3.5lbs overnight!!

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Cbd333 Sun 13-Jun-21 22:59:46

Just stepped on the scales before I got into bed and I've gained 3.5lbs overnight - wtf!! I'm 35 weeks pregnant and don't think I've gone that mental this weekend. Do we retain more water in hot weather, could it be that? I'm definitely feeling the heat and feel quite puffy plus I have a stinking cold (the irony!)

Husband has been sent to sleep in the spare room and I have a fan trained on me. Over being pregnant now confused

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Kona84 Sun 13-Jun-21 23:42:43

Do you always weigh before bed? Same time each day?
If not that could be why you’ll with more just form the food and water you’ve taken on today.
I weigh my self in the morning and often weigh more by evenings sometimes by half a stone.

Garman Sun 13-Jun-21 23:57:57

Sudden weight gain and puffiness/swelling can be signs of pre eclampsia, best to get it checked out soon.

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