the shift ended .

I ended up taking the last week I would have worked nights off , no way I could have worked them.

Tiredandobsessed Tue 15-Jun-21 05:12:18

Glad it's not just me @toto23

I'm currently sat in my office shivering & belching, the clock is ticking so slowly waiting for the day shift to arrive!

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leafygarden42 Tue 15-Jun-21 05:45:12


sounds f***ing hideous.

I remember doing nights when I was heavily pregnant with a dodgey back in ICU. When I went for my break, so heavily asleep, and snoring away - I couldn't have given one shiny one when someone else complained about my snoring after grin grin

LVJ1989 Tue 15-Jun-21 09:06:25

Have you told your managers your pregnant? I would let them know/HR know ASAP as you are protected so much more. As soon as I told my boss my night shifts were shifted to fit me, so I wouldnnormally finish at 7am but they changed that to 2am, then when I hit 28 weeks it went to 10pm!
I would definitely speak to them and see what they can do

shivawn Tue 15-Jun-21 09:14:59

I didn't mind working nightshifts during pregnancy but as soon as I told my manager I was pregnant she offered to take me off them right away so I just said I'd let her know if they did become a problem. A lot of the girls at work do stop doing nights when pregnant.

I know you're only 6 weeks pregnant but i would definitely have a discreet word with your manager if you're struggling.

Tiredandobsessed Tue 15-Jun-21 14:09:08

Thank you all. My line manager does know as I was having right sided pains at work last week and needed to go to the EPU, I haven't had my risk assessment done yet though.
I don't think she will offer to take them me off them as it's part of our working pattern & so many of my colleagues just ploughed on but she is super supportive so if I continue to struggle then I'm sure she'd accommodate me.
Last night was just tough as it was my first one in a month and the nausea is gradually getting worse, I really just wanted a mini rant at someone hence the post, hopefully tonight won't be as bad x

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HotelBravoSierra Tue 15-Jun-21 15:31:08

No advice, just solidarity! Also on my first run of nights after finding out, also somewhere between 6-7 weeks. I was ok last night until about 5am, then had to keep nipping to my bag for grapes and ginger biscuits. Felt very nauseous and shaky. Normally cope very well with nights, and do 2 sets a month so hoping I find some coping strategies soon! 😣

LauEli Tue 15-Jun-21 17:48:37

Nearly 25 weeks and do the occasional night and I feel ya! By 3oclock my eyes are like pee wholes, my next and last (hopefully) night is next Wednesday but its with a shadowing day staff so at least I'll have someone to keep me awake. Finish work at 30 weeks so fingers crossed I won't do any more 😂

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