Low Papp-A - were you recommended not to go past due date?

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Squibble84 Tue 15-Jun-21 19:00:54

@LittleMimi @Sleeplessem thanks for replying, it’s interesting to hear how it can vary so much!

Good luck @LittleMimi hope the baby is here soon!

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Sleeplessem Mon 14-Jun-21 22:27:37

Mine don’t even check Papp-a, despite my first being sga. So it definitely varies from trust to trust.

Remember they can’t force Induction, you can request extra monitoring and arterial dopplers to make sure placenta flow is ok

LittleMimi Mon 14-Jun-21 21:02:31

At my trust there’s no issue about going over the due date if everything else is fine. I have low Papp-a and all my scans have been good. Baby is above average. Currently I’m 40+6 weeks and booked in for induction when I’ll be 41+3 if I’ve not gone into labour by then.

Squibble84 Mon 14-Jun-21 18:43:57

I’ve got low Papp-a. Had my 28 week appointment today and was told that in my hospital, they strongly recommend that women with low Papp-a are induced on their due date, even if growth scans are showing all is ok. However, my midwife said that different trusts have different rules so just wondering what everyone else’s experiences are with this?

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