November baby... what do I need?

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lolateddy Mon 14-Jun-21 11:33:44

In terms of clothes etc. Someone write me a list so it's not so overwhelming! First time mum if you can't tell already.
Otherwise I'll end up buy things I don't need. What sizes should I buy? I've got a few bits newborn and up to 1 month, and a couple 0-3.
Also, sleeping bag? What tog? Think I'll feel more comfortable using one instead of a blanket tucked in at the sides of next to me.
Thank you in advance!

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Mariex1989 Mon 14-Jun-21 14:02:33

Hi @lolateddy,

Following as I’m also a first time mum, also due in November and don’t know much about these things!

I agree with the sleeping bag comment. I bought my first one yesterday and found this illustration on the back useful. I bought 2.5 tog following from my friends advice! x

SemiFeralDalek Mon 14-Jun-21 14:36:17

10/12 vests. Similar amount of sleep suits. I had an 8lb 15oz end of November baby and he fit just fine into newborn, first size and upto 1m. Get the sleep suits with built in mitts. And zip up ones if you can get them for night time because they're so much easier!

Depending on how warm your house is but I had 3, 2.5 grow bags (TK maxx always have them for cheaper near me) 3 because I could guarantee one would get wet or sick on a night at least. I tucked the bottom under the moses basket end.


blankets, I had a tuppence and crumble starsnug for in the car but you can get carseat blankets off ebay which are great.

Couple of cardigans

Wrleda calendula nappy cream. It's amazing.

I didnt have muslin cloths but did get 12 Terry towelling nappy squares and we still use them. They're great for putting under baby for nappy changes, as burp cloths, as bum driers (I had to dry DSs bum after baby wipes or he'd get a rash), snot rags etc. And if you get a couple of nappy nippers then if you ever actually run out of nappies then they'll do while you go to the shop.

SemiFeralDalek Mon 14-Jun-21 14:37:29

Weleda calendula nappy cream *

FrancesFlute Mon 14-Jun-21 14:40:04

I'd get long sleeved vests. Probably about 10.
Same with sheepskins. My first (January baby) didn't fit in to newborn for very long but still a bit of use. So get newborn and 0-3.
Sleeping bags will have a guide on back for tog depending on how warm your house is.
Get several packs of nappies and boxes of wipes and nappy sacks if using disposables. I think I averaged 8-10 nappies per day with a newborn so it adds up!

FrancesFlute Mon 14-Jun-21 14:40:31

Sleepsuits, not sheepskins grin

SemiFeralDalek Mon 14-Jun-21 14:45:40

Oh and get a six foot charger cable and whener you sit down with the baby, plug your phone in grin there's nothing worse than a freshly settled baby and 4% battery grin

I had a basket which I kept a few nappies, baby wipes, vest, sleepsuit, clean dummy, nappy cream in. A packet of biscuits, a bottle of water in a thermal bottle, the TV remote, my charger and medication in. And whenever ds started grizzling for a feed I'd make sure I had my basket!

I combo fed so I used to sterilise a large bottle in the morning, boil some water and then allow to cool and keep it in the fridge
When he needed a feed, I'd boil the kettle, add the formula, add half in boiling water and shake and then top up with the cooled sterilised water so he didn't have to wait for it to cool.


SemiFeralDalek Mon 14-Jun-21 14:46:52

To be fair, I actually had a sheepskin! I put it in his carrycot and it was lovely for him to sit on year round! grin

eromder Mon 14-Jun-21 14:55:13

This is so helpful, I'm also a first time mum due in November and trying to get organised with what we need!

lolateddy Mon 14-Jun-21 15:37:13

Ooo amazing thanks for all the advice! Going to give it all a read now. Not buying too much yet but it'll be great to get a list together so I'm prepared when it comes to it!

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SemiFeralDalek Mon 14-Jun-21 16:26:31

Ooh and stretchy wrap sling. £20 off amazon. You don't have to spend a fortune, they all work the same for newborns. But they're handy for nipping places. You put it on and tie it, and then you can pop baby in and out and you don't need to cart whole prams about.

Baby nappy bags, get a rucksack style one. Amazon are brilliant for these.

You know how baby changing mats have three raised sides on them and you assume one is to stop head bumping turn it upside down so it's [_] like that, and it catches the accidents and stops the wee dripping onto the carpet!

And then for slightly older, I think ds was about 16 weeks I bought a connecta, now called an integra sling. Genuinely the most used baby item. He was still going in it at 3. He's 4.5 and still would given a chance grin

DizzySquirrel90 Mon 14-Jun-21 16:41:41

Following as also a ftm in nov

lolateddy Mon 21-Jun-21 08:55:58

Oo amazing thank you!
What about where they sleep in the day?

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elenacampana Mon 21-Jun-21 09:13:12

Following. FTM in Nov too!

SemiFeralDalek Mon 21-Jun-21 09:25:42


Oo amazing thank you!
What about where they sleep in the day?

On my usually 😂

We had a moses basket which I used to transfer downstairs in the morning and upstairs in the evening. And I had a podlepod which was great for plonking in but not safe to be left unsupervised in.

Caspianberg Mon 21-Jun-21 09:40:58

We used the carrycot on pram for daytime naps. Saves buying something else and handy if they are asleep and you need to move then or go out ( or they fall asleep when out)

Upupupintheair Mon 21-Jun-21 10:15:40

Following this too! Due early nov and haven’t bought a thing yet 🙈

tuxedocat Mon 21-Jun-21 13:40:45

My DS was an end of Nov baby. We had vests for under the sleep suit, some cardigans to pop over when chilly etc. We had one pram suit for when it was super cold but mostly
Opted for layers to strip off and on. Also a few hats as they’ll wear them more than summer babies would.

I didn’t realise you could use things like sleeping bags when they were small so we had many nights at the start where he was likely too cold.

Also a weird but necessary one - we also had our boiler condemned when he was 6weeks old(!) which was a blessing as we managed to get it working and finally have a warm house. So deffo make sure your heating is great as we went from a cold house (never thought much of it) to a toasty house and I wish we’d thought ti have it checked before he was born as I’m sure he’d have been much more comfortable.

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