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Kirst2015 Mon 14-Jun-21 13:10:21

Hi everyone

I had a scan on Friday last week I should have been 6 weeks and 2 days by lmp. There was a ges sac and yolk sac but no embryo or heartbeat 😢 has anyone else had this happen and had good news ? I could have ovulated a couple of days later so I'm not exact with my dates! I have a scan in the morning so I'm really hoping for some progression but not sure what to think. This pregnancy was very unexpected we have been tryifng for 3 years ended up having ivf in March a frozen transfer and then found out I had conceived naturally before the transfer 2 weeks ago!! Thanks in advance for anyone who replies to me ❤️

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Tilly18101 Mon 14-Jun-21 13:12:34

Didnt want to read and run, but ifjj no it helps I booked an early scan thinking I was 9 weeks, they dated me at 8 weeks which I just knew wasn’t right.

Then at my 12 week scan they moved me up 6 days back to pretty much my original dates I had.

I’ve heard this happens a lot when it’s really early as it’s so unpredictable at the rate growth this early on, and that’s why it’s better to get accurate dating at the 12 weeks scan smile X

TakeYourFinalPosition Mon 14-Jun-21 13:14:07

Yeah, it’s pretty normal then, it’s too early for a scan really. I had a scan at 6w, the two sacs were visible and the right size but no heartbeat yet. Went back two weeks later and the heartbeat was there and strong. I’m 13 weeks now and all is good.

I honestly don’t think scans that early should be allowed, it just made it super stressful. But it was all okay for me, and I hope it is for you too flowers

Kirst2015 Mon 14-Jun-21 14:15:38

Thank you both so much for replying! And your reassurance. I wouldn't normally have had a scan so early but my last pregnancy was ectopic so I had no choice! Fingers crossed all is okay tomorrow I have a feeling it could be another inconclusive scan as how much could it have changed since Friday!! X

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TakeYourFinalPosition Mon 14-Jun-21 14:31:19

I’m surprised you’re having another scan so soon - is it private? My initial scan was for bleeding during pregnancy - they wouldn’t scan me again for two weeks, they said not enough would have changed, and nowhere private would touch me when I explained either.

But logically speaking, the baby will be big enough to see and the heart will start beating at a specific time, so I suppose it’d technically be possible to have scans a day apart and be able to see them on one and not the other…

I’d prepare for it to be inconclusive again but I hope it’s not flowers some people are lucky enough to see the heartbeat at 7 weeks.

Chanel05 Mon 14-Jun-21 14:35:53

I hope everything works out for you but please prepare your feelings either way as I have unfortunately been on the negative side of this experience.

Kirst2015 Mon 14-Jun-21 15:41:12

Takeyourfinalposition - yes it's private. I am massively hoping for some sort of progress but I guess only time will tell!

Chanelno5 - yes I am preparing I've already had an ectopic and blighted ovum previously. But I feel this is different as there is an actual yolk sac so I have if I'm being honest got my hopes up a little bit. What was your experience with early scan ?? X

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JamieLeeBee Mon 14-Jun-21 15:43:00

So sorry to hear of this. I had an early scan due to bleeding with my daughter, that was nerve wrecking enough. Just wanted to wish you all the best, will have everything crossed for you that all is well

Kirst2015 Mon 14-Jun-21 15:47:46

Hi Jamie

Thank you so much! How many weeks were you at your scan ?? I'm glad it all turned out good for you xx

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lovelly Wed 16-Jun-21 05:37:02

i m 6 week 0 day see sac but not see heart beat or baby and doctor told this is too early even before ultra sound the lady told me that she will internal ultrasound but still its too early may she see nothing but then she said she saw 2 sac its twin and give me 2 week wait to see heart beat .

JamieLeeBee Sat 19-Jun-21 15:34:35


Hi Jamie

Thank you so much! How many weeks were you at your scan ?? I'm glad it all turned out good for you xx

I'm so sorry, I have only just seen your response to me now! I think from memory it was six weeks x

lovelly Sat 19-Jun-21 19:20:41

wanna give u some update 6 week 0 day only sac in ultrasound 6 week 2 day have spotting for a day and pas 1 clot got to scared but its stop at night but schedule for scan again to see everything is ok 6 week 3 day have fetus in sac and its have heartbeat can't detect number of heart beat but there is heart beat bleading stoped so 2 or 3 days even one day make lots diffrent its even its very hardly she saw the baby and heart beat and its twins so for both hope this help u

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