Maternity Baby Shower Dress

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xsjrx Sun 13-Jun-21 18:57:44

Hey ladies, any recommendations for baby shower dresses. I'm looking for a maxi dress for my shower at start of August. Saw this on ASOS and sadly size sold out but something along these lines. Have searched most of day but no joy! Any recommendations or other styles welcome. I'm 5'4 and currently a size 12 and won't be wearing heels due to a bad ankle. TIA!

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sarah13xx Sun 13-Jun-21 19:09:42

Seraphine has nice maternity dresses! I also managed to fit in a non-maternity dress last week in a size/two sizes up so occasionally I’m buying non maternity ones

Htp320 Sun 13-Jun-21 19:20:58

Most looser fitting maxi dresses work with a bump when they’re not maternity dresses so that should widen your search smile

xsjrx Sun 13-Jun-21 19:42:41

Thanks ladies, I did wonder about just buying from the normal range in places but sizing up. I have a back up maxi in navy which I bought a couple of years ago and still fits as long as my chest doesn't get too much bigger! I'll check out that website too though.🤞🏻🤞🏻

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xsjrx Sun 13-Jun-21 19:43:36

Should have said I'll be 33 weeks by time of shower so I'll maybe wait a little bit before I buy to see how much I grow.

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ginoginellizzz Sun 13-Jun-21 19:46:02

Have you thought about renting a dress? Hurr do incredible designer gowns you can rent for a day.

xsjrx Sun 13-Jun-21 20:11:43

@ginoginellizzz it crossed my mind but I didn't know any sites so thanks for the name, that's really helpful and I'll take a look.

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Em39ma Sun 13-Jun-21 20:19:24

I got mine for my wedding from monsoon. Just went up a size or too.

xsjrx Sun 13-Jun-21 20:43:01

@Em39ma thanks I'll definitely look into sizing up in regular clothes.

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