38 weeks, random diarrhoea labour sign?

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featheredcloud68 Sun 13-Jun-21 20:15:55

Last night I suddenly came over completely nauseous and ended up having watery diarrhoea for about an hour (sorry tmi!). This morning I had a small ish amount of mucusy discharge when wiping. I've read lots online about 'clearing out' being a big labour sign however I just can't believe it is, maybe because I'm only 38 weeks?

Has anybody experienced this and found they went into labour shortly after?

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Calmyertits Sun 13-Jun-21 20:20:33

I know with my 2nd i definitely did. I lost my plug on the tuesday, and Wednesday night i was sick and had a bad belly and suddenly felt the need to go to bed at 10pm and was awake 2.5 hours later with my waters leaking. Fingers crossed x

ReassureMee Mon 14-Jun-21 06:30:54

Happened to me about 37 weeks! Although I didn’t go into labour until 39+4. So you never really know. I also had what felt like two very strong braxton hicks but now I’m thinking it was probably just a tummy bug.

Soubriquet Mon 14-Jun-21 06:58:16


I had a major clear out and dd was born later that day.

I was 38+4

Ds was 37+3 and I didn’t have a clear out with him….I ended up pooing during labour

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