Guess the sex please?

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Bumbahlayah Sun 13-Jun-21 21:13:49

12+0. Is that what's known as a forked nub?

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catmommy Sun 13-Jun-21 21:20:26

What does 'forked nub' mean? I can see the bit you're referring to but have never heard the phrase! I have no expertise to go on as I have just posted mine (I have no clue!) but I don't know why I want to say boy for you! smile

Bumbahlayah Sun 13-Jun-21 21:31:56

A forked nub is what it looks like when it's a bit too immature to have developed into something that's clearer to distinguish... apparently often confused for a stacked nub of a boy... that's the theory but I have no idea whether it's what I'm looking at grin
Thank you for replying, I'll have a look out for yours and reply if I can find it (not that I'm an expert!)

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Remmy123 Sun 13-Jun-21 21:33:29


catmommy Sun 13-Jun-21 21:47:23

@Bumbahlayah Ahh interesting! I love all the random theories people have for guessing these things. I find it so odd when people think they can guess just by looking at my stomach!!! :D

NcagainNC Sun 13-Jun-21 21:50:59

Girl I think

Babydust13 Sun 13-Jun-21 21:52:14

I think girl 💖 congratulations


squirrelnutkins1 Sun 13-Jun-21 22:06:19


iduno Sun 13-Jun-21 22:08:05

That nub is most definitely forked! Therefore I'm guessing girl.

My friends scan was similar with forked nub it was a girl.

Bumbahlayah Sun 13-Jun-21 23:35:57

Thanks all smile if it is forked it's probably a bit too early?

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